Living with an Undiagnosed Illness

Living with an Undiagnosed Illness

Hello hello hello my friends! I’m super glad that I decided to slow down
my video output for the summer because I got super sick as soon as I put out last week’s
video. Ahhh! I hate being sick! But since I’ve been down for the count recently
it gave me plenty of time to think about health and illness and my life. And I wanted to share some of my story with
you. (INTRO MUSIC) So what you might not know, although I’ve
alluded to it here a little bit on the channel, is that I have an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. We determined this was a real thing after I
got REALLY sick and doctors finally started listening to me and testing me. So, some background, what is an autoimmune
disorder? Basically it means something’s wrong with
your body where your immune system — aka the stuff that fights bacteria and illness
— gets confused and sometimes thinks that good parts of your body are actually bad and attacks those. This is no fun. And it means that you get sick easier and sometimes worse than if your immune system was working properly. For me, this also means that various parts
of my body get inflamed when my body can’t tell what’s good and what’s bad. But this isn’t really all that new to me because
growing up, my dad suffered from all kinds of just mysterious illnesses and symptoms
where he’d go through bouts of doctor visits and they would diagnose him with something
and then it would turn out to not be that thing. Like they thought he had celiac — that’s
like a gluten allergy, but no he didn’t have that. And then they thought he had Crohn’s disease
but he also didn’t have that. And eventually he just got kind of tired of
going to the doctor. Now, the unfortunate part of life is that
of all the things that you might inherit from your parents you don’t want it to be a chronic illness. But sometimes that’s just life. So in high school and a bit in college I had
my own mysterious illnesses. But because I was young and relatively healthy,
my doctors were kind of just like, “well let’s just manage the pain and see what
happens.” The most notable of these illnesses happened
when I was a senior in college and it can best be described as arthritis. Because my joints were just incredibly achey,
they were inflamed. They were visibly swollen. And it was just completely debilitating. I went to the doctor and they were like “well…just
take lots of ibuprofen.” And I’m like, that can’t possibly be a
solution. No after about a month that pain did eventually
subside, but fast forward 2 years when I was out of college and working full-time and that
arthritic pain came back. But then there were other symptoms too like eyes became extremely dry and I had very blurry vision and I was incredibly fatigued. To the point that I would basically go to
work and then come home and just sleep the rest of the night. I had migraine-level headaches every afternoon. I had just extremely painful ulcers all over my mouth. And I would get these weird dry patches of
skin all over my arms and legs. It was nothing like anything I’d ever experienced
before! So when I started having all of these symptoms,
this is when my mom really began to put together my symptoms with what my dad experienced over
the years. We started coming to this conclusion that
maybe I was experiencing what he experienced and that maybe it was some sort of disease
and hereditary and that’s when I started advocating for my health to doctors. I didn’t let them just sweep me under the
rug because I was 24 and SHOULD be healthy. Because I looked healthy. But just because you look healthy and maybe
“should be” healthy because of your age or whatever it doesn’t mean that you actually are. This lead me to see a rheumatologist who is
a very intelligent and curious guy and was doing lots of tests on me and was also seeing
my dad and trying to like piece together our tests and comparing them. And at one point he thought I maybe had Sjogren’s
Syndrome and another point maybe Behcet’s Disease. Those turned out to not be true, but if you’re
interested in learning about them I’ve got some info/links down in the description. Basically with autoimmune disorders, you have
a set of criteria that you have to meet to be diagnosed with it and so I would meet some of the criteria but not all of it so I couldn’t be diagnosed. So I ended up getting stuck into the “You’ve
got the symptoms of something but we don’t really know quite what!” grey area. A lot of times people get diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia”
because its kind of a catch-all for people who experience chronic pain. Um, I’ve not officially been diagnosed with
that although it has sort of been put on the table of maybe something in the future if
they just can’t figure it out. What we ended up coming to was that I have
a vitamin D deficiency because blood tests did show that. And so I went on a prescription level of vitamin
D and that helped many of my symptoms. Like the joint pain, the ulcer flare-ups,
the fatigue. And that’s wonderful! Although 3 years later, some of these symptoms
are coming back and then new ones are showing up as well and they don’t seem to be related
to vitamin D. And it leaves me wondering like, what’s going on with my body? What can I do to help fix it? When you have chronic pain and especially
when you’re living with an undiagnosed illness, every kind of weird feeling you get in your
body can be cause for alarm. I get really nervous doing things outside
of my home and especially things that I’ve never done before because I worry that I’ll
get sick in the middle of it. And kind of ruin it or you know, not be able
to make it or be able to be in a comfortable place. And it’s difficult to explain to the people
that you’re with. You feel like you’re letting them down. And that doesn’t put you in a very good mental
state. But oh man! Mental health coupled with chronic pain, OH
MY GOODNESS. That’s like a completely different video! So anyway, because I’ve been sick and reflecting
on illness and health recently, I wanted to share with you guys some of my story. This has been something that’s pretty close
to my heart. I don’t tell a lot of people about it, but
it has been something I wanted to share on here because I know there are other people
who deal with chronic pain and with chronic illnesses and undiagnosed illnesses. And so I wanted to share my story and encourage
you if you know you feel comfortable to share your own. You know do you or someone that you love live
with chronic pain or a chronic illness or a mystery illness like my dad and me? So if you feel comfortable sharing, let me
know down in the comments! Plus remember to like, favorite, share, and
subscribe if this video…maybe not “smile” per se, but feel enlightened? Hm? See you guys on Thursday when I am hopefully
much more healthy and not so froggy in my throat! (kiss/laugh) (OUTRO MUSIC)

