Live PD: Not Quite a Diabetic Emergency (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Not Quite a Diabetic Emergency (Season 3) | A&E

[music playing] – This officer stopped this
guy for running a stop sign. Within like 10 to 15
seconds, he was detaining. That’s kind of out
of the ordinary. So we’re going to go over
there and back him up. [music playing] What you got? He jumped out on you?
– Yeah. – I was like dang. – Yeah, no, I had
him at gunpoint and put him in handcuffs. – He’s been compliant.
He’s really compliant. But I got that– he’s also diabetic. – OK. – So I was going to make sure
there was nothing in the car that he was trying
to run from first– – Any alcohol?
– No. – No?
OK. – Hey, we’re going to go and
pull him out of handcuffs so he we can continue our
investigation, all right? – Thank you, man. – Go ahead and pull your feet in
so i can get you up, all right? – Yes, sir.
– Stand up. There we go. So here’s the thing,
I can smell alcohol you, and I don’t
know if it’s going to be from a diabetic
emergency or from alcohol. So what I’m going to
do, I’m going to have EMS come take your blood sugar. – Yes, sir. – OK? – He says he’s diabetic. So I’m just going to
check his blood sugar and make sure he’s good. [music playing] Is he good? A little high? He’s nervous. There’s a bunch of cops
running around raising up his blood pressure.
– Yeah. – Is there anything in your
vehicle I need to know about? – No.
– No? – No.
– OK. Can I search– can I
search your vehicle and make sure there’s no
weapons or anything in there? – Yeah.
– All right. Just stay right there
for me, OK, brother? [music playing] – We found a can. What they do they is they
put the flame underneath it. And they’ll boil their–
their heroin on top, put it in a cotton
swab or cotton ball, and then they’ll pull
from there and a needle. And we found the cotton ball
still in there with what looks like heroin residue. So we’re going to test
the cotton ball to see if tests positive for heroin. – Very, very
consistent with heroin. It’s got the burn
marks underneath it. It’s got the– the
cotton ball on top of it where there’s been– he’s
been sucking up out of it. – OK. – So he’s got the
paraphernalia for it, but– – Just doesn’t have
anything on him. – Yeah.
– OK. – Hey, so he has a warrant? – He has a warrant? – Is it the class C, that’s it? – Class A. – It’s class A? The guy has a
Class A misdemeanor warrant that he’s going to be
going to jail for regardless. – Where are you
coming from today? Yes. Where are you coming from? As of right now, that’s it. OK, I’m still going
to ask you questions. So– you have no answer? OK, cool. [music playing] – They’ll haul him to jail,
and then after he’s there, they’ll go ahead and
check him for a DWI.

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Not Quite a Diabetic Emergency (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Why do people let cops search their vehicles. It doesn't matter if you have nothing in your car or 100lbs of heroin in your car. Don't make their job easy for them. Stand up for your rights!!!

  2. amazingly they hire a police officer with his entire arm tattooed like that he literally could not get a job at Walmart but for some reason working as a cop with a gun and a badge no problem

  3. im a type one diabetic and i know alot of my "old friends" used to ask me for needles, you gotta watch out for these guys they know how to lie about the needles their using

  4. The guy was only half-smart. 1) he jumped out of the car dropping him into cuffs at gunpoint. 2) he consented to a search of his car. 3) he only shuts up and asks for a lawyer after getting arrested.

  5. At least once he found out he was going either way he stopped complying. Right when he did that the evidence the cops were in the process of gathering came to a screeching halt. He was playing along in hopes of convincing them he was alright to drive. Soon as he heard class A warrant (the highest charge you can get that’s below a felony) warrant he smartly stfu.

  6. Even if the blood sugar goes from high to low it still can show up as alcohol on a breathalyzer. I had a case like this in high school at a dance, I had high blood sugar because of a kidney infection and they breathalyzed me randomly because that’s how they do it here and it said it was like 4x the legal limit and I’ve never drank once in my life

  7. This guy was probably on heroine and was smarter then most of the people that are on show. He knew to keep his mouth shut

  8. So when EMS is called to the scene but they don't transport the suspect/victim to the hospital do they still get billed for coming out?

  9. The sad fact here is a person with a medical illness has to pay for their needles. The junky gets his picks on us the tax payers

  10. I'm so glad for people who do that job. I don't nearly have 1/3 of the balls then you guys do, I have no shame in admitting I would be a effing terrible cop lol it just isn't my passion, I'm to compassionate, and caring. That's why a nurse, so I'm glad to work with you guys every once in a while, you don't get told that enough. And I pray every single night for everyones safety, always. 😊

  11. never do a field sobriety test.. say nothing to the police. don't give them more evidence. never admit anything, it won't help you

  12. I mean saying he‘s a diabetic is not a bad try to get away at all. You can have needles, you can seem a little strange, but once EMS got there he was f***ed.

  13. The lady cop sounds like Jim carrey when he did the muscle chick on in living color

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