yeah [Music] okay so this morning my doctor finally called me about the results that do I have skin cancer again this is ivory I really want to live and [Music] a year ago I had skin cancer and I had two surgeries and the cancer was removed it was in my back and here it was in that early stage it hadn’t spread around my body so I was really lucky that it was found in that early stage and now for the past year I’ve been very careful with the Sun I’ve been predicting my skin with long-sleeve shirts and using a lot of good Sun lotion so I’ve been really protective I really don’t want to have the cancer again and now two weeks ago my doctor wanted to remove two moles to check that there’s one must removed from here and one from here to check that the cancer hasn’t come back and I want to thank you so much for the support you have given me for these past weeks and telling me to be positive and I feel like I have been positive I have believed that I don’t have the cancer again but still at some point you think like what if what if I have it again [Music] and I feel like I being positive a lot of emotions are going through my body right now that’s where these tears come from so many good things have happened in this past year one of the biggest things is that I started this channel like I really want to share my story and what I have learned in life and learn at the same time learn from you learn from the world and it’s so important to fail feel the guilt and feel the bad we all feel joy of the all struggle as well and we all seek to be happy well and loved and I have also learned to think more about myself I have seen more of the world I have traveled more a big Japan Spain I’ve been to u.s. San Francisco Chicago LA I’ve been spending time with the people I care I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family I have started filming and editing and mountain biking I’ve started all these things which were so important to me when I was a teenager and now I’m doing them again and it feels so good I raised the first race on a dirt bike it’s like you need to think about yourself and be your best friend I’ve tried to learn to be my best friend and really take better care of myself I really think about who I want to spend a life with and in work I have been doing more of the things which I enjoy especially filming again coming up with funny story lines like the bracelet thing in these videos I really feel like I becoming more alive it’s so important to think about yourself and make your own life and I feel like I’m following my heart more than ever I’m making more the decisions which my heart tells me to do it was a hard decision to quit concept but I really feel that was the right decision because already now I would have been stuck filming pasta enough for example doing the videos I have been doing for this channel so I feel it was a good thing that I had melanoma a year ago because so many good things have come from that but now I have had to go through that same process that do I have melanoma and I’ve been waiting for the results and let me take this moment because I want to feel I like I courage you to feel more more joy but also when you struggle like it’s there’s nothing bad about crying like whenever I cry it are you feel and free myself and it it feels really good so let me take this moment because I’m I’m really good in crying I can go into my body and just let the emotions out and and the fastest way is to cry it out so [Music] and now I go through this some fear like I go through those emotions of fear if I have the cancer again how bad is it is it good and will I be here for my children and for my family [Music] but I think the biggest thing is that they docked her hat while he said lost that I’m good I’m good I don’t have the cancer and so these are also tears of joy I’m so I know I don’t look like it I’ve really freaking happy [Music] I’m so thankful that I get to live and I I’d really believe that it’s even enough and you just breathe that means you’re alive and and that should be enough but don’t put too much pressure on yourself start with the bread start with that that you are alive when you struggle when you have bad moments remember when they are still creepy you can be thankful for yourself that’s that’s enough I’m so happy I is it get to live and beat me really let’s keep on feeling let’s keep our feeling the joy it’s sometimes we struggle but that’s part of life might be all like every human being struggles but we all can feel joy as well let’s stay positive and I know thank you for following my journey and like I feel like we’re doing this together so thank you so much and thank you so much for all the comments and believing that I didn’t have to [Applause] [Music] ha that felt really good I haven’t always been this beautiful crier and now I’m really good at me the doctor said that it was really Bren that this mole was removed it could have gone bad okay so thank you and now I know the I tried to do some decorations because because it is Back to the Future VHS tapes this elephant right here I’m at our guest house filming and this we’re gonna do some remodeling here it’s not this is not ready so I just want to say thank you let’s be thankful okay bye [Music]

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  1. You are best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. OH MY GOSH YOU SCARED ME!!!😱😱😊😊😊 Congrats I first watched the dudesons with my brother when I was like in kindergarten and I fell in love with it!

  3. Never had I shed so much tears, thxs for the not cancer, liv long, my fine friend…Horray 4 u, fuck im glad =D

  4. En oo sun videoita ennen nähnyt, mutta onneksi näin tämän. Mulla tuli valtava onnellisuuden tunne sun puolesta. Oot huikee ihminen, ihanan positiivinen asenne elämään. Oon sua siis elämäni duudsoneissa seurannut, mutta tästä videosta mulla muuttu käsitys vieläkin paremmaksi susta ❤️ ihana, että oot cancer free!