70 thoughts on “Living with an Undiagnosed Illness

  1. God be with you.
    6 months ago , I was diagnosed with essential tremor which is an idiopathic progressive neurodisease and I'm going to take a mix of antidepressants , antiepileptics and beta blockers till the end of my life . but that's great ! I like challenges .

  2. Girl, you gotta look into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome/dysautonomia, and autoimmune Autonomic ganglionopathy. I don't know where in the world you are, but if you travel/if you are already nearby I know of some amazing amazing doctors down here in Southern California (world renowned, the kind of people who will figure out what's going on purely because they want to help)/can help out with finding people nearby. I understand all of this, the whole being ignored deal, ugh. Sending love 💜

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your chronic illness, and sorry you're not well now.
    I've had chronic back pain since I was 17 ("You're too young to have back problems!"), chronic neck pain since I was 21, and a chronic sore throat since January. Chronic pain and mysterious undiagnosed problems can be really discouraging and isolating. Appointment after appointment you hope to find an answer, and yet the medicine or treatment has little effect or just addresses a symptom.
    It's encouraging to not be alone – misery loves company, but perhaps empathy even more.

  4. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 19, usually it is diagnosed around 2. I had seen like 5 or 6 doctors and they couldn't figure out. I also think I have some depression issues passed down from my mother's fathers side of the family.

  5. I have three different illnesses, along with some mental health struggles. Its one of the most hardest things I've ever had to go through. I really hope, and pray you find answers soon. <3

  6. Doctors in the 21st center Can be really retarded,… Im suffering to from an Undiagnosed illness,.. made some videos,.. of it on my page if anyone wants to take a look,…

  7. Watched some of your content, was not into it or agreeing with you…Found this video and realized we have common ground. Wish you all the best for mental and physical health. When times are tough may you have the strength, patience and support to see you back to good health and spirits.

  8. thank you for this video! I relate so much, been with chronic stomach pain for almost 2 years now and dont know what to do anymore 🙁

  9. !!! I have an undiagnosed chronic illness! It's so frustrating and it's only been 5 years…I've had doctor's who've told me there's no way I could be sick, that I was faking it, that it's just my depression. The worst one was a doctor who told me "you're only 13 it's just growing pains"….I was 18 at the time

    I think what hurts the most about seeing so many doctors so often is when they just cast you off like it's nothing

  10. I'm going through something similar – "You definitely have something autoimmune related but we don't know what." If they ever figure out what's happening to you, please let me know, maybe that's also what's going on with me.

  11. Oh I’m there right now. I’ve been bounced around to so many doctors and I still feel so fatigued, weakness, with brain fog….ugh!

  12. I had the same symptoms and my doctor gave me the medicine to treat Lupus even though my test results were inconclusive for it. I was labeled with Connective tissue disease. Have you been given that at least?

