Lil Tay | Where Are They Now? | Viral Star Disappears From The Internet

Lil Tay | Where Are They Now? | Viral Star Disappears From The Internet

After Lil Tay would gain more than 2.5 million
Instagram followers before she was even old to enough to open an account according to
Instagram’s policies After she would become the youngest flexer
of the century and drive with no license at 9 years’ old After Lil Tay would throw fire onto the Bhad
Bhabie Woah Vicky beef After she would become the 8th most Googled
person of 2018 After Lil Tay would hang out with Jake Paul,
Lil Pump and Chief Keef And after Lil Tay would be found out to be
a fraud, not actually owning the houses and cars that she claimed to own at 9 years old…
Shocker. It’s crazy how quickly things move in the
internet era. If we rewind just a year ago and you were scrolling through your Instagram
feed, you would have most likely seen someone doing the Shiggy In My Feelings Challenge,
Tekashi 69 provoking somebody by doing something stupid while flexing his Billboard hits, and
you would have most likely seen people talking about the rise and fall of Lil Tay. Lil Tay
went from being known as the youngest flexer of the century to just another internet meme
that we’ll always remember for what she gave us. Some classic moments. Personally,
I think it’s wild that people gave her so much attention and I’m not an exception,
I mean I’m talking about her right now, but I was even more shocked that anybody believed
her act was real. But then again, it was just a couple months ago that the internet believed
Lil Tay was heading out on a nation-wide tour sponsored by Crayola and Backwoods. So I can’t
be that surprised. Her whole situation was a big ole mess that we’ve covered a few
times for this channel. But the real question is where is Lil Tay Today? After she deleted
her Instagram and has gone silent on the world for over a year now, what is she up to? Could
we see an actual Lil Tay comeback soon? Well I did some digging and I’ve got some answers
for you to all of those questions. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a Day, my name is Jeremy Hecht, here for
you today on Before They Were Famous and today I’ll be your host as we take you through
where Lil Tay is today. This is a brand new series for the channel so let us know who
you want us to cover next. We recently did one on Tekashi and one on Desiigner so you
can check those one out after you’re finished this one. Also, let me know your thoughts
on Lil Tay’s whole situation in the comments down below because I think it’s actually
a more complicated one than we think. Who should be blamed for this? Should we Let me
know and we can have a conversation about it. Follow me on Insta and we can talk there
also. Alright, let’s get into the video. INTRO Alright, before we get to where she is now.
Let’s take you through a little bit of a refresher of her absolutely WILD, rollercoaster
rise and fall went down. Lil Tay was born Claire Eileen Qi Hope on July 29, 2007, which
means her 12th birthday is right around the corner. What a wild life she’s already lived
at just 11 years old. While she claimed she was “moving bricks”
in Atlanta at 7 years old, she was really born to a Chinese mother named Angela and
a Canadian father named Chris who broke up when she was not even 2 years old. She grew
up in Vancouver though and not the ATL. Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a real-estate
broker. Well, was a real estate broker, I’m not exactly sure about today but we’ll get
into that. When Tay was younger she did Ballet, studied piano, took singing, skating, swimming,
art and Chinese lessons. So it seems like she was actually a relatively talented young
individual. Absolutely none of that talent was shown to
the world during her introduction. Instead, Lil Tay began posting videos to her Instagram
account flexing money, clothes, cars and mansions. Basically the Instagram famous starter kid.
But it caught the attention of a lot more people than usual, because she was a little
kid and she was also roasting everyone watching for being broke. And she was claiming that
she owned all of the things she was posting about. And although she didn’t actually own any
of the cars, she did actually drive a nicer car than most people ever will in their lives
when she stepped foot behind the wheels of a Rolls-Royce for 5 seconds at just 9 years
old. And after bragging that her toilet and bed cost more than my mom’s rent and that
her kitchen is bigger than my entire living room, it was exposed that the houses she was
showing off was not actually hers. Wow, shocker that a 9-year-old kid wasn’t able to sign
the papers for a mortgage. Uh, didn’t see that one coming. Tay’s mother lost her job due to the whole
scandal. But it was soon found out that nothing about
Lil Tay was real. From the way she talked and her sayings to her image. It was all orchestrated
by her half-brother Jason Tian. Jason had the real strategy from the beginning. He was
going by the name Rycie, I’on YouTube, I’m assuming the name was a play off of RiceGum.
He would post up diss tracks towards YouTubers, hoping that somebody would reply. But of course,
nobody did. So, he thought, if I can’t make anybody reply to me, you know who could? My
9-year-old sister. Jason began feeding his sister lines, disses and Instagram moments
that are basically skits. Lil Pump was Jason’s favorite rapper at
the time and he knew that he wanted his creation to be managed by the same firm, Tha Lights
Global management. But first, they needed parental consent. Tay’s dad leanred about
her online antics and thought it could lead to something bigger in music or acting but
never saw things getting so out of hand. He was allegedly told by Tay’s mom that she
was going to take Lil Tay to LA for just a few days. So Tay’s mother flew out with
her kids to LA to talk business. Dooney Battle, who runs the management company
wanted to sign Tay to a five-year deal but Momma Tay said no and declined the offer. Instead, the family moved in with fellow social
media star, the controversial Woah Vicky, who may actually become more well known for
Playboi Carti dropping her name on Tyler’s IGOR album than anything that she’s actually
produced. The family bounced between different managers
but never signed to anyone. One reason for this could be her Canadian
citizenship. Tay technically needed a signature from her father to actually sign deals, and
he was back home. But after appearing in videos with Woah Vicky, Chief Keef and Jake Paul,
it appeared like the online community was giving the 9-year-old meme their stamp of
approval. She even had a meeting with Rick Ruban who
is one of the most well-respected people in the music industry, and Howard Stern wanted
an interview. She really finessed this thing. Anyways, Eventually, Tay and her family moved in with
industry vet, Diomi Cordero and the owner of Swaggy Wolfdog who were working on managing
