Living with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) | Charlie’s story | Diabetes UK

Living with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) | Charlie’s story | Diabetes UK

I have had diabetes for 30 years and
I was diagnosed at the age of 34. So LADA as it’s abbreviated to, the Latent
Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults is a type of Type 2 that is treated as a Type 1. My
dad, yes he had diabetes and I did watch him struggle with it.
Leading up to my diagnosis was all about my mum basically she kept nagging me to
say, go and get yourself tested and I would say mom I’m perfectly fine you
know I’m not going to the loo and all the other kind of things that people
associate with the early symptoms of diabetes but she said go and get
yourself tested. Yeah shocked, caught in a moment. Maybe a little bit of denial as well
because you think there’s nothing wrong with me I’m perfectly fine the other
symptoms that I’ve read about drinking, you know, being thirsty and losing weight
I’m roughly the same size now as I was then. Now it’s a case of before you have
every meal that you’ll take a blood sugar reading from your meter and then
you’ve assessed what food you’d be eating, then you count the carbs or
estimate the carbs as best you can and then take the appropriate number of
units of NovaRapid insulin that I take, and at nighttime before you go to
bed at night you will put in a flatbed of Lantus insulin before you put the
lights down and go to sleep. I think there is a tendency for those living with diabetes
not to tell people that you have it because maybe there is some, like the
social associations with diabetes which of course are unfounded it’s not
anybody’s fault, it’s not my fault I think you try not to let it get in the
way as best you can, I mean I have things I carry around with me all the time, it’s
a bit of a nuisance but I carry insulin, and you got to carry a metre,
you got to think what am I doing, if I’m gonna dig the garden, am I gonna
compensate while taking something to eat before I do it or something sugary to
keep my energy levels up. But we do live in a day and age where someone could be
a prime minister and have diabetes you can be an Olympic rower and have
diabetes and you can play bass in HAIM band and have a good life. It’s
not for the faint-hearted and it does take an awful lot of effort
but the thing is that you have to remain positive about all aspects of living
with diabetes because there is no other choice, it’s not a case of saying I can
give up or ignore it you have the condition, you’ve got to try
think positively that health care professionals and those who are around
who love you and your friends want you to have the best possible life and so
it’s all about getting yourself empowered with everything at your
disposal to live as good as you can

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  1. i most say that lada diabetes is not type 2 thats treated like type 1 like he says thats very rong lada diabetes is type 1 slow onset diabetes

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