Lipotoxicity: How Saturated Fat Raises Blood Sugar

Lipotoxicity: How Saturated Fat Raises Blood Sugar

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  1. This is seriously messed up. This was posted today 10 February 2015 and it says January 29. No wonder these videos get no views anymore. Not even in my sub box, I come to check every other day if there's something I missed.

  2. Check this out. It is about eggs, cheese and butter being good. 

  3. A few years ago, I was low carb, mostly primal. My blood sugar wouldn't get below the 140's without a lot of extra insulin. Even when my carbs were under 50 a day. Now, I'm vegan and my carbs have increased to 3-400, daily and my insulin needs have been cut in half. It's great to have the science behind WHY. Thank you!

  4. What about the high amount of saturated fat content found in coconuts is that harmful as well?
    Very curious !

  5. I have been on LCHF diet for a long time now …. this video is chock full of bull shit. I have lost over 50 pounds, off of all my diebetic drugs except metformin and my blood sugars are NEVER over 100… anything to sell some snake oil, eh?

  6. I see totally the opposite in my Functional Medicine practice among patients who go on ketogenic diet.  Their diabetes goes away and their lipid panel corrects, and I do the expanded VAP panel.  How did you come up with that Big Fat Lie on a website called NutritionFacts.og?  ?

  7. Hey, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magicplan (just google it) Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

  8. I watched this while eating some eggs, chicken breast and a side of kale cooked in grape seed oil. The meal was seasoned with pepper, salt, and crushed red pepper.

    Thanks for the info Doc very informative.

  9. I'm supposed to believe eating something that is not glucose will increase glucose levels? I can't wait for the next video by this guy, "How Drinking Water Raises Alcohol Levels in the Blood". This guy is making up his own science to fit his diet dogma.

  10. Who's gonna believe this if refined carbohydrates are out of the equation. This is no science, just wanna make us follow like sheep.

  11. Basically all this video really breaks down to is, if you eat starchy carbs with fat you are more likely to store fat. This video really does not look at something like a ketogenic or Paleo diet vs vegetarian. It looks like the basic western diet vs vegetarian diet.

    The effect of ketosis on fat is clear. Nobody on the ketogenic diet is suffering from chronic inflammation. This is just more bias garbage from this guy.

  12. For once I am impressed that many of the comments on a youtube video actually make sense. This DR Gregor is dangerous and what he is peddling could actually kill you. DO NOT listen to this hack. The science behind this is clear. Guidelines around sat fat have already started changing to reflect the science. He is either overtly lying or the worst doctor on the planet.

  13. At first I was against Dr. Greger and I was 100 percent pro Dr. Mercola. But, now after watching many of his videos I am thinking Dr. Greger is more correct on these issues than Dr. Mercola. I am eating a 99 percent raw food diet, no meats, no dairies, just produce I grow in my garden. I am losing a lot of fat, and feeling better. There's another channel I watch whose channel name is OKRAW. He does everything Dr. Greger does, and he looks really healthy. All of his friends who are raw foodist also look really healthy and vibrant. This study that Dr Greger presented here makes sense. Dr. Mercola is always preaching the need to eat saturated fats. but your common sense tells you that this is questionable especially since the medical establishment has been preaching against saturated fats for the last 80 years. Gorillas are vegetarians for the most part and they seem to do pretty well physically and mentally. I think I'll leave Dr Mercola with his 12 eggs per day diet and start eating with the Gorillas.

  14. How can you teach doctors that there is a difference between saturated fat in the presence of high carbohydrate and saturated fat in the presence of low carbohydrate?
    Also, I think that the tone of the presentation suggests that he's selling not teaching.

  15. can someone explain exactly as to why animal products are more insulinogenic? we know their glycemic index is low, but that is a poor indicator of whether its a healthy food or not. please respond!

  16. Dr Greger, you don't know what you are talking about. Lies, lies and more lies. I eat lots of organic butter, coconut oil, chicken, red meat, bacon and also lots of eggs. I am very healthy along with everyone eating this diet. I do not have insulin problems.
    They want you to eat the poison "man made margarines" and go on low fat diets that are high in sugar. Diabetes is caused by the bad fats not saturated fats!
    People have become very obese from eating take away food (trans fats)and lots of sugar.
    Best diet is saturated fats with low amount of carbohydrates. See Dr Eric Berg's videos online – he is 50 and looks great.
    He explains that fat burns fat….and it is true! Saturated fat increases your "good" cholesterol. Your brain needs cholesterol and so does every cell.

  17. All those opposing Dr. McGregors view point, comment below a counterpoint to his research but USE research. Not anecdote. Cite your arguments and do it without harsh criticisms or rude words. That's what McGregor has done here, I don't see him belittling others and providing anecdotes. This is how we learn collectively, by stating research and being open to alternative viewpoints. There is NOTHING wrong with viewing differently from him, but people will take you seriously if you bring forward a strong argument.

