One Of The Darkest Cases Of Postpartum Mental Illness

One Of The Darkest Cases Of Postpartum Mental Illness

– [Voiceover] So today we’re
gonna talk about Andrea Yates, who is one of the most well known victims of postpartum mental illness. She murdered her five
children in the bathtub. – [Voiceover] I remember
hearing about this story when it happened. – [Voiceover] It was like
early, it was like June of 2001. Her suffering really
began two years before she committed the murders. It wasn’t until after the
birth of her fourth child that she attempted suicide. And at that point she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and psychosis. About a month later, July of 1999 she attempts suicide with a knife. And at that point she’s prescribed Haldol, which is an anti-psychotic. – [Voiceover] So it seems
like she’s getting some help. – [Voiceover] Some help,
in the beginning here. – [Voicemail] She comes off the Haldol and she becomes pregnant
with her fifth child. And very shortly there
after her father dies. And he psychosis returns in full force. And this time her doctor
prescribes her Haldol because it was the same drug
that worked in her cocktail. But after a few weeks he decides that the side effects are too dangerous and he takes her off. Two days before the drowning her husband takes her back to her doctor’s office and he refuses to try Haldol any longer or return her to the hospital. It was clear that her husband
didn’t know what to do because he did the one thing
he should have never done. – [Voiceover] Leave her
home alone with the kids. – [Voiceover] Leave her
home alone with the kids. – [Voicemail] Yeah. – [Voicemail] And you
know, as she tells it now she waited for him to leave for work. ‘Cause she knew that he would prevent her from harming the children. And then she just went and one by one and she laid them all out on
the bed next to each other. And she called the police immediately because she knew it would
be perceived as bad. – [Voiceover] Right. – [Voiceover] So Andrea’s
psychosis was extreme. – [Voiceover] Right. – [Voiceover] She saw
visions, she heard voices. When they asked her, during like a video
taped counseling session, with the state psychiatrist, did you think it was
wrong before you did it? She said she did not. And the reason she did
not think it was wrong was because if she didn’t do it they would be tormented by satan. And she called her husband. He told the crowd after the first child the family was let down by
the mental health system. Which I think is very telling
in terms of how sick she was. This is the person who
first of all, lost the most. – [Voiceover] And should
be the most unforgiving. – [Voiceover] She spends her days now, living her life. – [Voiceover] Just like
in a mental institution. – [Voiceover] In a mental institution. She has like full cognizance
about what happened. You know, you look at someone like Andrea and you think she’s a monster because she killed her five kids. And that is a pretty horrendous,
monstrous thing to do, obviously, but I look at Andrea Yates
and I have a great deal of sympathy for her as a
postpartum depression survivor. I think the most
important thing to realize about what happened to the Yates family is that it was entirely preventable. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Because
20% of moms suffer from some form of maternal mental illness. And obviously, 20% of moms
don’t hurt their babies. So you know, by comparison
postpartum psychosis is this like incredibly rare condition. – [Voiceover] Right. – [Voiceover] It is point
one percent of births. You know, it’s been six years
since my daughter was born. I still wanna have more kids, I’m still terrified. – [Voiceover] Understandably so. – [Voiceover] You know,
the one thing that I know is that like I’m putting my
mental health first this time. – [Voiceover] Yeah, you have to. You really, you do. You have to. – [Voiceover] You know
we need to teach moms that it’s okay to ask for help. – [Voiceover] I think moms are the most selfless people on the
planet and like sometimes you need to be a little bit selfish. (down tempo music) – [Voiceover] There’s no happy ending. – [Voiceover] No, there isn’t. – [Voiceover] To this story. – [Voiceover] Of course not. – [Voiceover] You know, the kids are gone. Nothing’s gonna bring them back, but ultimately she should be released. Her ex-husband believes
that she should be free. I think a lot of her
doctors probably believe that she should be free. But I don’t know if the world
is ready for Andrea Yates to reenter it. (downtempo music) (electric buzzing)

100 thoughts on “One Of The Darkest Cases Of Postpartum Mental Illness

  1. The doctors knew she was unstable, why didn’t they take her children away from her? She tried to commit suicide twice and she obviously not okay.

  2. To say the woman was solely responsible for the deaths of the children is to have a lack of accountability. The father, the system, the doctors as well as the mother, everyone was responsible for the deaths of those poor kids.

