100 thoughts on “Man’s Leg Cramp Goes Viral | The Doctors

  1. I hate to wake up with a cramp but sex cramp is the worst right when your about to give the juice you pull out and roll around on the bed

  2. I suffer with cramp in my legs….top, bottom in feet and hands. It's so painful and makes me nearly pass out but I've never seen it that bad before…poor guy

  3. My calf did same thing one time after I worked out….but my leg is a lot smaller..lol..I was rubbing it..tapping it and it Hurt like crazy….Ouchie!!!!!😵..

  4. when I wake up I sometimes get a cramp after I stretch my legs…..well lets just say Im awake after that XD

  5. I cry at night with my leg cramps. Mine are the back off the calf though I have venous insufficiency and leaky valves after having 3 boys I suffered badly with swelling In my legs. I'm in the process of trying to find solutions if anyone has any answers?

  6. I get these occasionally in my sleep. They are the most painful thing I've ever felt in my life. I wake up screaming. No deficiency, had my bloodwork check a couple of times. I'm on muscle relaxers to help prevent them.

  7. I think this man got this from stress on his leg just how some runners who push the limit put stress on their feet and back cause he’s a body builder I guess when he pushed the limit on his workout this happened

  8. He was having a serious Charlie horse. I get them with my MS i leterially get up forr my foot. Froze . i take a ho t bath then dry the leg. I like using aspercreme it has lidacaine in it i get roll on kind. Relief at his best

  9. He needs to get out of the car, lie down, and stretch out his calf while on the ground with your leg flat

  10. i had a calf muscle cramp and it hurts like hell so i just bent my knee and i massage it and bent my knee and boom it disappear/

  11. Cramps make me think of the Alien film and the chest burster scene especially foot cramps which I get more of. One time two of my toes splayed out into a V,was really wierd.

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