  18. Dr Greger plz explain why the French eat twice more saturated fat and half as much carbs and have no obesity problem………

  19. You can watch a video by a Vegan on Lipids & Saturated Fats but you know what the message is going to be without even watching the video OR you could watch video's FROM LIPIDOLOGISTS !… The Doctors that specialize in & study Lipids 😉
    Dr. Thomas Dayspring & Dr. Sarah Hallberg.

  20. sorry but the chemistry dictates that fat does not cause any inflammation. You can eat the burger but the sugar in the ketchup and the carbs in the bun are what cause the inflammatory response.

  21. This is not completely accurate. their studies are skewed towards a specific outcome. It is not easy to gain weight if you consume only fat and protein. Now if you add simple carbs to the mix you will inflate like a balloon. I have eaten mainly fat and protein for 6 months. I have lost weight and my blood sugar is normal… I was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago.

  22. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔬 i love man!!!! eres un gran aporte en el mundo de la medicina y nutrición.
    Nunca dejes de investigar!!!!

  23. Are you kidding? Where is the evidence…consuming pure fat is proven to produce ZERO insulin response.

    In fact, fat is the only macronutrient to not elicit an insulin response. On the other hand a high-carb diet is correlated with chronically high insulin levels – as demonstrated by the SAD diet – which consumes approximately 60% of its calories from carbohydrates. Although plants and vegetables will help balance blood sugar spikes, insulin spikes are mostly affected by carbohydrate consumption (although protein does have a lesser impact as well).

    Moreover, healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocados, nuts and olive oil actually help balance insulin spikes, provide the foundational basis for optimizing critical hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, and keeping ones thyroid active. Furthermore, the formation of the protein adiponectin, also known as a fat-burning protein, is dependent upon healthy fats.

    So needs to provide accurate information before scaring people incorrectly with unsupported assertions. If you can provide clear evidence of your assertion I will absolutely review and reconsider.

  24. How long does it take for the increased fat in the blood to clear? Are there any ways to speed up the clearing of fat in the blood?

  25. I've never heard so much gabbage peddled as healthful information. I sincerely people are not buying this. If you are serious about preventing type 2 diabetes which will manifest initially as insulin resistance, then keep your triglycerides to not more than 75. The best way to do that is reduce carbs and increase saturated fats.

  26. When I stay on a vegan diet, my blood sugar stays in the normal range. When I decide to eat meat, my blood sugar goes up. The longer I eat meat the higher it goes and the longer it takes to come down when I go back to a vegan diet. I am able to not use any medication like metformin to control the blood sugar once normal levels are reached to maintain those levels. As for triglycerides​, I have normal levels by avoiding sodas and eating alot of fiber and resistant starch.

  27. I encountered this discussion of the mechanism of insulin resistance as an undergraduate in my biochemistry course. I'm impressed to see it presented here to a wider audience, well done, sir.

  28. This is only addressing half of the problem.

    Read this article . . . "β-Cell Glucose Toxicity, Lipotoxicity, and Chronic Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetes" which is a larger picture of what is happening but it is still not the full picture which may have to do with antibiotics and the human microbiome

  29. I've already cut down animal protein and saturated fats, but even so any amount of carbohydrate makes me lethargic and with mild symptoms of dementia, even fruits knock me down. Is it that I have to stay without eating? This is preventing me from studying and working normally, What can I do? I NEEdHeLp

  30. There are some people who don’t understand how saturated fat causes the onset of diabetes, and sugar only exacerbates diabetes further.

  31. If saturated fat is so bad for your health then why do the Hunza tribe in Pakistan live on average above a hundred? Those mofos eat roasted lamb practically every day ffs

  32. What is worse, lard/ghee or plant oils that are liquid? I think the question need not arise for it amounts to the same. Isolated fat is the quintessential processing of food.

  33. When I was eating meat, I was scared I'd put weight on if I went plant based, I'd been listening to all this garbage about how carbs leads to high insulin which causes weight gain. I gradually reduced animal products and I'm now over two stone lighter than I was.

  34. How do you measure the funtion of beta cells?, if it´s for the amount of insulin, I´m not agree, because obviously vegan consume much more veggies than omnivores, and veggies has too much magnessium and potassium, and these two minerals, makes raw material to produce insuline.

  35. Both LCHF and HCLF had good results at improving lipid profiles and inflammation. What they have in common is that both resign from PUFAs seed oils. I would say fried PUFAs are worse than saturated fat.

  36. There are no healthy long lived populations consuming, paleo, keto, Adkins or any other similar kinds of greasy diet.

  37. The main cause is high fat diet folks..poor glucose metabolism is a buildup of lipids in muscle tissue and liver. Drop your fat (All fats) intake to 15% total calories and problem solved simply by turning on the insulin signaling process within the cells..
    In two weeks time your insulin sensitivity will increase greatly..
    Read this until your eyes turn red:

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