Live Rescue: Saturday Night Fever (Season 1) | A&E

Live Rescue: Saturday Night Fever (Season 1) | A&E

– So we’re responding
to one of the local bars here for an individual with
a possible ankle fracture. Sounds about right. [siren sounding] [radio chatter] All right. 2-11, I’m off. [chatter] What’s up, boss?
– What’s up, buddy? – How are you? What’s your name? Ben?
– Yes. – What– what
happened here, Ben? So what we’re going to do is the
ambulance is going to come in. All right? We’re going to package it up. And then we’re going to bring
you to the hospital and get– it’s def– there’s definitely
a fracture there. We’re going– I’m going to– That’s OK. It’s all right. Get another one. We’ll put it over on top. OK? Good?
– Yep. – All right. – Gotcha. – All right, my friend. – How does that–
[inaudible] – You might want to just– You know what, man,
you’re a champ. You’re a champ, brother. [laughter] What is it? Oh, yeah. Thank– thank you for
your service, brother. – [inaudible] ready.
– All right. So what we’re
going to do, guys– I’m going to have you sit up. Can you sit up? Yeah? OK. And you’re going to come
up on your good leg. OK?
– Gotcha. – One, two, three. Up. And in.
– Perfect. – OK? – You can lay down. – Now you can lay down. – All right. – Yep. No, you’re doing well. – We’re good to go. – So what we had was a
gentleman inside the bar. He was dancing,
having a good time. He slipped on some
alcohol on the floor. He actually ended up
with a compound fracture to his left leg. And he’s– he’s
actually a champ. He’s, uh– he’s
actually in good shape. He’s calm.
He’s cool. He’s collected.
He’s definitely going to go up. He’s going to get some surgery. And he’ll be– he’ll be fine. But we’re going to be heading
up to the trauma center with him momentarily.

100 thoughts on “Live Rescue: Saturday Night Fever (Season 1) | A&E

  1. It’s not always bad/crazy/violence going on that cops go through.. things like this are what they go through as well, we just don’t realize that from what the media shows us

  2. him :“ is it poking through the skin”
    Ems: “ no but it’s a compound fracture “
    Me : * looks up compound fracture definition *
    Definition: when a bone or fragment is poking or sticking through the skin “

  3. “You’re a champ” UM YES I CRIED FOR 2 HOURS BECAUSE I STUBBED MY TOE. How is he even handling that pain?? God bless him

  4. Chief named his company after himself XD prolly enjoys looking at his name on other people’s uniforms.

  5. now show us the meeting he had with his first sergeant the next day getting yelled at for an alcohol related incident.

  6. I really Respect this man – Did you see that fracture. and not a single complaint. Good on you brother

  7. I’m the guy that broke his ankle ….. this is the first time watching this and I forgot how bad it was….. but thanks for the support!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Oh my god I have no idea how these people do this or how this guy is so calm. Im more stressed out watching this than the guy with the broken ankle

  9. Very poor treatment. This fracture required urgent reposition on scene, you could clearly see the tissue at risk due to poor perfusion. They risked his foot by just collecting him. Are this EMS workers just a garbage collectors with lights and sirens?!

  10. I've seen a bartender have his patella dislocated by smacking it into the knee of another bartender while they were dancing, behind the bar, while making drinks. Aftermath looked much the same but the music didn't stop and the drinks kept flowing.

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