Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes

Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes

“Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes” I’ve talked about the role meat may
play in increasing the risk of diabetes, and the potential protective
role of healthy plant foods. But plant-based diets
not only appear to guard against getting diabetes
in the first place, they may successfully treat the disease
better than the diabetic diets patients are typically placed on, controlling
weight and cholesterol. Diets based on whole plant foods can
result in significant weight loss without any limits on portion
size or calorie counting, because plant foods tend
to be so calorically dilute. Here’s a 100 calories of broccoli,
tomatoes, strawberries, compare that to a 100 calories
of chicken, cheese, or fish. People just can’t seem to eat to enough
to compensate for the calorie deficit so lose weight eating whole plant foods.
And most importantly, it works. Better. A plant-based diet beat out the conventional
American Diabetes Association diet in a head-to-head randomized
controlled clinical trial, without restricting portions,
no calorie or carb counting. A review of all such studies found that
individuals following plant-based diets experience improved reductions in blood
sugars, body weight, and cardiovascular risk, compared with those following
diets that included animal products. And cardiovascular risk is
what kills diabetics the most. They’re more likely to get strokes,
more likely heart failure. In fact, diabetes has been proposed as
a coronary heart disease risk equivalent, meaning diabetic patients without
a history of coronary disease have an equivalent risk to those
non-diabetic individuals with confirmed heart disease. A newer study used a technique to
actually measure insulin sensitivity. Improved on both diets
in the first three months, but then the veg diet pulled ahead.
And look at their LDL cholesterol. That’s what we see when people
are put on plant-based diets; cholesterol comes down so much it can
actually reverse the atherosclerosis progression, reverse the
progression of heart disease. We know about the beneficial
effect of vegetarian diets on controlling weight, blood sugars,
cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, and oxidative stress compared
to conventional diabetic diets, but what about quality
of life, mood? How did people feel after making
such a dramatic change in their diets? In this randomized controlled trial,
study subjects were assigned either to a plant-based diet
group or control group. Vegetables, grains, beans, fruits, and
nuts, with animal products limited to a maximum of one daily
portion of low-fat yogurt, and the control group got
the official diabetes diet. Quality of life improved on both
diets in the first few months, but within six months, the plant-
based group clearly pulled ahead. Same thing with
depression scores. Dropped in both groups
in the first three months, but started to rebound
in the control group. Bottom line, the more plant-based
diet led to a greater improvement in quality of life
and mood. Patients consuming a vegetarian diet
also felt less constrained than those consuming the conventional diet.
People actually felt the conventional diabetic diet was more restrictive
than the plant-based diet. Disinhibition decreased
with a vegetarian diet, meaning those eating vegetarian
were less likely to binge. And the veg group folks
tended to feel less hungry, all of which helps with
sustainability in the long term, which is, of course, critical
for changing diet. So not only do plant-based diets
appear to work better, but they may be easier to stick to.
And with the improvement in mood, patients may exhibit desired
improvements not only in physical, but also in mental health.

51 thoughts on “Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes

  1. My husband is type 1 (!) diabetic and has seen L huge improvements going low fat plantbased wholefoods !! And when I mean huge I mean HUGE!!! He has a continuous blood test meter and where before he had a hard time keeping his "curves" under 10, he now stays pretty much constant within his 4-7.5 perimeters. And he eats 10x more carbs than he did before! No spikes whatsoever. Not even eating fruit! He loves it! Can eat as much as he wants, his insulin sensitivity has skyrocketed, and it just keeps getting better. He had done this now for 3 months or do and it gets better with each week! So yeah, WFPB HIGH CARB all the way!!!

  2. I just think your #1 MD doctor in my world! Plant-based vegan diet for #19 weeks (July 2015) at 54 years of age. My first Thanksgiving meatless! Learning the best quality of foods and taste on this lifestyle which is fun and learning new ways to cook.

  3. I wish people would get over their superiority and entitlement they have towards eating meat. They would be much more happier and healthier.

  4. LDL cholersorol increased after three months in both groups Is that just because people's resolve in a diet lifestyle can weaken over time?

  5. Dr. Greger, do you know that you are hurting the pharmaceutical industries? How can you sleep at night? Not to mention you are also hurting the meat, dairy, and egg industries, too! How can you live with yourself?

  6. can you please make a video on consuming different types of fats.? I have watched your videos on negative effects of fats for type 2 diabetes but can you clarify if that includes avocados nuts and seeds olive oil. And what about almond milk?

  7. Thank you so very much for doing this subject! I have been looking at the starch solution lifestyle and this vid convinced me that whole food, plant based is absolutely the way to live. Please keep doing your videos. You have so much good information the whole world needs to see!

  8. I'm 52 years old and Vegan for past three years.  Prior to my Vegan years, I was obese, 5 pills and diabetic A1C of 6.4 (plus all the other standard Western diet illnesses) and my doctor continually talked at me with the tone "your diabetes" and how it WILL progress, "But, we can slow it down with pills"   After he suggested more pills, I thought I'm not getting any better or thinner, five pills were enough. I found on YT the answers I so desperately needed.  Long story short, I became Vegan, lost 45lbs (more to lose) and got rid of diabetes and now I take NO PILLS.  I also FIRED my pill pushing doctor.   Thinking back, on one doctor visit before I was vegan, he told me, "most people won't make the changes necessary to help themselves fight diabetes".  I asked what are those changes. He said something to the affect "eating right and exercise".  I have a culinary back ground and I never ate processed foods… I thought I was eating right.  He never told me to NOT eat meat proteins.  After I went Vegan and were off all my pills and my blood tests were excellent (A1C 5.4),  I asked my doctor, "Don't you ever feel like grabbing your patients and shaking them while saying, 'Stop eating meat and eat vegetables and you will be healthy?'  He said. and I asked him to repeat his answer which he did, he said, "Then nobody would come to see us".  These doctors know very well what "Managed Care" means.  It means they care to take your money while you suffer and spread you're wealth on to them.  It is a horrible industry that has been created where doctors, real doctors, that are saving lives are being put out of business by thugs in our government and big pharma.

