Phosphorus and kidney disease – Dining out

Phosphorus and kidney disease – Dining out

(upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Laura Cochran, and I’m a registered dietitian. If you have kidney disease,
you may already know you need to watch the
phosphorus in your diet to avoid problems like heart disease or weak and brittle bones. This video is meant to give you tips on how to manage phosphorous. Sticking to a low phosphorous
diet when you’re dining out can seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A few tips up top: Stay away from fried or breaded meats. Aim for fresh fruits and veggies. Plan ahead! Make choices throughout
the day to give you the most flexibility on your big night out. So it’s date night. How can you go out for a
nice meal and still keep your diet low in phosphorous? Let’s chat. But wait, before we
even get here, let’s go back a few steps. There are plenty of things
you can do before you even leave the house to keep
your phosphorous levels down. If you’re going out for a
meal, eat low phosphorous foods for your other meals that day. Remember that a change in
your diet, like lowering phosphorous, is a
marathon and not a sprint. Look at the restaurant’s
menu online ahead of time to pick out items that are
fresh and not fried or breaded. Most importantly, remember
to bring your phosphorous binder with you to help
absorb the phosphorous in the food you eat. The key to successfully
keeping your phosphorous in check is planning ahead. Before we even dive into
the menu, let’s make a few choices with what usually comes first. It’s better to just avoid bread. It may have added phosphorous, and it’s always high in calories. You can ask the server ahead
of time to skip bringing the bread, so you aren’t tempted. When choosing a drink,
it’s best to go with water. Definitely avoid dark sodas, like colas, which are high in phosphorous. You’re well on your way
to a good meal out while keeping your diet in tact. Not to mention, a great date. – Oh, we’re just friends. – Sure. Now let’s take a look
at that menu, shall we? You already have your drinks. Care to start with a salad? – Yeah, that sounds nice. – Great. Remember to check that
the salad includes only low phosphorous, low
potassium fruits and veggies. No phosphorous add-ons, like croutons. Make sure to ask for a
low-salt dressing, and get it on the side. – I always ask for dressing on the side, that way I have more control. – Exactly! Next, we’ll talk entrees. What are you in the mood for? – The chicken sounds good. – Wonderful choice. Remember to get that chicken
grilled, not fried or breaded, and without any seasoning. You can season it at the table. The same goes for any other meat. As your side, get fresh
vegetables or fruit. – That sounds really good. – I think I’ll have the same thing. – Oh, the chemistry is blinding. – Still just friends. – Did you save room for dessert? – Absolutely. – How about angel food or pound cake? – I love angel food cake. – So it’s settled. Angel food or pound cake
is fine in moderation. Top it off with fruits, like pineapple, strawberries, or apples. Remember though, eating
desserts in moderation is key. So you’ve successfully had a
great meal out on your date. – Dinner, with a friend. – I’ll leave you two to it. But what if you’re in a rush? Maybe you need food, but fast. I never recommend fast food,
but if it needs to happen, here are some tips. Everything we’ve already
talked about still applies. Avoid sauces and condiments,
and it’s best to avoid fries, but there’s still plenty
here to choose from. Portion control is the key here. Get only what you need,
even if it’s a kid’s meal. So, what’ll it be? – Can I have a burger? – Absolutely. Almost everything that comes
on a standard burger is fine. Just ask for no ketchup,
pickles, or cheese. – Awesome, I’ll have that. – And what will your friend have? – Oh, this is my date. – Buddy, you’re terrible at this. Nothing beats a great meal out, especially on special occasions. Despite the diet
limitations, you can eat a kidney-healthy meal by planning ahead. Bon appétit! (upbeat music)

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