Seminar Spirit World 2 050517: Types of Spirits:  Lying, Lust, Mental Illness, OCD, Fear

Seminar Spirit World 2 050517: Types of Spirits: Lying, Lust, Mental Illness, OCD, Fear

I’m just as visiting from the [east] [coast]. I’m here for a couple of days for work. [I] just wanted to say that God’s amazing he’s just he’s so faithful. [I] was Turned on I was asking to be brought to [a] church that was hot [on] fire for God we had moved on the east coast and We were looking for a church, and I just said Laura and just tired of the lukewarm. I wanted a hot church and He brought me to a nigerian church. That was a deliverance is a deliverance church Mountain of fire in Providence Rhode Island, and I’ve been going there after the last seven months and during that time There was so much and God knows what’s in our family tree. What’s in our? Background and what we need to address and being the only white person in that church and Just being shocked out of my mind. I went online and I started Looking for some help in what deliverance is all about and I go to the internet And I am so cautious [I] did caution in deliverance Ministry because I only want anything that comes from God first. You know my brother is now in a cult [because] he went on the internet, and he started going down some rabbit holes, and he never came [back] up so I’m very cautious on the internet anyway right after that I was brought to house of healing and I tell you it’s just been amazing the learning that hand-in-hand with the Nigerian Church is has been explaining so much to me and I think that’s the biggest thing that we understand where we are in our walk [and] it’s it’s been just truly amazing that I only have two days of training. You know shortly thereafter I’m sent to Phoenix for training for my job and It happens to be only Thursday and Friday, and that’s when This place is open so praise Jesus praise the Lord [thanks]. God well without [further] ado. We’re bringing up brother Mike. Go ahead, brother Mike Testing 1 2 3 hi. [I’m] back [all] right And I’ve been sick lately my I got these strange bone spurs and my nose and I’ve had [them] for years. My father-in-law died music he [boxing] the navy and then when I was young I was at Aau and Junior going loves three years [ten] [years] or so and these things just kept growing kind like a Monster movie and You know pretty soon like it got the poor. I couldn’t breathe anymore and They were getting infected and all that stuff so anyway I wanted the lord to heal me, [but] he didn’t so I said hey, I [got] a doctor And so I did and I got some medication and now he’s getting a lot better But I got to go in there have these things Whatever they doing just wanna. Oh, that’s that’s Okay, wait. Yeah, I can envision that. It’s just in that way So when I do go in we’re gonna need some backup preachers here for quite a while cuz I’m getting my nose chiseled out anyway If you reach stuff you sow you reap it you know I shouldn’t never even been in boxing actually even done man shouldn’t been hitting anybody actually begin here, so your skin catches up [with] [me] caught up with me ah This is a very professional facility I take anything to breathe you know you take the little things for granted life So and I never think about breeding I don’t think about but then when I can’t breathe and then I’m breathing on my mouth at night That’s an odd experience being a mouth breather. [you] know I’m not comfortable being a reptile it just wasn’t working And I had to get some time anyway What was good about it was it didn’t matter us here or not and the holy ghost knew the place out When rick was here last night our pre of African preacher killed it you see that last night boy only ghosts Body-slamming the devil and he’ll do it again tonight. He’s going to take him as usual beating time to take a whippin it All right God bless you our next seminar is at the end of the month at the end of tonight’s teaching. We will take a vote To see whether you want to do a seminar on crushing cancer, or do part three [on] the spirit roll, okay? Just keep that in mind and that to Keep that in mind while we go through the system here, okay? I’m glad to be back really glad Alright the radio programs as you know are on every day Monday through Friday in the mornings and in the afternoons Just recorded a bunch yesterday All our radio programs are always on Slash hardcore – Christianity [grunge] all our services are live streamed on Thursday But not on Friday tonight’s teaching is always on our YouTube teaching channel can we switch that Thursday nights is on Livestream Friday [nights] is on our YouTube channel If you want to help us pay the bills around here, we appreciate it. You can switch over from Google to good search and put in our charity name hardcore Christianity, and they will donate to our ministry every time You surf the net tonight’s teaching will be on our YouTube channel house of healing az number [two] okay If you’re interested in getting in the healing deliverance ministry Youtubers number one is your target. There’s 18 sessions There you go through those 18 sessions, and you’ll be pretty much ready to go pretty much ready deal On the doors as you leave. There’s five doors there’s a donation box [on] each door so as you go out the dope at the donation box Schatzi I Have a miracle list I send out on my mic at hardcore Christian [comm] and one is for mentally ill people Christians the other one is for non mentally ill Christians You follow those steps and you’ll get healed caution When you contact me on the internet? You need help my definition. There’s something wrong with you or by definition. You’re calling and contact me on behalf of someone else remember that That person or you didn’t get into the condition. You’re in Overnight you didn’t wake up Tuesday [morning] in mint condition flowing in the spirit Fully trained on the things of God, and then Thursday all of a sudden you’ve lost your mind that that did not happen The Demons took you through a series of Patterned Thinking they retrained your mind. They retrained your behavior. They train retrain your habits They retrain and addicted your body and over a period of years you got in the condition. You’re [in] now When you get this list from me Don’t throw your hands up say oh my God that I can’t do all that. Just take it one step at [a] time [one] [simple] step the Demons will tell you to look at the listing allow for it, and you will you’ll panic But there is no light switch fix in Christianity it [doesn’t] exist if you come down here tonight, and you get physically healed great I’ll be so happy I can’t see straight That’s not enough if you come here [tonight]. You get rid of a truckload of demons. I’ll go home Happy as I can be that is not enough and Healing and deliverance are not cure-alls you must renew your mind mush repent of your sin he must change as a human being [my] It takes time to do that the devil didn’t destroy you overnight it took him time to beat the living hell out of you And it will not you will not get cured in two seconds. It’s not going to happen Sorry to be so blunt and I’m not a pastor. I’m desperate to try and get people healed. [I] don’t have a game to play This is how it works okay? There’s no easy road Okay Don’t panic when you get the list Just take it one step and I start with number one and doing number one Until it’s done, [so] you’re sure it’s done Then go to number two the lord will help you every step of the [way] you wouldn’t believe the testimonies I get from people going through that list getting needle you would not believe it Our media ministry on YouTube we are now over [four] People watching tonight’s broadcast over 400 every Friday pretty soon We’ll be four thousand and forty and four hundred. So no girl like that Our goal on our media ministry is to Develop terror cells all across the country and around the world [keep] our contacting us everywhere as you know on the [internet] What you do is you go to your church and you set up the terror cell to? two or three people Set up the cell to pick off sick people in your church And you go through the church [subtly] quietly secretly approaching them and say hey we’d like to pray and take the person old your terror cell could be at your house could be in and You cast the demons. I don’t you get them healed and then you go to the next person in the church sneak around I Did that years ago on set? Oh so many gods here Scottsdale? It’s called the dream Center It’s not there anymore, but I did that every Tuesday night. We had a midweek service on Tuesday [school] My never was there by myself So there was always somebody there there was always usually two there. Maybe three we would stay till 10 o’clock at night Tuesday nice People getting him [delivered] from demons now what you do you continue your terror cell [-] you get caught Then you’ll be thrown out of your church. What happened [weeks] [ago] That is not a negative. It’s a positive that means God time for you to promote To your next vision, okay, don’t even worry about that. You’re kicked out that’s an asset. [not] a liability You take your terror cell somewhere else or you expand it. That’s what I did. I went down my old counseling building It’s I’ll see healing down here And I said hey if they’re gonna they’re not going to do anything then and it want me around. [hey] I’ll just do this And but God said okay, let’s do that So you getting tossed out? It’s not a negative I mean even if some marriages Alright, that’s the end of the that’s the any of those tortured announcements those [we’re] getting tougher every week Okay, the secrets of the spirit world part [2] you wouldn’t believe all the interesting things the bible has to say about the spirit world Is Fantastic God’s word is really something I? Will be taking questions tonight, but because there’s so many YouTubers watching I Can you know get the question bang knock that thing in there don’t? Help me out with the training or preaching. It’s not because I don’t want to hear [from] you It’s just that there’s you know these people are listening and they want to They want to get get going so if you have a question We’ll take a break at after your section and just do it that way, okay Thank you oops [alright], the spirit world of humans and let’s look at see what God says about human beings these scriptures right here You tubers you need these Go back and copy them down These scriptures tell you how human beings were built and how God built them He made you five parts Spiritually your five parts you have a spirit man You have a soul. It’s okay. You have a moose a mind some is your body and sinaiticus is your conscience You’re made out of five parts You’re also physically made out of five things by God, and these are your five senses. What are those? You smell stuff you taste stuff You see stuff Yeah, you feel study here stuff right your five senses now this word you must be very careful [within] the text numa is the Greek word [for] spirit, but It’s contextually interpreted in the greek So you have to know what the context of the text is don’t know what spirit is for example here’s the same Greek word for five different spirits in these texts here for example as an illustration, so All [Scripture] must be interpreted Contextually and if you take scripture out of context your bastardizing the text and you’re creating false doctrines You can take any text out of the text any scripture and create any doctrine you want to it happens all the time? Yes, [Mam] You got these scriptures in Islam and talk about love these scriptures talk about war killing, right? depending [on] what kind of person you are how you been trained what kind of personality temperament you have you go for One or the other okay? You run into a moose mimesis. [oh] as long as all love that’s a lie. He’s only focusing on these This set of texts the love texts the other guy says blow up infidels. He’s right. He’s focusing on those holy Bible, no different you can pick stuff out and Do anything you want for it? That’s what we call cults Okay, that’s how you develop a cult Mormons job Witnesses Christadelphians honor honor goes you take the text out of its Context and you come up [with] a false doctrine, okay? Now be very careful with that you’re going in and get tricked the next part of your personhood is your soul yes, [no], this is really interesting because okay is where your Emotions come out of okay. You love someone you hate someone you have passion. Whatever it is. It’s all coming out of your soul Part of your inner man, here’s the problem in the bible the term [S’okay] is mistranslated or translated differently? Which causes the scripture to look a little different [and] you can be led in a different direction [for] example? It’s translated correctly as sol 58 times, but it’s transmitted is light 40 times And in our English language we also vacillate that term How’s your soul? Well that could mean anything? How’s your life? How’s your life going? How you feeling or how’s your literal soul eternal soul? So you have you’ve got to kind of look at the text to see What’s really being spoken of or you can get lost three times? It was mistranslated [in] the king James [wow] as mine Which was totally wrong news as we look or layer is your mind your mind [is] in your brain So data. This is your conscience now. This is an incredible feature of a human being Wouldn’t believe how interesting this is Your conscience is like filter Everything in life from death to life till birth to death comes in or goes out for your conscience and Everybody has a different conscience. They’re like fingerprints So there’s supposedly 7 billion [people] on planet. There’s 7 billion different conferences Well that person will say and do that one won’t vice-versa times 7 billion Everyone has a slightly different Conscience like [a] fingerprint it’s my understanding that no one has the same fingerprint I can’t prove that cuz I I’ve never counted them but your conscience is like a filter and It doesn’t less stuff in and it doesn’t less stuff out But another person would let that in or would let that And your conscience to sin can be damaged no kidding Charles Manson’s conscience was completely different than yours a politician’s conscience totally different than yours yeah Say so as your conscience damaged and Paul called it, Colorado and great seared It becomes like a politician. [it] doesn’t work anymore. It becomes like a whore. It doesn’t work anymore See that becomes like a murderer or rape. It doesn’t work anymore The holy Spirit through God’s word can restore and heal a human conscience So then it works, right? Catches the sunlight shoulders out the Hills And allows you living what the bible says and sanctified life There we go What’s a sixth sense it is your [personal] spirit man? That is hyper sensitive from [birth] we [went] over this before You’re born with everything you have from your family tree Physically this girl here got her whole body From her family tree your scale arms legs everything about her that her her hamper [her] Came from somebody up here in your family tree correct He didn’t get her legs from your family tree in The same way you get physical attributes from your family tree such as athletics such as intelligence You also get spiritual sensitivities in the spirit man, you’re born with it. [so] [some] people are born spiritually Dead or near dead door stop [did] other people [have] an Instantaneous natural Affinity to the spirit world and are able to sense things in the spirit world other cannot even from Johnny’s three years old he saw something in scary. He’s four years old he had a premonition dream Oh, I saw a grandma getting killed two weeks later [gram] again Some people have a sensitivity the spirit world from [birth]. They’re born that way came down to the family tree Just like Michael Jordan’s dunking left and right he inherited it The same thing is true. Spiritually you can inherit things from your family tree Some people call it a sixth sense success order, you know it’s got different names But I’m just trying to illustrate how it works. How does it work? Some people are just spiritually dead [you’re] them anybody like that if it isn’t five senses oriented most people are useless They don’t believe anything they don’t believe the spirit. Well, they’re many of more scientists Scientists go very easily into that look No, spirit world. No nothing. There’s no God no, nothing if I can’t quantify it. It’s not an injustice and everybody knows they’re nuts Every regular person knows a scientist is whacked. They know they’re wrong We all know they’re wrong Every regular person every normal person knows there’s a spirit world They know they’re a God the only way you can get out of that system is to get a lot of education So if you get all the education you actually get dumber not smarter [I] Have no idea. Why you’re laughing. I’m not I’m telling you the absolute truth the more educated you get the dumber you get What’s your inner, man? Got you should have known that. I just went over it room for parts to your inner man Spirit soul mind conscience both your inner man a generic term jesus used was [Cardia] in Greek Heart It’s a generic term for your skinner man Remember now if you sleeves your heart you got to look at the context see what part of the heart [talked] about and Here’s a physical illustration. There’s your inner man sinaiticus your soul your spirit your mind and Supernaturally the miracle of creation they all work independently and at the same time together It’s God’s miracle of creation How does it work? No [one] knows it’s a miracle That’s why they call a miracle foo, you can’t define their miracles I Went over a peter preacher. [he’s] sitting right there anybody. I went over to his service one time We’re amazing he prays for some guy his back got healed. He’s running around Running around place. There’s no medical explanation for that. It’s called A Yeah, okay. Come on It’s a miracle humans are miracles And someone human human beings I met over the Earth their miracles their Miracles that’s your inner man, and then it’s all containing your suitcase called your Some on your body. Yes, take a bunch of [soma] in you you feel better There it is the doctors look at that and They do believe in some part of the spirit world your mind So I all scientists believe in the mind even though you can’t actually see the thing right and they do have some vague definition of a conscience they all believe in your body that’s easy to quantify but [they] don’t believe in the soul will spirit Okay now Dan go Okay, let’s go to the next section. [there’s] no questions. Now listen. This is the large section here, so hopefully We can get through this tonight, okay? There’s section here. Let’s take a look at the spirit world Okay, stay in The [Bible] are not there in terms of their origins. We don’t know where demons came from There’s a big fight over it. I Don’t really care in [the] book of enoch. It says Demons came from the ancient civilization of Giants or Pre-Adamite dead people or pre know a dead people whose spirits left their body when they died or whatever [I]? Don’t know. I don’t know if that’s true or not. We know. They’re not angels a lot of people think they’re angels but the Greek word for angels Angelo’s and Diammonium for demons are just totally different terms. They have totally different definitions and meanings so in an acts 28 the Jews Bifurcated that concept as well, and so I do [to] [their] to me their disembodied spirits of some kind. They’re not angels but Who cares? The [gerd] word possessed in the king James Bible [history’s] most popular Bible Uses the term possessed that’s a greek word [dimeo] needs a mind it means to be under the control of a spirit to a greater or lesser degree Possessed in our society means [the] exorcist and pea-green suit That term possessed is very Very inappropriate and if I were you I wouldn’t use [it] in your ministry [it’s] going to cause nothing but problems plus. It causes and visuals see when you’re [a] possessed you can kind of see the pea-green suit going out into That guy’s space and that People were fainting in the aisles when that movie came up So I would never use that term for this and besides not a Christian can’t be possessed possessed Indicates total control of A spirit and that can’t happen in a born-again Christian because in your spirit, man You can’t have any demons in there so Christians can’t be possessed They can