  3. To comment on one’s post: She said – “Conflicted that Andrea survived her disorder, but killed her kids.” Andrea’s psychosis was treatable with medications. Unfortunately she stopped taking the medication (s) and the doctors did not keep her hospitalised long enough for observation. She continued taking care of her children while still suffering from Postpartum
    Depression. When STRESS is present, it can trigger any type of illness. Perhaps stress triggered the psychosis. The husband who was clueless of his wife’s overwhelming responsibility and the stress she was experiencing was an absolutely selfish, thoughtless, and irresponsible moron. IF the roles were reversed I don’t think he would have survived taking care of all the kids by himself!!! So, my question is WHY did he not have another person HELP his very stressed wife to care for the kids…?

  4. I really hope more people see this video, because mental health is SO important. I really have sympathy for her, and her kids, husband, and other family.

  5. i don’t believe she should be released, cause she did the crime, and i get that she was in a bad mental state you know but it’s almost like if i said nikolas cruz should be released because he was depressed and having a hard time. like it doesn’t change the fact that he killed multiple innocent lives, and that she killed her 5 innocent loving kids. she should at least serve her time in my opinion.

  6. WHY, WHY, WHY, W-H-Y???????

    WHY do some people flat out reject that this or events like this is due to demonic possession & not "MENTAL ILLNESS???"

    SHE SAID SHE HEARD VOICES! Do people not believe the spirit world exists…we'll you'll be ignorant not to.

    I know it's because so many don't believe in God/Jesus & think it's alllllll just "religious jargon.." God is NOT religion.

    Religion is man-made & the spirit world IS VERY REAL & DANGEROUS as you can see from this video.

    People don't want to believe it, they can't process or accept that such thing's are real & exist…THEY DO!


  7. I sympathize with her but she shouldn’t be free. She has what she has it and can’t be cured. I believe she would do this again if she had the motive to and as sad as it sounds she needs 24/7 help

  8. (Deep breath) this isn’t a topic that has a right or wrong answer. I see both sides, she was a victim to the American Mental Health System and she should have been taken care of or the kids should I been moved to a safer environment BUT at the end of the day, the dad didn’t know what to do, the doctors didn’t know what to do and the only thing she could think of was to kill them to “save” them. She said she didn’t believe she done the wrong thing because “ satan” would mess with them.. so she thought to save them I must kill them.. the world isn’t ready for her and she isn’t read for us.

  9. Jailed for life. Those 5 poor innocent kids done nothing wrong, she’s a monster…

  10. why did they shine light on her as a “survivor” when she literally brutally murdered her five children one by one??? even with a mental illness that is not excusable??? i have depression and anxiety and i would never hurt a child, that’s disgusting

  11. The hospital where I had my son was so focused on my mental health they told me if I had ANY thought of harming myself or my child to come in and they would help me out they also told my fiancé to keep a close eye on me which was really comforting as a mom sometimes those hard days they don’t ever go away this story is so conflicting I feel bad for her because she’s a mom she DID kill her kids but she still lost them and at the same time she’s a murderer and I shouldn’t feel bad for her I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs though

  12. Your art is really nice! I suffer from depression and cut myself a lot! I went to a mental hospital for 2 years, I do feel very bad for her, it's hard to remember the time when you first started doing things like it… She did have a right to be called a victim, but also a murderer

  13. What that killer deserves is to be blinded and made deaf and strapped to a metal chair and making her unable to move remove her teeth so she cant bite her tongue off so she cant kill herself and feed here with one of those things they use for people in coma

  14. I'm so scared when my mom goes to the doctor to get a check up and she's gonna come home from the doctors and tell me she has an illness like cancer or that she's dying

  15. just because shes a victim doesnt mean what she did wasnt a horrible crime. she needs to stay in jail, people with mental illness shouldnt get a free pass

  16. I went to her house last year and stood outside of it for a while… thinking of what happened…. it was heart breaking. I love about 45 mins from her house.

  17. Btw, it was her husbands fault. He kept wanting to have children and didnt want go waste his seed due to his beliefs. He kept knocking her up on purpose, in turn, she had to get off the meds, although the doctora kept telling them not too! It was his fault!

  18. It’s a tragic thing but murder of five children is not ok. she should not be free get her more help or she’s going to keep doing what she’s doing

  19. At the end of the day, she killed all of her children and whether it was due to mental illness or not, should not be allowed out. We don’t know what she will do next. What if she stops taking her medication and does this again to 5 other innocent lives!!

