100 thoughts on “Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep? (Official Video)

  1. Which Sam Smith do you like?

    A. Sam Smith ver. 2019 hair and face
    B. Sam Smith ver. 2014 hair and face

    Pls comment. But for me it's A.

    And I love your music. My fav of your music is “I'm not the only one”.

  2. You look too girly in this video, the song is awesome, but this video, it's a not from me (In the Simon Cowells voice)

  3. I still don't get why you all prefer to be transphobic to them, instead of using their real pronouns. They are non binary, and you should respect it.
    Stop being shitty people for once, thanks.

  4. Honestly i feel annoying with this MV, but i really like this song. And this song is representing my answer to someone, i love the lyric and the dynamic of this music. So deep

  5. The human voice is the only instrument that cannot be selected. Here it is a precious gift from creation.

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