  13. Currently going through this now. I have had strange illnesses since I was a child (random pains, extreme dry eyes, weird skin issues, etc). Now at 26 I have organ enlargement, fibrosis, etc. it’s obvious my body is attacking itself, yet I still don’t have a diagnosis and doctors shrug and pass me off to the next doctor because they don’t know what it is. It’s very scary, frustrating and of course painful! Lol. Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  14. I have an IDENTICAL symptom profile! Im still undiagnosed. Im sorry you're going through it too but holy shit it's like you're describing me point for point.

  15. I’m one of the rare people that suffers with Behcet’s 😞 , posted a video about it , wanna try get it more known!

  16. I have a autoimmune disorder. It's called Alopeica, and I've had it for almost 2 years, but luckily I am getting better 🙂
    I also have fairly bad eczema on my hands and feet.

  17. I am going through the exact same thing and I am 19. Doctors are saying I have an autoimmune disease but cannot pinpoint which one. I hope we get some answers

  18. Thanks so much for posting a positive video on chronic illness. ❤️❤️❤️ I have lupus and Addison’s and I’m so sick of wrong representation of our diseases and lives with chronic illness.

  19. I have an undiagonised chronic illness as well and have been called a hypochondriac because of it. As a child my leg pains were disregarded as simply being "growing pains," but I still get them now, and I'm 24. For about a year my hip pain was so severe that I could barely walk. A doctor told me that I have an autoimmune disease, but I don't have health insurance, so I haven't been able to see a specialist. I know how you feel. It's really hard dealing with an undiagnosed illness.

  20. I am in the same boat right now, and I'm starting to get so frustrated. My pains and illnesses have been progressive these last few years. I've been having back pain since I was 14, but I was still able to get things done. Now some days I can't move I hurt so bad. My joints seem to lock up in my fingers, my hips will hurt, and the most pain is in the middle of my spine. I have constant headaches, extreme fatigue (I can sleep all night and then sleep all day too). And I get a UTI like every month which last month progressed into a severe kidney infection. I have all these bumps that come up in heat (Spring & Summer), dry patch on my face that comes and goes, and a patch of dead skin between my chest. There is no way in hell that nothing is wrong with me. I tested positive for ANA, but my rheumotologist said she didn't know what it was. My inflammation markers were high and my WBC has been high for years. So how do they not know what is wrong? I already deal with chronic depression and the fact that I haven't been able to work in 3 years is making me feel like I want to give up.

    By the Way, I love those pictures in your back ground… Details please 🙂

  21. You know since you said joint pain I’m thinking it’s going to be a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis.


    Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease where someone’s immune system attacks healthy joints, muscles, skin, eyes and internal organs.

    In 2005 when I was 11 years old I was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also have other life threatening disabilities like

  22. I’m so sorry I didn’t finish.

    I also have other disabilities like Cerebral Palsy and when I was born I was born with something called Retinopathy Of Prematurity.

    Before I was 2 years old I had to have a shunt put in my head and at age 2 I had another shunt put in my head.

    JRA has been with me since age Eleven and I’m still battling with the disease today. I also have Uveitis.

    When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with Osteonecrosis and Osteoarthritis. When I was 21 years old I had to have my right hip replaced. When the doctors went into my right hip they found giant bloody holes.


    That’s how I reacted after the surgery was done. It took 3 years for the doctors to do their jobs.

  23. Wow. I think i have said all of those things myself. My diagnosis may come in a couple of weeks 🙏🏼 ive been completely alienated in all facets of life due to peoples obvious distrust of what i was telling them. I had to start passing out and acquiring TBIs to be taken seriously.

  24. Also, ive been told (directly, indirectly, or passively aggressively) that i look too good on labs, or i appear way too "young and healthy " to be sick, i guess by virtue of looking younger than my actual age? A sick person couldnt possibly complete a doctorate, run a half marathon lift weights etc 🙄 then just wither away after obvious traumas. and known triggers for autoimmune disorders. It must be in their head, order psych eval 🙄😒 i have never had answers for over a decade. Nearly 15 years. But i meet all criteria of a Dysautonomia (possibly POTS). I have yet to take the gold standard tilt test.