  20. She is a survivor because she could’ve lost her life a long time ago. But no, she should not be released she is capable of premeditated murder and that is dangerous. She watched one child die and was able to keep going…

  21. I sympathize with her but I don’t think she should be released. I have struggled with mental illness for forever and anything can trigger again. Keep her somewhere where she is safe

  22. If she gets pregnant again by some random guy after her release then what? And she killed innocent children. Yes it was caused by mental illness, but 5 murders to innocent children. She just shouldn't be realised ever.

  23. I don't understand why everyone's so angry at the mother. I know postnatal depression (or postpartum depression) is common, 1 in 7 mothers experience it. This is a less extreme version of postpartum psychosis, you want to end not only your own life but your kids too, and some mothers have killed their child from this. Postpartum psychosis is the same but way more dangerous, mothers suffering from this get hallucinations and psychotic symptoms. I really don't understand why people are mad at her. It wasn't her fault, it's like getting angry at someone who is schizophrenic and killed people because the voices told them to, have a little more sympathy.

  24. what no one understands in that she thought she was saving her children. in her mind it was, let the children live but be tormented by satan for the rest of their lives and after, or kill the kids and send them to heaven. she thought what she was doing was right. RIP to those children, and i hope the mother learned from what she’s done and can try to live a somewhat “normal” life again

  25. Aside from her illness, she took care of her children and even home schooled. Wow, if that happens to me, I'll go insane too.

  26. I definitely hear what your saying and I respect your opinion but me personally being a single mother of 3 beautiful, amazing, wonderful and adoring children God gives you a gift when he blesses you to be able to have children, I personally feel it’s a unmeasurable honor to be a mother and the first responsibility as a mother is to LOVE, then protect and nourish these gifts Gods given you. So I disagree with setting her free just because even though she was mentally sick doesn’t take away from the act that she ultimately committed so I believe she still needs to be held accountable for those actions she committed. That’s just my opinion.

  27. I feel very sorry for her and feel so many people failed her. And she isn't a bad person deep down. But she shouldn't be able to leave a mental institution ever if she murdered 5 people.

  28. she is not the victim SHE KILLED HER KIDS AND UR SAYING SHE SHOULD BE LET GO BC OF HER SICKNESS no she deserves to be in the mental institution

  29. Is nobody going to talk about how after she was diagnosed, SHE COULD STILL BE WITH HER KIDS??? I think she is in the middle of being a victim or a villain. Nobody took her in to get her help, so that resulted in her killing her children

  30. Yates wasn't a child, she was an adult who could have checked HERSELF into the hospital if she wanted to go and refilled her meds with or without her husband's approval. I don't think she was sent to the wrong place, but I don't think she should be let out either.

  31. Oh so now that she's "cured" we should let her out? No. Bipolar disorder isn't safe. You could be a very warm person and then you turn psychotic. What if she commits this crime again? Should we blame it on mental illness? Should we just excuse everything she does by the fact that she has a mental illness? Being bipolar is scary and not easy at all. Even if she's somewhat cured from her previous condition, doesn't mean she won't hurt anyone, being bipolar.

  32. Thank you for this. She was a victim of her mental illness, her husband allowing her to homeschool their kids, and mental health-care.

  33. She should never be let out. Human life is the most wonderful thing and she took that from 5 innocent children, even if she gets better she should die in prison

  34. Sorry but mental illness is not an excuse for murder. Everyone goes through mental issues in their life, and not everyone kills people as a result of it.

  35. Andrea is a victim of mental illness. To those ignorant people who are not aware of postpartum psychosis, read up on it and have some understanding of the disease before making comment. The reality of a woman at home with a new born, deprived of sleep and four other children to take care of, isolated from adult company for long hours, hormonal and with an already fragile emotional and mental state is a recipe for disaster. Think about this before being so quick to judge. She did not lie about what she had done, try to cover it up, because she was truly mentally unstable and did not have a malicious a forethought to deny it. In her mental state she thought she was delivering to God. Not even her own husband wishes I'll on her because he acknowledges that she was mentally ill.
    It was tragic, truly tragic but to avoid this occurring again, doctor must liaise with hospital setting and send volunteers and community mental health worker to provide regular checks. Her husband no doubt missed the signs of psychosis because he too would have been sleep deprived and like most men focused on providing for the family. It is just a most tragic turn of events. Andrea is a victim of her delusional postpartum state, forgive her.

  36. My aunt had one of the worst cases of postpartum psychosis at age 21! She did not kill her son just suddenly would not speak she had a blank stare, she couldn’t walk anymore. She was just out of her mind at times she would cry and her look would change like if she became herself but the words couldn’t come out💔

  37. She was the villain and her children were the victims
    I'm looking into the possibility of psychosis, and I've never considered murdering anyone, yes they were let down by the mental health system, no that is not an excuse to murder.