  5. Oikeest itkin tän videon aikana ihan sairaasti❤️❤️😭😭Oot ihan paras ja selviit kaikesta💖😭

  6. I have been putting off watching this because I was so scared for you, Jarno. I am so thankful that you are going to be here for a long time. Watching your videos helps me appreciate my life even though it hurts a lot sometimes. My twin sister died over 7 months ago. Each day is a struggle but I am glad I am still here. I am making a trip to Finland next year in her honor. She wanted to visit there so much. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  7. i'm happy for you dude
    since you got into talking about emotions, ill go ahead and ask: what's your best tip for when you are feeling lonely?

  8. Mulla on ihosyöpä… Mul on luomi niskassa joka on ärtyny ja se leikataan ihan kohta.. mua jännittää.. 🙁

  9. Minulla luultin että minulla on ihosyöpä mutta minulla oli onni ja se oli vain vitiligo joka on vain että tulee valkoisia kohtia ihoon joten sinullakin on onni että pääset yli syövästä Onnea!

  10. Tiäräkkö jarno mitä Seinäjokelaaset kualee ainoastaa vanahuutee. Meikälääne katto tän vireo vähä myöhässä :C. Toivottavasti näät tämän kommentin!

  11. congratulations, cancers is BS! I hope it stays away, sometimes cancer returns with a vengeance from nowhere, I would continue to do random checkups just to be safe

  12. i completely understand what are you talking about … my dad died a few weeks ago after 4 months of fighting the lymphoma cancer … and it changed not only my life but me as a person (to a better person i hope) … it made me stronger, even more honest and open … i started to learn and do things i always wanted to

    the saddest thing about this is that you have to come through something really bad before you realize what is the life all about

  13. Your going to be ok we are here for u. U need to realize that you have helped so many people out. One of my favorite quotes is “once u learn how to die u know how to live” with that said u need to look at your life and realize you accomplish SO MUCH. Xo we here for u

  14. Dear Jarno,
    You inspire me to be a better human being. You are such an amazing speaker and story teller.
    Encouraging people to FEEL. Not REACT to feelings, but truly FEEL. As a 20 year old man, I have just recently learned again to cry.
    No matter the reason, people don't truly show their range of emotion to the world and I think what you are doing here is amazing.
    Im so Glad that you do not have to worry any more about your health and can go back to being an amazing creator. I aspire to be able to go about life as you do one day… With such joy, positivity and love.

  15. your good mate ill take some of this advice i bottle emotions up alot and sometimes am scared to cry thank you for this positive advice and im glad your okay mate!

  16. Jarno you and the dudesons are beloved to me and will always hold a special place in my heart. I am greatfull to be alive and to have watched you guys for all these years. Thank you guys so much for inspiring me!!! Legends never die!!!

  17. I watched this video right when you posted it and don’t know why I’m on it again, but I saw something that warmed up my heart:
    It’s crazy how the only wrinkles you have are around your eyes, and they are the kind from smiling and laughing. Of course you might have went through tough times and sadness in your life, like anybody would, but you’ve been gifted and you enjoy and celebrate life as it is, and have been for a long time and your face is proof of it.
    It might sound random but I hope, as I’ll grow older, I’ll live life as hard as you and enjoy so much that even my wrinkles will be a testimony of it.

  18. He is really honest and what he says is really true- crying DOES free you. You get this feeling of catharsis afterwards- you can physically feel it. There is no shame in crying.

  19. Peace and love and value life. Travel and enjoy ….times like this teach your to enjoy life …respect man. Take care of yourself. Long may you be well…<3

  20. Please, please continue to do check ups, some sort on it all just in case and peace of mind. I hope nothing but good days for you. And congratulations on beating it!

  21. In Jesus Name u been Healed Cancer cells are splash with the blood of Jesus! u r the righteousness of God in god and receive his wonderful miracles for ur life in jesus name Amen!

  22. jarno i´m fer live in mexico.. I can say that every moment has a history with special people. Jarno never give up, never be afraid. You are an excellent person.

  23. I've loved you since I was 16 in 2006 and I am so sorry to find out about this now. God bless you and your family Jarno. I hope you are in good health.


  24. Dear Jarno Laasala…
    You are strong and beautiful
    You’re still the best of the world
    Believe yourself!
    Everyone believes in this man!
    God will make the cancer dissapear…
    We all wish that you are better in the whole time 🙂

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