only be infected clips Now in the scriptures there are three categories of spirits? Unclean Spirit Seducing spirits plan of spirits and familiar Spirits. [oh] buck is the Hebrew word the other two? agreed And there’s me and two different kinds of spirits in three categories Theoretically, I don’t know how many there are but [I] know there’s got to be it’s got to be astronomical There’s all kinds of different kinds of spirits, but they’re all in three main categories number one Unclean spirits are the spirits [that] attack your body with lusts and addictions and diseases there the body Chillers [primal] Spirits or demons they get into your brain and hijack your mind They cause all the mental illnesses cancer would be Unclean Spirit Unclean Spirit of cancer you go through chemotherapy You’re better for a while better relapse Why didn’t get a food deliverance? so the demons Body gets healed through surgery or some chemo, and then they just start over again So it takes them four or five years then they relapse again yeah plan of spirits Mental illnesses Ocd schizophrenia Oh, there’s a whole laundry list of them, and I wrote a study guide on curing mental illnesses It’s in the book store plan of spirits the root cause and cares about Mental illnesses [Oba] is the Hebrew word for familiar spirits? They are the most dangerous and frightening of them all They’re the witchcraft demons voodoo They haunt houses they haunt people’s lives they perform miracles They impersonate the holy ghost that’s their main job Fakery trickery Witchcraft sorcery We could go [on] for that all that stuff. If those are all familiar spirits, okay? We got familiar spirits in America County here huge we got these Kundalini spirits floating all over the valley Impersonating the holy ghost people are shake rattle and roll them everywhere, and it’s all it’s all demonic manifestations They don’t know what they think it’s God That’s a different seminar. Okay. Those are [floors] are a type of familiar spiritual What’s the most common types of spirits well? Let’s take a look at some of them and You will see these on TV. All the time all the time in the movies. It’s amazing how these have run amok in America acts 16 Paul runs into a Young girl who has a booth own spirit? she had a spirit of divination and It says that she [was] a [fortune] [teller] [men] [to] [amaya’s] is the greek word for that means someone who predicts the future and She was following paul around and then he cast that Demon out if you remember that story. It’s in Acts Chapter 16 these spirits are Everywhere in the United states. They’re awesome. They’re Las Demons Our whole society is sex [out] to the Max They’re sex everywhere in America. It’s everywhere Practically every app has sex it even milk at Particularly mother breastfeeding milk [we’re] sex everywhere. There’s sex selling tools there’s messy sex in every movie I Mean [everywhere] every billboard [drive] down the Street now It’s all cartoons. Oh my God. It’s unbelievable that’s what these spirits are the leaf and slightly or some people call it incubus and succubus spirits, they’re 9:34 these are the demons that get into your body? They’re extremely dangerous They get in through sinful behavior or child abuse or some trauma or something like [that] or they come down to your Family Tree where you’ve got a bunch of perverts [in] your family tree those spirits get in the tree And they come right on down that tree and [look] him to pick somebody off I got picked off in sixth seventh Grade [I] Told you the [story] last year. I’m sitting in a movie theater in seventh grade. This is this a ton of sent true story unlike a lot of my others I’m watching this movie called the Blue Max and at that time Ursula Andress was in that movie and George peppard now these guy never heard of them, but these guys were like the super hot Actors of that time this is back in the 60s. Yeah, just let my age go there, but I’m sitting there watching this movie. I’m sitting in the back by myself my friend didn’t show up. I’m watching [the] [blue] [Max] It’s a movie about a german German fighter pilot, but anyway, there’s a sex scene in that movie, and it doesn’t show any nudity none whatsoever It only it only it was masterfully done it showed Only you know like a side or a hip or this of that, and I remember sitting back there in the in the theater Like that and this movie came on and this ursula andress was so gorgeous. It was hard to believe this woman was drop-Dead gorgeous I Sitting back there a [seventh-grader] and they start to have intercourse in the bedroom there And they’re filming the whole thing there was no nudity, but it was the way they used it looked like they were doing But you could never actually saw anything they could have shown you to be back [knocking] I was a kid now they show it in milk at and I’m sitting there watching. He said I mean I felt it I Am [not] anything to guys I leaned back [in] my chair. I started to lose my breath [I] Got a little erection [seventh-grader] I was staring I was mesmerised. I’m not even kidding [yet]. I’m not joking I felt Something come over me. I am not even kidding. I mean that woman tore me up And this demon just went right in there and then from that day on I had a different kind of sense about women [and] that down I know I picked up an unclean spirit [today] watching that movie It’s called the blue Max, and I’m serious 67 68 so I’m like that [yeah] Okay, well anyway. That’s that’s that happens now. I’ve had over 100 people committed for counseling They told me porn addicts sex addicts come see me, and I was just sitting I’m working the computer I felt that they enter your body and when they get in your body a Hyperventilate your natural desires, so your sex drive clicks from there to there your imagination sensual imagination clicks there and you suddenly become Mentally emotionally obsessed with sexual issues Can happen to me I? Tell you I’m sitting right there. I’m gonna happen. I’ll never forget as long as I live [Seventh-Grader] and Then of [course] I picked up a bunch more demons after that as I went into sexual sin So what happens is and you keep sinning sexually you start stacking You start picking up really bad unclean skirts then if you get into the sex trade, you’re done they just Completely, take you then they kill you Erotic Dancers whores everything any kind of sex trade. You’re dead in the water Then all those people end up mentally emotionally. You know firmly. You know, it’s awful this woman for example had spirits in her body remember and She gave this interview into a Texas newspaper when she was young. She called it a ghost It’s not a ghost is an unclean Spirit It’s a lust demon that got me in the movie theater it got her it would attack her at home by the way This is very common among men and women more so among women to have someone having sex with you or fondling you embedded night Usually between midnight and 3:00 in the morning and something’s crawling on your bed sitting on your bed fondling your genitals something weird is happening [you’d] be surprised how relatively common that is she had it and She said he I thought it was my boyfriend, and I woke up and it wasn’t him And she says hey, I was all freaked out, but guess what? The Demons will give you Sensual pleasure and orgasms, and they’ll give you fun, and I’ll give you what you need, but then they have to collect later You’re going to have to pay them later They will give you what you want drugs sex and rock and roll but then you’ve got to pay it back in Misery and sorrow and depression and Sickness you got to pay them back down to anything for free nothing for free And he just gave me some amazing sex, so I don’t have any problem that when she had no problem with it her death The death down we’ll see it She died [when] was that [Bahamas] she died yeah, how was it as soon as you have no problems with demons you’re on the short list and you will die What we’re trying to do here at the deliverance [center] is get as many people off of demons as we can if you don’t get off of them sooner or later, they will get Super. It’s only a matter of time. They were gay All right, here is an ancient carving believe it or not [two] thousand Years before the birth of Christ of what? There she is a leaf [lust] demon from the forest right there she’s been around forever [let’s] switch over to phantoms. What’s a phantom. That’s a water spirit in Matthew Chapter 14 in Mark Chapter 6 The disciples were in the boat and [guess] what tara so they were extremely agitated They saw [Jesus] walking on the sea in the middle of a storm But they didn’t recognize him. They said it’s a fantasma. It’s a phantom or a water spirit so the [crowd] [so] started yelling out petrified in here and These things are just as common now as they were back then yes in Africa they call them Marine spirits We call them [spirit] spouses over here our spirit husbands or something like that These are demons that can get into your body they have something to do with water. How that works exactly I don’t know They’re real big in South Africa and Africa they get inside the person’s body and they claim that person for their spouse and the way you can kind of track these water spirits is that the person has a series of Chronic broken relationships And they have lots of divorces lots of live-in breakups lots of romance collapses Everything breaking off because these spirits won’t let the person Get married they won’t let them fall in love they won’t let them have romance or nothing they keep stealing them They keep wrecking every relationship. I also spills over into families you’ll see that with brothers and sisters that don’t talk to each other anymore estranged parents all that [their] home wreckers huge home wreckers And the person has nothing but problems with relationships for the rest of their life Why because the spirit took them and claim them as their own? These are as common as they can be nowadays Yeah, infirmity spirits are ones that normally get into the body and cause illnesses they cause sicknesses Luke 13 there was a woman there who? [had] a [Affinia]. That’s the greek word for weakness a spirit of infirmity [she] had it for [eighteen] years and It says she was so bowed together some [cooped]. Oh means. She was bent forward kind of like a hunchback of Notre dame humped Forward She [couldn’t] stand up anymore Now in our society we would call that rheumatoid arthritis or scoliosis or chi flows or sometimes there would be a medical definition for him, but Actually it was [a] spirit [causing] that but here’s what’s interesting He could follow the pattern pretty clearly 18 years ago. She picks up a spirit. She’s fine 18 years [later] she’s [still] been over standing stand up so what that’s telling you is the demons can’t instantaneously cripple you or disable you It took 18 years to get her in that condition When she saw [jesus] here the spirit remove she stands up she’s normal So instead of given her physical therapy muscle relaxers pain medication stretchy her on the rack instead of giving her all those medical treatments, jesus removed the spirit here and the woman was restored Why because he had the gift of discernment? He saw that wasn’t a medical condition it will say Demon doing that for a woman sir elderly I’m sober [could] you relate that to? H as people have fallen to generation and as they get older their policy generate Causing the unsold or something like that [I] mean if somebody’s [life] [is] an [88] 78 Years Old You know I mean not that old What it is is this? He said is could it be a combo job [it’s] what he’s really asking and the answer is yes It can be a combo job now if you’re 90 years old If you don’t have any demons and all your [discs] and your back are not going to be what they were at 20 [no] that That’s not rocket science Or it could have been trauma. Let’s say you’re you got a car wreck boom Okay, that may not be a demon that’s just a car running [into] you, okay So you need discernment? To determine what the root cause of the illness is and so you know how to pray that’s your job as [a] minister That’s why you’re here. Studying to show yourself approved unto God a workman that needs to do. What’s right Okay So it could be medical it could be demonic, but in this particular case here. We know what it was Could be a [comma] exactly you can have a patient Traumatized physically injured and have a spirit making it worse or preventing the recovery See at all the time Okay, [jesus] said should not just work being a daughter of Abraham should she not After she was bound by Satan notice it’s not a medical condition. It’s a spiritual condition She’s humped over like the hunchback of Notre dame and it was spiritual see She need you take a second [look] at your relatives in the care home That could be a spirit in there bending them over not just you know they had poor posture You never know They oh she was all tied up for 18 years, but see before that she was fine before [I] sat in that theater staring at ursula andress Incredible body I Didn’t have lust demons. I was in seventh grade. I was a regular kid After that, I started looking at women differently [I] Started looking at their breasts. I started their booties I became a booty, Aficionado But the demons were pushing me to do it. They were giving me those urges they were putting those thoughts in [mind]. Don’t you see? It’s a manipulation game They get in under Sabrosa. You don’t know they got in You don’t know they have you? Unless you’re deserting enough to see the symptoms of them, we’ll get to that in [a] minute Be loose should she not be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day of course she should He said woman you are loosed from your Remedy caused by the Spirit 18 years ago. She’s fine 18 years later She’s totally disabled [here] [are] some other demonic illnesses. I’ve never seen one of these it wasn’t Rheumatoid arthritis as a horrible Demonic disease that thing really hurts, too here’s Kyphosis [there] scoliosis We’ve had three or [four] of those healed here We’ve had two or three that weren’t that’s almost always demonic, and it’s not usually a spirit from the family tree usually coming down through the tree hitting the kid and Now let’s switch over to plan of spirits the mental illness spirits Here’s what? These spirits do and you do it if you were one of them Each part of your brain as you know Operates a certain part of your body That’s a scientific fact we know that from medical science well The spirits like to invade those certain areas of their specialty in your brain To damage that port [and] that functions in your body So if a person had a demonic visual deficit they go to the doctor There’s nothing wrong with their eyes they got a clear examination. Well then there must be a spirit back here That’s part of your brain where your eye operates, so instead of praying for healing in the eyes switch it over Does that make any sense? It’s very common in our society probably worldwide to go to a doctor and have them find nothing wrong with [they] call it negative rule out This is very very common So doctors when they can’t find anything wrong with you because they have a degree have to tell you something So they make stuff up Hey, you guys like a somatic illness Hey, you’ve got got fibromyalgia What caused that we don’t know? You just keep making it Keep cooking stuff up because it makes you look like you need to be paid If you go in a doctor and say hey, I got all these this in that net they go I haven’t got a [rat’s] – any clue. What’s wrong with you. You’re not going to want to pay that guy for anything Are you did you go over to [em] [Co] and have them look at your transmission the guy walk out [say] yeah I need a couple hundred bucks for anybody. I’m got a clue. What’s wrong with your transmission You’re not going to want to pay [that] guy are you what are you stupid? You could have gone to your aunt next door and got that time the doctors Doctors are egomaniacs. No offense. They’re good people and they [feel] like they have to tell you some So they tell you some and if they have to make [it] up, well by God don’t make it up Notice flat make it up There’s all kinds of illnesses they go. We don’t know what caused [that] we don’t have any idea all We have no idea Doc I’ve got a strange urge for men. I think I’m getting oh you’ve got [a] gene as it go Where’s the research on the gay gene and all we [don’t] have it next patient so they’ll they Feel like under I have sympathy for me because they’re under pressure They charge a lot. They’re supposed to know a lot [see] I’m completely off the hook. I come down here I’m not expected to know anything if I make a mistake, I [just] go home, okay But if it’s a doctor, I got I got ten years of college five years of this and that I’m supposed to by [God] I’m supposed to know some And you come to me for and I’m making six-figure income To the max and I’m supposed to tell you what’s wrong. [well]. They can’t do it. They don’t know what’s wrong because [they] don’t understand the Spirit World Here’s how it works the Demons attack these portions your brain. Here’s your language section right there’s your vision section There’s coordination, and these spirits attack that portion, and you have these physical symptoms Correlate with it. That makes sense Yeah, you got a question What word does cataracts? What is what it likes that? Well nice try. Yeah, let’s get her out. John here’s one out it up next What a stroke? Listen I there’s a number of causes of strokes, but anyway my point is Some things are medical and some things are demonic. So when you pray over this person or pray with them It’s your job as a man and woman of God to try to help out on that Sermon in C so if the strokes medical then it needs to be [treated] medically or you need healing if It’s a demonic than the person needs to deliverance Like Jesus did he said that’s not medical. That’s that’s the spirit refer me [come] That’s that’s how it works Yeah But anyway these sections of the brain. I just illustrated fuel here the brain demons the [mental] [illness] demons all attack this area The frontal Lobe because that’s your judgment [center] That’s how they control the person and get them to make all kinds [of] poor decisions rash decisions Stupid things doing stupid stuff I hope that can be seen now. Let’s take another patient who? We have several of them right down here on 32nd street [in] van Buren. [they’re] in the what State hospital correct, here’s a guy and there didn’t have state hospital back then So they all were homeless and they lived in the hills or mountains or tombs or somewhere they were excommunicated from Society like having ebola It says the man had his dwelling among the tombs and here are his symptoms Kara his psychiatric symptoms. No one could bind him and control him He broke he had supernatural strength He was unmanageable No one could Dimaggio control his behavior. He was out of [control] Day and night he was in the mountains crying he had clinical depression what we would call clinical Depression He was a cutter Katak opto means he was a self-mutilator or mangler he would cut himself with Stones I’ve had dozens of cutters come in for counseling over the years They’re all really in the fear spirits, and it says the people after Jesus cast the Demon out of [me] they came out to see what the heck was going on remember the story mark chapter [five] and They found this man who was possessed don’t use that term [diamond] eanes am [I] as young? He had thousands of demons and they found him sitting there clothed in his right mind And then that’s not medically possible if you have a severe mental illness schizophrenia Dissociative identity there’s all these severe illnesses You don’t just quit getting big it better. You don’t take a pill in your fine a second half those are terminal illnesses Here you can see it wasn’t related to anything, but spirits and There’s no way to come to any different conclusion the bible specifically says this mental illness we call them Sm Is in Arizona, right? serious man [O’neal] He was sick because of demons period So if you don’t believe that then you’re telling me you do not believe God’s word That means you’re on the science side scientists would never believe the story right Peter, Aa Kid they found him sitting there okay? He’s not around raising like a maniac. He’s sitting [there] chilling He put his clothes back on very common with schizophrenic when they have uh You know manifestation periods [will] take their clothes off. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’ll run around screaming yelling Nope once you get the demons out. They are suffer nail, [st.] what illness [does] this man have I don’t know [I’ve] [been] a counselor [for] 35 years, but he had some symptoms of several of these illnesses, so What he had, I don’t have enough evidence to tell you, but these severe mental illnesses do have similar symptoms of that guy I’m not saying he had I’m saying it’s similar possibly possibly People with paranoid [schizophrenia], they have these crash periods You ever seen those they’ll disappear We’re having [react] Let me see them downtown, so this is the hotel they check out I got these types of mental illnesses if you can get the medication Just as right which is very hard to do you can kind of stabilize them for a while? But the demons never stabilized for permanently it won’t do that They don’t mind and They always have a crash Borderline personality disorder with violent tendencies [she] can’t imagine the counseling sessions. I’ve had with married couples who are married to somebody with Borderline. Have you ever know anybody? Married to a Borderline oh those people are Traumatized and they’re beat up They’re in trouble. They’re in danger They could be killed [I] Can tell you some wild stories, but I don’t have time for that All right There’s other kind of spirits out there And these are not the mental illness demons or crazy ones these are the smart ones these things are incredibly intelligent And what they do is they turn a born-again Spirit-filled Christian into a carnal Christian They are everywhere. They have flooded our churches. Can you manage that? Corinthians Chapter 2 Paul said we have not we have received not the spirit of cosmos. That’s the human world or humanity We have not received the spirit when we became Christians. We got the holy spirit from God, so [that] we might know the things that are freely given to us by God These stairs these these carnal Christian spirits the spirits of humanity Talk the person into not focusing on the things god and focusing on the things [of] man They come right [from] the devil Jesus said to him the devil You savour not the things that are [oh], God You [savor] only things that are oh man What does he do these stairs are so smart they get the person so wrapped up in their lives? They’re so heavenly minded. They’re no earthly good. They never amount to a tinker’s hoot. Spiritually. They’re too busy kids relative jobs careers recreations everything The years fly by so fast you can’t imagine it. These spirits blow years by Summer when our summer winter Always busy doing something always busy working with somebody always busy six of them always busy going somewhere what they do, they suck the personal spiritual life out of them they turn them into a Carnal Christian They’re incredibly prevalent in our society. [I’ll] check out the sphere spirits these are running amok in America and Here’s what they do Fear Demons like a couple other spirits like [nighttime] Why is that human beings? Feel more comfortable when they can see stuff as opposed when I can’t see it. It’s just human nature Yeah Couple days. I was down here Doing some work in the [office], and I came in here to pray for a while walk in that door There were no lights on Here’s a night This room is [darkened]. I Come walking in that door Swung to the light there, miss it kept walking bang hit my foot on [that] chair. She’s sitting it I’m looking around after I hit my foot And I got a little bit of [creeped] come over me It just for a split second. I got a creepy so I’m back [on] the wall looking [it] pretty soon click that light clicked Human beings by Nature [predicted] if you whack your foot, they want to be able to see some It’s just human nature really is darkness is you know not our forte, Jenna and demons know that they know people like to know the back of their hands they could read us like books and These fear spirits attack at night one of job’s friends got hit at night here. He is in Job Chapter 4 It was brought to my ear in [fought] from the visions of the night while deep sleep falls upon men fear and Trembling came upon me and my bones were shaking a Spirit passed before my face yeah, and this is as common a story I must have heard it a thousand times over the years counselling people That had these [experiences] in their bedroom in the middle [of] mike. I mean, it’s so common you can imagine I’ll prove it here. How many of you have ever had a spiritual [experience] in the middle of night? Look around Look at [the] hands. I’m gonna say how many what percent is that John? Three-quarters of people have their hands up right now in this room Okay, [so] I went over Joel Osteen’s church. You’d be away, huh? This is a communist thing you can even imagine and in science they laugh at us, but we know it’s real We know it’s real this thing sat on the bed, and you’re laying there you’re looking around But you’re not moving and you can actually feel [somebody’s] sit on that bed and You’re sitting there quietly if you’re a kid You pull them covers up remember that one? Well you heard and you’ll swear to it you heard something over there Core in the room in a closet, and you know it’s real you know it’s real you heard it and [you] felt it You can feel Res Mike got a question over here far Is it possible for a person that has gone through? so many crazy spirit things since your little To be cauterized I guess you can call it you know when you do when you get older you’re not afraid of anything anymore [like] Nothing just no fear because you’ve been through so much since you were little like real spirits real like crazy ghost stuff The answer to that question is yes, but it’s not normal normal [the] fear issues get worse, but if you have someone [that] has a higher Iq [someone] who is able to mentally compartmental and stuff? Easier than other people yeah, you can you can bury stuff and block it. Oh yeah, your mind is capable of that What do you do most of the time that’s not what happens? It’s worse. What do you do if you? Like for instance I’m talking about myself [where] like I have like no fear of anything and and I I? Tripped out on myself like what what’s going on with me? I have like no fear of anything but it’s because I’ve been through so much since I was young like real [ghosts], [and] I don’t feel scared anymore of anything So I don’t know if that’s normal or [okay], okay, or what? Why are you asking me that? Why I? Want to bother you well? Yeah, I think it’s I’m like it was what’s the last incident you had of a spirit visitation? Uh? It wasn’t me it was it was to my daughter. Okay? What happened, and I I [i] told that Demon to [leave] get out You have no control over us. This is my home [you] get out of here. [I]? Just I didn’t feel scared. She was scared. I didn’t don’t know literally. Yeah, okay. Well, please come back Thank you for a rough Yeah, yeah, where is it? [that’s] a small percent there. No most people don’t feel nothing anymore They normally normally gets worse Yeah We might be home to use her here Yeah, we get them things out of there anyway check the physical reactions here now here You can see the spirit in the room You know it’s in there, and you can feel it sometimes your hair stands up hair on the back of your neck here You know you know somebody’s in the room and anybody with half a brain knows it’s real. It’s not just mental and He says I couldn’t discern the image. That’s common. I’ve heard I must have heard [500] stories This thing’s hovering above me something standing over there something sitting on the bed. I heard something breathing I mean, I could go [on] and on The different types of visitations. You know they have little subtleties to them, but they’re all kind of similar in a way And that’s what this guy had he couldn’t quite see. What was there? He knew something was there then he heard a whisper or [you] hear a voice or your music or a weird sound It’s really spooky. Okay. It’s like this ah see Yeah Those are sort of you know kind of common things where people [are] being attacked at night, you’re dead sleep Paralysis [can’t] imagine how common that is I? Don’t know how many people [told] me they had sleep paralysis. [they’d] wake up no life. They can’t move they can’t pray Something’s [holding] them down. [they’re] pin to the bed. You’re trying to say Jesus I [can’t] I mean you and believe how many people had that Is it’s very common, okay? All right, second timothy chapter 1. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power Dunamis Supernatural Power and Copy unconditional love and Suffering to smile yes. I found mine. All right now that scripture as we’ve mentioned many times over the years has been Mistranslated [Daliya] is the Greek word for Cowardice? Not fear and these spirits always work together [you] have phobos spirits and then you have [Donia] spirits and they always work as partners and the way they do it is the fear spirit gives you the spook and then the Coward Spirit Talks you out of going getting any help? So the person develops an anxiety or sorter and they won’t get any treatment [for] it [they] get attacked by Fear Spirits, [huh]? Oh What they won’t come for deliverance and get prayer [-] Afraid [-] The one attacks and the other one keeps the person in bondage The mentally ill patient has these fears and ah but they won’t come get help. They’re too afraid They always work together. Here’s how the symptoms usually run emotionally? [Julia] Spirits, or Coward Demons kids are raised gun shy, shy Introvert That’s just the way out. [no]. That’s the way you became They made you that way the panic attack is a fear spirit boo, and Then the [Delina] is oh my God. It’s embarrassing. [I’m] just gonna. Maybe we’ll go away Okay, can you walk me through what happens when you do leave the house? did shortness of [Breath] everything The world starts closing, and I’m hate and everything gets feels really tight but the air my body to my chest I Get to see I I don’t know what’s wrong. I could be sick What is this? There can be many different causes for this What is it that frightened you? Death I am afraid to die You’re afraid you