  25. My doctors call it anxiety ( they don’t even take me seriously) it’s so frustrating because I have been waiting a whole year to make sure I’m in good mental health. I only developed anxiety after the doctors were concerned in the first place and sent me to rapid diagnosing and couldn’t find organic cause of my numerous ( some were pain, some were even visible ) I was fainting and losing rapid weight, losing hair, tremors, rashes. I want answers

  26. I'm on the same boat, it's just awful. I don't even try explaining to people anymore, every few months I get the courage to try Drs again but I never get any answers aside from the most basic ass obvious shit like ~eat healthy~exercise~advil. All the things I've been doing for years that haven't worked. And I just hate how they must think I'm a hypochondriac when in reality I'm constantly ignoring and downplaying the pain I'm in every day.

  27. Took me 10 years to get a diagnosis. I have a combo of autoimmune (lupus and IBD) and rare like eds pots mast cell hht.

  28. Became ill in June 2016, diagnosed with SIBO in December 2017 and Candida and parasites in April 2018. Made some progress but still have excruciating abdominal pain. MDs haven’t been able to help me at all, I’ve been seeing NDs and FMDs. I just want the pain to go away. I’ve never been a sickly person and it’s been so long, I don’t remember what it feels like to feel healthy. 😪

  29. The undiagnosed is the hardest part for me. The furthest I’ve gotten with any of the numerous drs is x rays followed by “Bones are fine. You’re fine.” It’s not my dang bones. I just want some validation so I can move forward with my health. It gets worse as the years go on. But I’m still not “old enough” to be sick yet. 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  30. I just watched your video… I have had problem for you years that is gradually getting worse as I get older… my digestion has been terrible for a long time and always been put down to IBS but as things have progressed it is incredibly painful and w whole host over other problems have arrived, I cannot exercise without becoming exhausted, I’m always shattered I don’t sleep well and my body hurts constantly especially I’m the morning… I feel like I am gradually slipping away and even getting to work and going about Day to business is starting to become impossible. I’m so scared it’s going put me on my arse but I have bills to pay and a house to keep so just keep going. I don’t know how much longer I can… I feel suicidal and my partner is the only drive I have left to keep getting up everyday.

    I related to so much of what you said and am back to see my endocrinologist (which I have paid for as my gp said I’m fine) for another set of test results next week.

    Thank you for the hope today.

  31. I have an autoimmune disorder(disease). I feel blessed that I have established a treatment that works very well. I wish I could help others who struggle with chronic illness, but I'm someone who requires exposure to lots of toxins in the air, water, food, and my personal living environment. If my immune system wasn't fighting these toxins it would attack and destroy me. I know this because I tried living clean and got so sick I couldn't get out of bed. Truly, I'm built for this filthy polluted world.

  32. 6 years of tachycardia, palpitations, fatigue, exercise intolerance. Have had every diagnosis under the sun and every test under the sun.

  33. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS VLOG!  I am with you!  I am starting to think my family thinks I am making this up in the meantime by kidneys are killing me along with all of the body pain and fatique etc.

  34. I suffer a rotten type of migraine that even changes my perception of time. I want to get rid of this but my mother didn't believe me and I struggle to believe I will ever recover. I am looking for someone to help me reduce the frequency atm. I cannot eat as they cause stomach problems and in 2015 I was in hospital. There was no treatment plan provided so I just defaulted on eating I was a small lady. I eventually stopped losing but got very anemic and almost died. I stopped talking mum in the end she send heartless texts saying how are you when I had told her this upset me, she can forget christmas. When I get some increase in quality of life I might speak to her again.

  35. I’ve been in and out of doctors appointments not getting any real clear answer. I’ve had dizziness, skin rashes blurry vision at time to be a lil double. Joint pain, headaches and degenerative disc disease in my Cervical spine. I’ve had doctors stare me in the face and say you’re too young to be this bad off. And only treat the symptoms and not the cause. I’m nearly ready to give up on trying to get any kind of help.