  9. This is fucking bull shit. I did 2 years of plant based whole food diet. My diabetes got worse. My HDL never went up to 40, my TG was always high around 150. Vegan doctors ruined my health. Then I took ketogenic advice, now my fat intake is around 50%, I am off the diabetes pills, my HDL is over 80, my TG is below 80. Vegan diet does not work for everyone and actually hurt diabetes patients like me. Fuck you Greg

  10. Anyone heard of Gary Yourofsky? If your already vegan you might have seen his videos, if not then you got to listen to this guy speak!! He has got to be the worlds most respected vegan on the planet, he travels the U.S doing thousands of lectures each year, he turns people vegan within an hour. You MUST watch his speech titled > The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear. and also his The Excuses Speech. both my favourites, theres really nobody else out there that can explain it aswell as this guy, enjoy

  11. These videos are spot on. It's a shame that people are leaving comments insulting you and your scientific evidence, almost as if they're personally offended by logic and reason. I guess these people want to hear good things about their bad habits. Keep doing what you're doing.

  12. i just want to take a second to thank you, dr. greger, and everyone else who works to provide these videos on youtube. they supply a wealth of credible information and i'm so thankful they exist!

  13. What is considered to be a well though out balanced plant based diet/program? In other words is there a plan which ensures you get everything the body needs on a vegan diet?

  14. why does nobody adress the gas build up in your digestive track? i had a serious problems with gas and i couldnt take it any longer.

  15. There are a few suggestions to try
    have one dish a day containing bitter melon
    fresh mango leaves tea
    consume bitter gourd daily this has an insulin type chemical
    (I discovered these and why they work on ralfs remedy method website )

  16. My mental health improved 10 fold when switching to plant based! My husband says I'm so much more fun to be around and that makes me so happy! Thank you for this great informational channel.

  17. Hi Dr.Gregor. Can you please respond to this video?
    Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg. She says you can reverse diebetes by being on High fat 0 carb diet.

  18. Dude my uncle is sick as hell. He's possibly dying. He has been a diabetic since his 20s, he's 66 now. He's visiting us from New York just to give him a change bcuz he's in terrible shape. I was so fuckin shocked to see the recommended diabetic diet given to him by his doctor. Cookies! Margarine every meal! It's almost like a fuckin spoof but he doesn't know better. He trusts his docs and they're killing him. I'm gonna do my best to get him eating plant based while he's with me but it's unbelievable seeing the recommendations. I hope it's not too late for him.

  19. 3 weeks a vegan felt fantastic!!!! my problem is blood sugar went to 300.low carb diet lost 53 pounds at last checkup a1c was 6.1 from 9.4 i would love to give up

  20. Prior to my diagnosis of diabetes 7.5 years ago, I had eaten a vegetarian diet for 43+ years, then came the seven years of hell.

    I did lose weight (80 lbs) on the 'diabetic diet,' and my A1c was +/- 5.2 just using diet and exercise, and I kept that weight off for over two years. THEN, for no discernable reason, and no change in my diet, the weight started to slowly come back… and then some.

    I tried everything I could think of and/or read about to no avail.

    Six weeks ago I began eating a whole food plant-based diet and I practised intermittent fasting (16 – 8 at the moment).

    I love the diet, love the food, and generally feel terrific – and I've lost 17 lbs, but my blood glucose has risen alarmingly and, unless I literally starve myself (which my heart doesn't take kindly to), it hovers around 8 – 12, and at one point it rose to 23 – no clue why.

    I don't take Metformin anymore, nor Losec (for GERD), and I've reduced the beta blocker I was on (for A-fib) by 75% (I'm presently taking 25 mg Metoprolol daily), and when I originally began taking it, circa threei years ago, it doubled my blood glucose overnight, and I was taking twice as much as I am now, and I NEVER had a reading of 23! 😱

    I keep reading about how everyone's BG has normalized on this 'diet' while mine is in the stratosphere. Help?

    Thanks in advance,

    Jesse. 🌹

  21. Is anyone else here cause you’re terrified/convinced that you have diabetes (even though you haven’t even been diagnosed and just have googled an insignificant symptom)?

  22. I am a type 2 diabetic and have been on a whole foods plant based diet for a week. I saw good results for the first couple of days but now every time I eat oats with some fruit it spikes my blood sugar to between 200-300. Rice and whole wheat tortillas does the same thing even when I only eat like half a cup. I am going to try and cut back on the carbs for now and see how it goes. I have been diabetic for almost 20 years and I know there is no overnight solution. If you have any constructive advice on what I should do please let me know.

  23. My friend advised this “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it) for my weight and diabetes. This informative guide has shared me the optimal fitness and also diet plan to follow. Right after 1 day on the diet program my blood sugar levels was decrease about 35 points, and by day Four it was down about 60 points. That worked very well, on the other hand, and I felt good. I am happy that my blood glucose is better now…

  24. Sorry; but fat and protein don’t cause diabetes. Carbohydrates and sugar do. It’s about insulin. Do your homework.

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