must die yes like other things, but that’s what pops into my head You see it popped into their head because the spirit popped it in there Notice that That’s a common fear fear dying And what these demons do is try to give the person an alternate reality? They want them to live in a delusion That’s what the devil. Did the jesus he comes to him and he wants to begin to live in a Delusion. Hey Look at that. Take a jump jump That’s a fear spirits down They want you to live in an alternative universe a world that’s not real you’re fat matters you’re fat And it matters to God you’re fat Everybody see you as fat [you’re] [less] of a person could fact see, it’s all a Delusion [a] Skinny person a fat person loved exactly the same by God The Demons [no] it’s a delusion [bad] girl tears skinny she saw herself. Yes, Sad If the Demons can get you to living in Delusion here’s their favorite one, you’ll be I? You’re okay, you’ll make it you’re fine It’s a delusion. They’re setting you up for the ultimate collapse later Satan isn’t World [Lucian’s] Except his world. His world’s real he wants you to live in an illusion That’s how he beat everybody [I’m] [available] Psychologically [my] guru after living in these [fringes] with a mud dirt and dead bodies The third of trauma the shell shock was very common on where that just and it lasted [sufferers] to come to go search of intense fear and shaking The feel of being bombed which they had lived with every day for four years on end was engraved in their brains His impatience felt compelled to go hide themselves up and one mention of the word Some veterans even felt terror with them whenever they saw a uniform Tens of thousands of Soldiers also was one or more moons in this world What would I happened had that guy there? At the beginning of a bombing two years ago said, I’m not going to be able to Bob. I’m gonna make it through him fine What happened him you know what had gotten through fine? Yeah instead of bombs the devil sends you spouses He sends you dysfunctional children And these bombs emotionally explode in your life. Oh, oh And over a period of time you [have] emotional pTSd the Devil Trains people through Trauma and delusions Delusions and We don’t have time to go through that as a different seminar, but initially that man did not wake up with ocd [there] had ocd all these fear-based illnesses start in the While he’s [Washington], oh thinking [terms] But five ten years ago wasn’t a germaphobe the Devil Trains you over a period of time to believe delusions They’re not real But once you believe them they become real to you What’s this illness? Body dysmorphia, here’s the famous cat woman when she started out. She wasn’t tracking woman. She ended up wow fright night Here’s the most famous case of BDD in America. [who’s] that? Yeah, what was he doing there again? It’s all in your mind He looked in the mirror. They saw his dad [there’s] my dad. [I] got a big nose like my dad look like my dad. Oh my God. No. I look [like] my dad The Demons kept telling him hey you look [like] your dad. You can’t look like that. It’s your dad your dad you did it [all] starts from Karen mind Then they lose it. How about these four people? Throw out their cannon all over They don’t like themselves they get Rejection spirits they low self-esteem they don’t want to be that person and you want to be this person All right How’d [that] go? My out of time that time you got there Okay Any questions on [that] section kinds of spirits obviously? I didn’t go over [all] of them to get in the highlights Hmm. No questions. Good all right now. I want [to] reveal something to you Important to me. Maybe this will be the end of the sentence When I left my career as a secular counselor. [I] was 25 years of it. I retired in 2005 And I became a Christian counselor at that time I wanted to go in the ministry. So I left my old career behind Started my new career What I’ve [done] a little chit chat with the lord and I did I said Lord. I’m gonna fencing here. I’m feeling and sensing you want me to switch over to Christian Counsel I said I really don’t want to do that and here’s why because I Want to see somebody cured and I work with worked with all these people all [these] years and Made a lot of money on and they got him they got better and I [cashed] a few here and there [now] things went okay For me you know thanks to insurance But now when I had some integrity and some character Given to me by the holy ghost I certainly didn’t develop it on my own [I] Said hey, I want to see these people cured I Don’t want to patch people anymore okay, so God answered my prayer And I explained to him you ever [explained] stuff to god. Oh my house. I straighten him out so many times He can’t believe it. Oh Yeah He’s only point now. He’s not asking me for autographs [I] Serve the Lord [I] need to understand how this process works Because I got all this psychology training. Here’s the psychiatry stuff. I got degrees that ain’t at mit that doesn’t work he [said] okay, I’ll show you and he did So I corinthians chapter 4 If our gospel is hid gospels of the Greek word in going on it means glorious Good news it is hid to those who are follow me for in the process of being lost Okay, I read that scripture good. I’m good with it [the] worlds in the process of being lost because they cannot see or Comprehend the glorious. Good news of christ. They don’t know how to get healed made perfect sense to me right okay, in whom the God of this age I Was the first time I’d ever clicked that Satan was a god of this world [I]? Thought God was gone well he’s the god of this age and He has blinded the minds of those who do not believe and When I found out the word mind was mistranslated not on my means [futch] Your thoughts are in your mind now. It’s starting to click in my mind You like that one. I threw that in [for] me That was funny for me You’re fine It says Satan the god of this age has blinded the thoughts of Those who? opposites unbelievers, then I got another revelation that there were two [kinds] of unbelievers sinners and Christians I Couldn’t believe it. I [had] [to] fell on my chair sinners are unbelievers by Nature Christians are unbelievers situationally Someone believed in the full gospel some like half of it so I’m like a fourth of it some like healing some like delivered some like Salvation some like Born-again some like I Mean you talk to one Christian from one denomination to another Christian another domination and throw in a couple of cults You haven’t got a clue. What anybody’s talking about? And they’re all Christians Okay, trust me. There’s a big difference between an assembly of God Christian and a Congregational Christian. Yes that makes sense, but they’re both Christians. They’re both believers Right so God showed me that Certain Christians don’t believe in the full gospel. They only they nitpick it they only take portion So that [saying] I ran into the problem [mack] truck right in my face, and there’s so many [God] religion that I was in Few Years Said they were real good healing they [loved] tongue Maybe it sounds level delivers No, and I got flack you wouldn’t believe for that but healing was in the Bible deliverance was in the bible, but they Piecemeal [it] out they threw that out. They keep that well. I saw that all denominations do that They chopped up the gospel to what they feel [comfortable] with The two types of unbelievers are those sinners and Christians? So now I’m going into a Christian counseling career. Not sinners anymore. I had 25 [years] of sinners I’m out of that now. I only get born again or Spirit-Filled Christians Right you follow me this [is] interesting to me it may not be here then it says in the verse These people [they’re] unbelievers who are bots are blinded The reason the Devil does it is so that the light? Of the gospel of Christ doesn’t shine unto each person Jesus said I am [the] light of the world where there’s light There’s no darkness So if you stick your face in that lamp right there, it’s not dark if I turn the light off it gets dark Where the Glorious gospel of Christ Shines? Then there’s no darkness there It’s over there. It’s over there. It’s back there, but it’s not here. It’s shining here correct Here’s how the Lord showed me it works We went over this couple years ago, Eddie spirits always work in groups and their partners in Crime and they work together They cooperate with one another They’re the opposite of humans Humans think Think each other sucks They don’t agree with what the person saying or doing they think it should [be] done away different way They don’t believe the way they do and they Human beings by Nature compartmentalize themselves, okay by nature if you go to Prison I Did prison [ministry] of a couple years? There’s the whole prison is segregated see you got your Hispanics then you got your Mexicans seeing it your blacks your white Aryans and In prison you’ve got to be in a group or you’re dead meat you’re dog meat because you got no back [ok] so you got a pic which [hellhole] to go into They’re all hell holes. It’s a kind of [hellhole] you like survive See the hispanics Mexicans. Don’t like hispanics. I know that – I got prison [history] I Did not know that was a [different] Africans Blacks don’t Like Africans [I] Didn’t know that Yeah, I was on a learning curve from the prison ministry. [oh] [wow] [I] learned fast Human beings love to flock together see we’re like geese Yeah You get too many People of this race moving in this neighborhood the people from that race will bolt on that neighborhood Don’t look at me like I’ve escaped from a clinic. This is common human behavior It’s the way people are Why the glorious light of the gospel of Christ hasn’t shined to that person so [that] person then feels a need to segregate separate? Compartmentalize themselves from these others who they have a delusion of demons fear This groups not good for me to hang around Now in prisons a little different. That’s valid But because of black or Mexican hispanic moves into an Italian neighbor. There’s no reason for these people to move Is there? There is if you don’t have the glorious light of the gospel price. You got to get the heck out of there Human Nature Fallen Nature human peace We don’t work together. We