  36. Thanks for sharing your story! Mine is similar. In my 20s I would have bouts of stomach problems and days here and there when I felt like I had the flu (body aches, joint pain, fatigue). I chalked it up to viruses, stress, my birth control pills, my diet… Finally when I was 28 I got really sick and the symptoms were scary: tingling and numbness, blurry vision, trouble thinking and speaking clearly, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, GERD, Raynauds, itchy skin, terrible chills, dizziness, migraines, heart palpitations, and weird sensations that I'd never experienced before and can barely describe.
    My doctor thought I had MS at first, but tests ruled that out. I saw a neurologist. He discovered a few abnormalities, but nothing that led to a diagnosis so he started talking about anxiety and depression. Bloodwork showed a high positive ANA though so I saw a rheumatologist. He ran more tests that were inconclusive. He talked about fibromyalgia. I saw a dermatologist who saw issues she thought indicated a connective tissue disease, but couldn't diagnose it. I saw a gastroenterologist who was almost certain I had Crohn's, but the tests were inconclusive. Finally, after 2 or 3 years, I was given the label of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. A few years later my rheumatologist decided it was more likely Psoriatic Arthritis and Crohn's disease. It's been 8 years since the onset of my more severe symptoms and I'm still not sure we have the right diagnoses. Plaquenil has been an absolute lifesaver for my joint/muscle/body pain and many of my other symptoms, and Amitriptlyine was very helpful too.
    I hope you get a conclusive diagnosis and find the right meds. Loving with a chronic illness sucks, but an undiagnosed and untreated one is even worse.

  37. This video was just recommended to me, currently trying to figure out what is wrong with me, I have many of these symptoms, plus lots of GI issues which they keep telling me it's IBS. I do know I have a redundant colon and an ulcer in there which never heals neither of which doctors take seriously.

  38. Yep in limbo for an MS diagnosis. Have more than 10 lesions on my brain but some doctors sat I don't have symptoms others say I do leaving me with a diagnosis of radiological isolated syndrome until my next scans where it will either show worsening or until I have a significant enough neurological event

  39. I've lived with a chronic illness all my life, and it's still undiagnosed (I'm 18 now) and I'm still struggling to find a doctor who will listen. It wasn't until last year that I could get people to believe that my constant headaches and pain weren't just stress or growing pains (I still have no idea what a growing pain actually feels like because i I had them they never registered past everything else) but it highkey sucks, and at least now I can go to the next doctor and tell them I think I have a connective tissue disorder, instead of being tossed between localized benign hypermobility, anxiety, not enough exercise, a cry for attention, and all that.
    Personally I think I have hEDS, and am taking a copy of the criteria with me to my next doctor, mostly out of anxiety about being ignored.
    I really hope you get a real name to your illness soon! <3

  40. i’ve had very bad stomach pain and cramps that occur every few years and last a few weeks, i’ve even been hospitalized for it. i’ve gotten x rays, blood work, urine samples, ultra sounds, and so many other tests. recently, the pain has come back with more symptoms: fatigue, headaches, and dizziness and nausea. i have my third recent dr appointment tomorrow. they’re checking if it’s my thyroid (apparently that controls different parts of your body). i’m hoping they figure it out because Ibuprofen doesn’t work ): this is my second week out of school

  41. I havent finished watching your video, but it sounds like u have Sjogren's! Is it?? Also, u may have a gluten intolerance, but not Celiac…

  42. Hi it took 3 year to finally work I had this awful Rare Arthritis disease called SAPHO Syndrome. Thankfully Facebook have a group as there is no literature about this rare Arthritis disease.

  43. I have a undiagnosed disease thing. I’ve gone to I kid you not over 30 doctors in the past year.

    Here is what happens:
    My fingertips go numb/tingly
    Then they turn bright red and sweaty
    Then they burn. And then the turn purple. And after all that I lose function of my hands for a week and a half.

    It is extremely painful. If you know anything about what this could be or if you know someone who else is going through this please let me know in the comments❤️

  44. Been back and forward to specialist for five years now and they still can't figure it out! Now my muscle inflammation and swelling has doubled, I have extreme abdominal pain nausea and swelling. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia , which is hard and keeps me hurting all the time, but the muscle weakness,inflammation and swelling has me confused and sick atlease 2wks out the month. I'm miserable…. at first my primary care doctor didn't believe me, but with my labs showing that something is definitely going on, she's trying hard to get it figured out!!! I no longer take trips or even plan things because each day is different! Sometimes I'm fine to being bed ridden all in the same day! I just want to feel normal again!!!😢

  45. Have you heard of the new blood test for fibro? It’s called FM/a test & it tests for changes in your immune system that have now been linked to fibro. Also, they are testing a vaccine to actually treat the disease. If you google it or YouTube search the FM/a test, the info will pop up for you. I’ve been trying to pass this info on to all the fibro & chronic pain-fatigue ppl out there. Finally! There might be some hope on the horizon for us!

