Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

Listen to me, we don’t want to kill any of you… But trust me, we will. Wake ’em up a little! This whole thing is pretty much done. We’re more ghosts than people. You have got to keep faith. They will not crush us. Good old Dutch, my best friend… You know how we met? A pair of hucksters trying to rob each other… Back in ’78 or thereabouts. You have to love yourself a fire. It’s one of the blessings. Sure, we can have fire… And we can have the knowledge of fire… But with that comes the knowledge of everything. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery. Sons of Dutch Makes us brothers Sometimes, brothers make mistakes. You’ll never change. I know that. All of you venerate savagery… And you will die savagely. Get out here! Stay strong. Stay with me. You have to love yourself a fire. Product not yet rated

100 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

  1. Everytime I hear Micah say Arthur and him are brothers I want to fart in his lungs and make him brown lung.

  2. I have never had such an emitional reaction to a video game… And I'm only 50% done. This things gonna break my heart isn't it?

  3. 1:35 I just noticed, he doesn’t say that line in Saint Denis. He says that line to Arthur when fishing with Jack.

  4. Viewed as a source of fun: one of the best games (the best for me)

    Viewed as a piece of art: in a whole new category of perfection in games, by far the best game ever made

    Rockstar have done it again

  5. I remember how the second it came out i went to gamestop and bought it i got Home and i couldnt wait to play it i was so pumped
    And i didnt get dissapointed i just finished the game a Month or two ago so i took my time and didnt rush trough best game of all time

  6. There is So many things you can do.
    Camping, kiling outlaws, robbing, travelling, finding trasures, hunting, doing outfits.
    This is and will be the best game i've ever played.

  7. This game never ever gets old for me, I’ve played it over and over. I’m gonna play it again for the 5th time. 😆

  8. This may sound a little weird but I never hated Micah I liked him and his character. I mainly loved how crazy and fun he was but he was a meany head stupid face but still even in the end I wasn't bitter I just wanted to move on.

  9. Guys, do you recommend this game for story? I finished GTA V story. Story and characters wasn't that depth and impactful for me. Infact, I didn't even play after story.

  10. I’ve replayed this game 4 times and this trailer still gets me excited I love this game but no one else seems to talk about it anymore

  11. It's my new favorite line for people who try to throw food at me all of you venerate savagery and all of you will die savagely

  12. Just started replaying it today and i still Love it of Course playing it the First Time is always the best But if u enjoy playing theough a Game more than once you know its good

  13. Who else also thought that Arthur and Micah would be really good friends and that Molly or Sean (or both) would be the reason the gang fell apart?

  14. Arthur, John, Lenny, Hosea, Sean, Bill, Javier, Charles, Dutch, Sadie, Tilly, Abigail, Jack, Karen, Kieran, Strauss, Molly, Brothers McCallander….


  15. Rockstar: Here is our next masterpiece
    Fans: Yes! Yes! Yes!
    – Game released –
    Fans: Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    Rockstar: Don't thank us
    Fans: Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    End of the Game: Arthur Dies..
    Fans: ….
    Rockstar: We told ya

  16. Not being able to save with cheats is so damn stupid. If you've already completed the gane once, it shouldn't matter if you use the cheats in a second playthrough. Another example of single player game experiences being nerfed for no reason. It shouldn't matter in the first place if you use cheats because it's a single player game ffs. Games used to be for the players enjoyment, what happened ? -zeroshiki

  17. why can’t rockstar be cool anymore? just disable trophies and achievements and let us have fun. gta IV was the last one where you could save the cheats in your phone and use them as much as you want and save your game -stoogs

  18. We should make a petition and we should all sighn it so they can see how much this needs t be fixed. -kalvyn havenhill

  19. What a masterpiece, I remember when people said before the game came out, “John will always be better than who ever this guy is”

    Oh how the tables have turned

  20. 1:30 my favorite and the most badass part along with the music, showing my favorite video game character ever being a badass himself.

  21. All I can say is wow. This game is a masterpiece. The story has so much emotion. We put so emotional into Arthur and John and how Arthur saves John at the end. Arthur risked his life for John and it was worth it. John has a happy life because of Arthur. This game tells a story about love and passion for those around you. It also tells the story about how being a leader means you take too much for granted. This game is beautiful. Thank you rockstar for making an amazing story. We will never forget Arthur Morgen, ride on brother.

  22. El juegoooo es íncreibleee me fasina y aparte quiero que lo revivan a Arthur y que se reencuentre con Dutch y puedan arreglar las cosas como que Arthur reencanrne o que se crea que murió pero no fue asi

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