got it iskills methodists Congregationalists now. We’re not going to help you with your revival. We’re not going to feed your people we only feed our people Does that make sense? Yo people can starve We’re feeding our people Okay, demons are not stupid like people We are stupid Demons think They say hey, what do I got to do take this guy down? Well, they analyze the person [and] they see their assets then they see their liabilities and then they apportion out the destruction accordingly So they join together in Kings kind of like packs in a way and Each spirit does their job and the other spirit does their job and they work cooperatively? In a network of destruction in your body in your mind in your emotions in your family and whatever to destroy you They know what they’re doing. They’re thinking about it for example these spirits work together the mind-control spirits the brain Demons work with the fear demons and The Brain Demons start the attack initially and here’s how it works they put a thought in your [mind] that is fearful negative destructive False lies whatever it is and Then if the person receives that thought and keeps it as their own The fear Demon then attacks the soul and the person gets scared which makes the thought seem real The secular counter I had no idea this was going on I Thought the person had just grown up a certain way certain environmental stimulus or familial background They had developed a thinking pattern bad habits in the head. [I] had no idea there were spirit beings putting thoughts in [people’s] Minds [I] Didn’t learn that in college Well the question was can they read your mind Now that’s a debatable subject, but in my experience most of them cannot But the higher level ones can read your mind I’ve tested them and some mentally ill patients most Demons can’t read your mind, [but] [anyway], the point. I’m trying to make is They’re cooperating with each other this one puts the thought in your mind it’s negative and If the person receives that thought the fear spirit attacks a soul making the thought real if a person [2nd] Corinthians chapter 10 takes the thought captive when it comes in The Fear Spirit has no chance to hurt the person and they do not have anxiety So when the fog comes in hey your husband cheat night if you caught [that] thought right there caught away You know no proof that no, that’s [it]. That’s not me thinking that that’s you put that thought in there. I’m not receiving that thought No, terror that he’s at a hotel motel 6 strikes your soul [it] never hits If that make any sense the thought comes in you know what your mother died [of] [breast] cancer She’s like she was about your age And dude you’re next whoa hold it No, no, I’m not caught that thought that’s not my thought that’s a demonic like telling me you’re trying to give me cancer I caught that thought I’m not listening that thought I rebuked that thought in Jesus mighty name you caught the thought but if you don’t catch that fun and It comes in as soon as the mind control spirit sees you took that font He then puts another one in He puts another one in when he sees you took that thought And another one like that another one click. Have you caught it here? He would have stopped it and tried something else Here Dad had prostate cancer here about his age now [God] he’s [robbed] [my] God. [that’s] [why] my dad had Prostate cancer Well now you’re on your way to getting prostate cancer because now you’re opening a door to a spirit of infirmity From your dad To come to you Trained by my family 10 bipolar. God. I can’t believe [my] [gum]. I wonder if I’m going to get it You’re going to get it Would you understand as a man thinks in his heart so is he? If the demons can put the thought in your mind, and you will receive it and believe it it then becomes you Secular people know this [they] don’t know that but they know this So what they do is they try to train you [to] think positive which doesn’t work Because tony robbins doesn’t understand the spirit world. He doesn’t understand what they’re putting your thoughts [int] This is making sense But the other dimension is what these secular people don’t get they think I’m crazy for Teaching this literally they think I’m some kook from Voodoo Ville But I’m it’s in God’s word. So you know what you can do you can go screw yourself? The Bible says this is true. I believe it nothing you can say is going to change my mind Peter am I right Peter? the sign your ear The spirits are real persons and they are putting thoughts into your mind They are tricking you they want you to live in a world of delusions So they can manipulate you and control you Because the only way they can beat you is through your mind in the United States the vast majority of Christians are Carnal Christians they have not renewed their mind, so they are spiritual failures Because they can’t control their negative thoughts They never fulfill god’s word can ever renew their mind they never fulfill their destiny They die spiritual failures First the mind-control D because then the fear Demon attacks the soul and your negative emotions make the thought real Be stuck on disability rest of my life, [ten] years later. You’re [still] on disability You didn’t catch that fun and take it captive Kindest job sucks. I’m never going to get a promotion Okay, five years later. You’re [still] on [that] [same] sucking job Why they told you and you believed it, [so] [then] it becomes true to you? In Romans Paul said you are the slave of the master. You serve if you listen to them that you get what they give you? If you listen here, how many [fathers] and you get what he gives you? You cannot eat off the table the lord then go over and eat off the table I Don’t get involved in politics, but it’s so easy to see from my end. It’s not even funny Nobody would ever believe me you go into this neighborhood and everybody’s dropping on a school or unemployed Dads are gone and everybody’s in Jail That whole scenario in that neighborhood is based on them putting thoughts in their minds Everybody in this neighborhood is a loser everybody goes to jail later. They’re on drugs That’s [the] only way to make money The Demons are running the country You think that was Clinton and trump out there? You got kidding list of people are chock-full of demons the devil speaking right out of their mouths how Through the thoughts they put in their mind Jesus said you only Speak up what’s Inside you Racism is not real That’s 100% Demonic. There’s no difference between a white person or black person. That’s a lie It’s lies it’s a delusion It’s not real First the mind-control spirit goes then the fear Demon goes next Once the anxiety builds up on the person what they’re thinking becomes real It’s happened to me I know how many times over the years Somebody starts going through deliverance, they’re doing well click-Click-click wasn’t stuck they reach the stick right, [they’re] stuck What happened something in their mind a belief a thought? click stops it To shorten this up. She shortened an upper here I Had a train change my entire approach to a human after I got this information from God I Could not counsel them like I used to it wouldn’t work The thoughts come in here the first strike of thoughts lies fear injustice Delusions Falsehoods Fakery They put it in the mind it drifts in They work in pairs, so the lying spares put the lion and then the fear spirits do what they attack the mind and then the fear demons Start attacking the sole personal [starts] have negative emotions And the other spirits attack the mind again it pretty soon. You’ve got racing thoughts obsessive thoughts uncontrollable thoughts Chronic negative thoughts Running through the mind constantly It happened in a second. No you have to keep listening and As you keep listening to the negativity It starts like a snowball downhill getting bigger and stronger And you start to use a slang term lose your mind Obsessive thoughts same fun popping in your mind You can’t get rid of it. Why you didn’t take it captive 500 thoughts ago 200 thoughts ago if you take the thought captive initially you can crush it and There’s never any fear the fear spirit. Can’t work without the lying spirit the longing Spirits can’t work without the fear spares The emotions are the target of the fear demons they attack your soul and you feel afraid You feel lonely you feel depressed you feel lost You feel apprehension. You dread the future those are all negative emotions coming out of your soul Self condemnation people have low self-esteem and low self-concept and rejection. What are they doing negativity about self? I’m no good. I’m less than others. I don’t have the skills I don’t have the training I don’t have this I don’t [have] that negative negative negative negative What comes out for self condemnation? God condemnation They’re like kissing cousins as soon as you start trashing yourself You start looking up there, and you go you know you [don’t] like me [either] You think I suck you won’t help me. You don’t care you’re not going to show up Have you ever noticed that of course people who don’t like themselves don’t like father either? These emotions start coming on the soul based on negative thoughts It’s a mind freak these emotions Cause the thoughts to seem real you feel lonely because the [thought] came in It’s a [dripping] [a] [dialog] you’re never going to get married again. No one’s ever going to love you You can get it up to rest on by yourself That’s the thought they put in your mind negative thoughts about your future The person receives it and believes it and loneliness and depression and everything else sinks into the soul You have to break the pattern you have to break this pattern you [have] to understand it’s going on you have to repent you have to change you have to fight back There’s no other way There’s no other way to [give] these spirits out of your brain. It’s no other way for you to get you It’s impossible you must fight [back] This is a big one fear of dying fear of going to hell. I blaspheme the holy spirit Talk to a psychiatrist one time you said 80% of the people in the state hospital think they blaspheme the holy spirit That’s not [80%] [I] thought that sounds high I got some thinking about it and here’s how