  38. I have postpartum depression and I understand her. She went threw something that took control of her and it isn't her fault. Many moms go threw similar thoughts but don't harm their children but some who have the depression so bad they will and it's not them in control. It hits you hard and you can't stop it.

  39. Andrea was 100% guilty and she knew it because shortly after the murders she called her husband and the police at her door telling them what she had done. Her and her husband were religious fanatics, which meant that they ignored not having any more children, which you shouldn't do if you suffer from post party depression, and had their 5th child because that was "what God wanted". They ignored medication, Andrea praying for the madness to go away instead.
    So to all of the people that say that she deserves to rot in prison or something similar imagine being in her shoes: controlling husband, very religious backround etc. Then judge because she was sick, she was not a sociopath and she knew she was 100% guilty.

  40. I had some ppd psychosis after my second child and believe she was very sick. Husband should of never left her alone with kids knowing she was suffering. She needed to be treated.

  41. No. She’s a monster. She is the villain of this story. Andrea Yates should be locked up for the rest of her life. I don’t care if she was sick

  42. No her husband was crazy enough to get her pregnant again knowing she was suffering from PPD. She should have gotten on birth control.
    Let her out and she will murder again. What about justice for the children? She was calculated enough to wait until her husband went to work so that he couldn't stop her.

  43. She said they would be tormented by Satan….so she killed them. Maybe her problems stem from a poor relationship with reality to begin with. Belief in the supernatural is the launching point for many mental illnesses.

  44. It's unfortunate that if she does decides to get out the mental institution… She probably will be put into a witness protection program. Especially if her release goes public. And it's sad what she done, but mental illness is sadder when left untreated. Being denied help because you have no money to get help. So I just hope she continues to get help, and people understand how dangerous certain mental illness is in people. Her husband is plain and simple the blame. He should of stop making kids with her, and took the kids to a family member when his going to work. Or something. This could of been avoid it.

  45. I'm going to put my opinion out there even though I know I'm about to be attacked.

    First things first. Andrea: A mother who was CLEARLY sick and CLEARLY had some sort of mental illness, and yet because of the husbands religion she was forced to continue having children? What about the doctors? Why the heck would they take a CLERLY sick woman off of her prescription when she had children, who could potentially be left alone with a mentally affected woman?

    Also. For the people who go and whine "Postpartum Mental Illness isn't a real thing owo owowoie0fjroigj" just stop. Shut up. Have you ever or has someone close to you suffered from it before? No? Didn't think so.

    Another thing is about some people saying "OOF SHE SHULD BE SET FREe hE He hE" Just because someone is suffering an illness of any kind does not give them a right to not be bound by law. I do not think she should be set free. All murderers, rapists, and evil, vile people are not going to be right in the head. This does not give them a right to be set free.

    That's all I have to say.

  46. One of my biggest fear is being diagnosed with Postpartum depression. Anyone else out there with the same fear or is it just me?

  47. Besides getting put in a mental institution, did she serve any jail time? I understand she suffered heavily with mental illness but she's also guilty of committing 5 murders

  48. truly "psychotic" which is a word that is overused. This woman is crazy in a very serious horrifying way

  49. I feel like if a man had killed four of his children, and had also suffered mental illness, people would have called him a monster, and demanded him to be tortured.

  50. Victim???!!!! No, there are many woman that suffer from postpartum depression but, they don't kill their kids. The only victims there was, was her beautiful kids. No way should she ever be free. She should have gotten death, she knew what she was doing. She hid the others from her oldest just so she could make sure she killed them all.

  51. Victim. Absolute victim. Her ex-husband, Rusty, was/is a fundamentalist whack job who did not believe in post partum depression. All of the signs were there, but Andrea was too sick to pay heed. Rusty was too busy Knocking Her Up Again and Again For The Baby Jay-sus to care about the signs. The whole situation is revolting. Do you want to see what Mental Illness looks like? Google the photos of Andrea that were taken at the time of her arrest. She is so out of her mind, she is nearly cross-eyed.

  52. The husband claiming that the mental health system failed his family will always make me angry because the doctors did their best to stop this from happening. The husband was well aware that her having more kids worsened her psychosis. The doctors told him this, but he put his religious believes over his wife’s and children’s well-beings and lost his entire family. And the worst part is he probably pretends that he had nothing to do with it.

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