her. Cordero landed Tay a 20-thousand-dollar brand sponsorship deal with Tunes headphones.
But things started to go left as Tay’s brother Jason allegedly wanted full control of the
Instagram account and didn’t want anyone else in control. Cordero says: They were taking on these big meetings without
my guidance, and they were getting screwed. I had to fight with Logan Paul’s manager,
I had to fight with Jake Paul’s manager. I had to deal with Atlantic Records. And while they didn’t do Stern, they did
do Good Morning America where Tay claimed to want to do everything that she was doing
herself. Tay and her
mother lied throughout the entire interview and the interviewer revealed that the houses
were actually not hers. And that the red Mercadez Tay was spotted in was actually her mother’s
bosses car. But he didn’t know they were going to use it for clout. But everything came apart from there. There
was a video of her smoking a hookah and another one of her using the N word. And videos leaked
of her brother coaching her on how to talk to her online followers. And things just got messy. Seeing that actually
kind of makes me feel bad for the girl I means she was all of 10 years old at the time and
had to deal with a whole lot of hate. And you can argue that she brought some of it
on herself by going along with it. But I really blame the parenting here. To capitalize off
of your daughter and not even off of a talent but off of a fake image of cursing and lying
that will probably leave a lasting mark on her record. I dunno it’s all a mess. Anyways, all of this lead up to her deleting
her Instagram account and becoming a constant meme online. So where is Lil Tay now? Alright, well according to an interview with
her father Chris Hope, here’s what happened after her Instagram account was shut down. Lil Tay returned to Vancouver and was upset
that her LA dream seemed to be coming to an end. Chris set down some ground rules for
his daughter if Lil Tay was going to continue. Here were the rules: 1) A percentage of the money made had to be
put in a trust fund just in case she damaged her future job possibilities
2) She had to still attend school 3) She would have to add some artistic value
to her act. I.e. it couldn’t just be flexing on the internet and yelling about how rich
she is. She had to actually act, sing rap, or do something of value. So Tay began to work with Chris Jones, who
was a promoter that had worked with Lil Terrio in the past. Terrio is still a legend. Jones
came to Vancouver to record with Tay and Tay even went back out to LA for a week to record
some songs with Jones in his studio there. But things continued to go downhill from there.
Jason was getting a little bit jealous that he had lost control over the star he created.
And whether it was his doing or not, Lil Tay’s account reappeared late last year with pictures
painting Tay’s father as the reason that she was no longer in the spotlight. The account
also leaked Chris’s email address and the phone number to his law firm. And as you can
imagine, the man got thousands of emails and calls. Currently, Lil Tay is being homeschooled,
as you can imagine, going to a normal school would have probably been a bad idea. I mean
she would have made all of the other kids feel bad by flexing so much right? Tay’s father says she can barely leave the
house because of how many kids recognize her every time she is walking around. So she had
to move with her family to a small town 4 hours outside of Vancouver called Campbell
River. But even at Campbell River mall and certain restaurants, she gets mobbed by people. But it seems like this is a temporary agreement,
because Tay still has a ton of music in the stash that she is ready and hoping to release
whenever her parents can come to an official agreement about her custody and her career.
They had a court date in April to try and settle things, so maybe we’ll see new music
from Tay sooner than later? Who knows? But either way, it does seem like she is preparing
for a comeback so keep a lookout. I’m also not exactly sure what to believe
because both parents give a different side to the story but it’s clear that the two
are not on good terms. Tay did an interview with the daily beast
where she claims that her father was not in the picture much before he found out about
her online success and even claimed that at one point his Father had a babysitter look
after Tay who locked her in a closet. He denied the allegations but it all again, is just
one big mess. We did have a false alarm on the Lil Tay comeback
alerts though when Barstoolsports posted what, at first glance appeared to be a flier for
a Lil Tay Summer Comeback tour on May 5, 2019 The flier included sponsorships from uh, a
wide variety of companies that included JUUL vape, Backwoods, Gerber Baby Food and Crayola.
The poster appeared to be a nearly 20 stop tour for the viral sensation but like best
jokes these days, eventually the laughs turned into some outrage. And after getting threatened
by multiple venues, Barstool admitted to it all being fake later that day. They posted: I promise that I had a grand total of zero
intentions of tricking ANYONE into thinking this poster and accompanying “journalistic”
piece was even remotely real or for that matter, not the most absurdly obvious
gag I’ve ever posted online. It’s pretty clear if you look at the sponsors
that this tour wasn’t real but it’s social media were talking about where everyone takes
everything way too seriously. I mean the locations ranged from daycares to strip clubs to college
frat houses to Skyzone trampoline park. Shoutout to SkyZone cause I used to work there. I’m
sure her show would have had a really nice bounce in that place. What do you guys think though? Can Lil Tay
make a comeback and turn her story around into something maybe, even inspirational?
Could she make a hit song? Or was she just a flash in the pan? A viral meme that will
go down as something that we all remember but don’t really care much about? Personally, I think she could make a little
comeback but she’ll have to own up to her story, get some actual sympathy from people
say she was being forced to act a certain and take some responsibility and maybe just
come back with a clean image saying that she wants to use her platform positively. I think
it could work but that’s just me. I’m not sure how she goes about doing that, but
if she just comes back as the same Lil Tay we knew, I think people are getting tired
of the facades and want something real in 2019. But those are just my thoughts. Let me know
in the comments down below, I want to hear your thoughts. Also let me know who we should
cover next for this series and follow me on Instagram. I’m Jeremy Hecht, I hope you
have One Hecht of a Day, Dream Good Live Better, and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace.

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