  46. Hi, I happened to see your video while searching for autoimmune disorders and symptoms…because I was diagnosed with "fibromyalgia" about 5 years ago after years of dealing with chronic pain and weakness throughout my body (that is now a lot worse..and I think that I have something else wrong with me..which just hasnt been found yet due to not being able to see certain "specialists")…and I just want to say that I know how difficult it is to try and deal with health problems that doctors dont have an answer for…dont run tests for…are hasty in their diagnosis…seem to not care enough…dont listen enough..or just write a prescription for pain meds and send patients on their way, causing more frustration…(I dont understand how some doctors were even allowed to be licensed)…⏩ Also…I want to say that I think you are "Adorable"…and I love your personality. And your attitude toward dealing with tough situations in this life is how I always try to be..and as I heard you speak, you brought back to me some of the flghter "spirit" that I thought was starting to fade from me…( Thank you for posting the video…and for being "you")…..Please stay as sweet as you are…Just knowing that you are somewhere out in this world makes my days better….(Sincerely, Dorian )

  47. I'm going through this right now! The past two years I'm just stuck in this mystery category. And I deal with so much pain and fatigue and it's a mess. I had a positive ana test. But everything else is coming up normal currently so I'm being brushed aside. I have an appointment September 24th with an rheumatologist/immunologist so I'm hoping I can get some answers.

  48. I'm currently under waiting on tests results coming back from my rheumatologist I had 12 viles of blood taken about a month ago and then I get sent a letter asking me to go get further blood tests done to look further into Addison disease and also had to do a urine test in the dark as what ever they are testing for the urine has to stay away from any type of light. So hopefully I will get some answers soon. It's been 3 years of the stomach problems and I've lost 8st which is 50kg in 17 months with out exercising. I also get rashes, joint pain (hip flares) fatigue, muscle pain, brain fog and also diagnosed with endometriosis which doesn't help with the pain every month. If anyone has had these symptoms and got answers could you message me please I need some insight to what is going on and how to manage it

  49. This video absolutely frustrates me. It frustrates me because we that fall under the undiagnosed umbrella are often left wondering what it is and not knowing what to do about it. While I hate that you go through this, it helps me to think that I am not the only one in the sea of mystery.

  50. 3 months in and out of doctors, feel more and more weak and sore every day. I developed extreme fatigue, tingling in my head, tinnitus, and horrific neck pain overnight. This led to Visual Snow Syndrome. I also developed extreme dry mouth and eyes. Thyroid is not the issues, no diabetes, my joints are sore always, I have no energy and yawn all day despite getting 8 hours of sleep. I wake up every day feeling like I have the worst hangover or like I was hit by a bus. Constant headaches…its so scary. I developed situational anxiety about these symptoms and not having answers, I 100% do not believe it is just Visual Snow. My doctors say all of these symptoms are caused by anxiety which is crazy because I was so healthy and the happiest I'd been mentally when this hit, the anxiety did not come until after. I finally am going to my primary care monday to push for getting tested for Sjogrens, but even then, what did that stem out of? What is my body fighting? What if I am negative? I wish doctors did not make me feel so hopeless and try to push pills at symptoms that dont work instead of looking at the big picture. I may try and save up to go to a functional medicine doctor because so far I am getting nowhere. It is so painful to be 25 and scared every day of what I will wake up to, to be tired of being tired and told there is nothing wrong with me when I am a shell of the person I was just 4 months ago.

  51. I believe I am only Partially diagnosed. I have a positive diagnosis for Hashimotos Thyroiditis, however I get alot of other symptoms which don't match up. Autoimmune disorders apparently can come with bonus friends, so I'm in the middle of trying to find out exactly what else is wrong with my body. Much of the same symptoms you describe are what I experience, So I understand exactly how you feel, especially with the frustration with Doctors simply not listening. For the moment, I'm just trying to get through every day, one day at a time. It hurts when people look at you and don't believe you, including people who are supposed to have your back.

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