demons are They’re kind of like people in a way. They’re creatures are [habit] If they do something, and it works they’ll repeat it If you don’t believe me when you go on the night, take a look at your family If they try something, and it works a demon is a very repetitive habitual person. He’ll do it again So if you got a personality type, you know like he’ll hunt down Those kind of goose. You don’t feel comfortable with a million. Don’t just parade them right in front of you like a holiday, [Macy] parade At work at home at the store doesn’t matter because [they] know what triggers you they’ll trigger you and They’re thinking Deeper like that [too] they’ll develop habits You out haven’t you have a habit I do when I started to get older uh it’s time to close when I started to get older [uh] My mind wasn’t working quite like it was in [my] 20s Well, I don’t know if you [ever] done this but you got shopping to do errands or on things to do that day You stopped at this place, then you stop with that one and click it stops there because you locked yourself out of your car. I? Thought I was in that anomaly I thought [lansing] catering about that, so I got that overcame that and then you know a little while I locked myself out of my truck again I’m sure I can’t believe I did that second time I Said man I [gotta] fix this because I cannot Be locking myself on my truck anymore So that is a day spoiler Let me tell you about that. Yeah trust me on that one Don’t don’t don’t send me an email. Just buy it You got these things to do you lock yourself out of your truck dude. You [are] screwed blued and tattooed You can’t get a hold anybody with a key? You don’t want to bash the window in you don’t want to pay triple-a to come out I mean, it’s frustrating and if you do call them out It’s two days [before] they get there. You’re stuck in Kmart So I said man, I got it with this thing so [I] started to develop a habit I pull in I grab the keys I pull them out I squeeze them I’m squeezing my keys I get out the dough I Step out the door then I reach [for] my pants right here No, I got my keys are you to reach for my pants or agrestic [red] grabbing reaching grabbing reaching grabbing Eugene krabs? Before I shut the door I do not shut that door unless I have reached grabbed reached grabbed And now now I do it without thinking Over a period of whatever it was weeks or months of me grabbing and pushing grabbing now. I just get out the dope and I’m not even thinking why my hand goes down there automatically there. It goes like a mind of its own heaven in the pocket Didn’t think [about] it and I oh there’s click shut the Dope I had developed or trained myself to develop a head it because not quite as sharp as it used to be I Know that’s stunning to you I? See the shock on your faces Demons are exactly like [that] If they get this [kind] of person with this kind of personality to say something to you and get that reaction out of you They will do it again Then they’ll do it again, then they’ll do it again and [again] and again and again And you’ll be in a care center 35 years later nurses means coming up same personality doing it again They will not stop – you’re dead Why is the same kind of crap happening all the time? [I] just told you They only do what works? If it doesn’t work on you, they will stop it It will stop. Why they’re not stupid They don’t [want] to waste time attacking you that stuff that doesn’t work They don’t do that they’ll find something else a hunch or something else as The person continues to remove renew their mind on God’s word the options for the demons dwindle [weakly] As you become a disciple they have virtually no way to get at you Yeah over the last 10 years The crap that got me ten years ago Floats off me like nothing now. They don’t even try anymore Yeah, 15 years ago chicks with nice booties Dress hot babes they send me those chicks hi, Brother, Mike I Don’t get a chicken lunch now Don’t you understand what I’m trying to see I’m not I’m trying to make it funny, but I’m trying to illustrate a truth Hot babes don’t work on brother Mike anymore. They don’t do that anymore. They’re not that stupid Okay, they use other things. I’m brother Mike like stuff in his nose What I’m trying to illustrate is though you’re facing a enemy who is Smarter than we are they’re dirtier than we are they fight dirty. They lie and they cheat and The only way to beat them Is God’s holy words there is no other way to win? You must renew your mind you go food deliverance You must get rid of the demons you must repent of your sin you must change your lifestyle you must become a different person As you do that their options are destroying you? crash If you can [save] [twenty] years, and you’re still getting your face kicked in and thinking thinking thinking red flags red flags Red Flags You’re still a carnal Christian. You’re still a baby Christian. You haven’t renewed your mind. You haven’t change you’re not seeing what they’re doing You just wasted 20 years you’re here. Spiritually. You should have been there You’re still preaching here. You should be preaching there That was God’s plan [Amy] okay? I’m out of time. Let’s take our final vote before we close Next semester part three of this or crushing cancer. Let’s take a vote May 28th seminar would you rather do this part three which rather do seminar crushing cancer? Are three hands? Hands okay, it’s part three on may 28, and then cancer okay, we’ll have you fine I’ll be great okay. Thank you part 2 part 3 next Month March and may 26 just remembered [how] [is] for me sounds for me? My wife hasn’t well my fans Michi’s. I do have a back-up plan [see] effect. I think that in working Yes, sir We like to close out the seminars here with a big bang understand all right any question before we close No question all right let’s go ahead. Let’s turn John Muir is Kelly Turn those spotlights off okay. Thank you let’s close in prayer then father in the name of Jesus I Ask you to bless my friends here tonight at the seminar and all our YouTube viewers and God bless those people Lord the Devil He’s out thinking some of us tonight and during the healing and deliverance service. He’s going to stop it and We [are] going to break this process of negative thoughts and fear and These evil spirits are going to stop tormenting your children. Lord. They’re going to come out of their bodies and their brains They are going to be healed and cured and after they’re healed In Jesus holy name. They are going to renew their minds on God’s word and they are going to change their life and Rid sin from their life, and they’re going to fulfill their destiny in Christ which are called to do Before they leave this world. That’s what’s going to happen in Jesus holy name Alien Seminars over there you are dismissed God bless you next Friday. I’ll [be] here seven o’clock teaching on prayer You’ll be quite shocked about these interesting revelations on prayer. You’ve never heard of before [all] right, we’re going to take a five-minute break and then we will have our healing and deliverance service. God bless you Thank you for coming. Please remember the donation buckets on the back please remember the website Hardcore Christianity calm Hit the post deliverance button on the website and go through that process After we pray for you tonight. Hi, sweetheart one two good Streamers you Tubers, we’re ready to start our deliverance and our healing service We turn our lights down here, so that people can have some visual privacy while we’re praying. So nobody can see what they’re doing They don’t feel Self-conscious like somebody’s looking at them and we’re going to lead you through your prayers on YouTube please stand in front of your [computer] Smartphone there and just follow my directions and God will deliver you wherever you are. Okay before we start We’re going to have a short worship song By a good friend of mine hello, my name [is] Guillermo, Guzman and I just showed brother, Mike here my Gift of singing and now [I’d] like to share with you and me what be glorified all right? I’ll just How would I sing two verses so you get the real gist of it one? Just [ain’t] [good] enough. I’ll make it quick. Thank you and Can it be? That I should gain an interest in the Savior’s Blood Died he for me who caused his pain For me he threw him to death pursued Amazing love, how can it? Be that oh my God Ah [ha] [ha] for me Amazing love, how can it? Be that oh my God should die for me He left his Father’s throne above so rich though Mm-Hmm Grace emptied himself of all but love and [led] for Adams helpless Race Amazing love, how can it? Be that oh my gosh estar for me amazing [love] How can it? Be that oh my God should die for me oh I just met him All right as an added bonus tonight a beautiful Wish I could sing like that All right now we went over to [7:00] our night We went over some key issues about spirits And how they take over people’s mind so to speak and then cause them all kinds of mental emotional and physical [problems] that was in part one we went through part two tonight illustrating it with some videos if You feel like you are faced with that attacks by Spirits Oppressions by spirits if you want God to heal you And just come down [here] in the front now a ministry team is going to pray for you You know ministry team come down down the front if you would Streamers and YouTubers we’re going to show you exactly what to do. Just follow my lead as we go through this Come down to the front here. If you need prayer just stand around face [meet] stand straight line here and just face me perfect Thank you, Jesus Very good just stand right up [here]. She need the lord to touch you tonight We have no ability to heal you or help you in any way the holy ghost is the [only] person who can heal The spirit of Lord is the only person who has the ability to heal He has the broken body of Jesus Christ in his right hands he has the precious blood of Jesus the son of God in his left hand and He and he alone was able to administer these benefits, right peach only the holy Ghost is executor of the Lord Jesus [a] [son] of God and he is the only person able to administer these benefits we are looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith tonight and watching from the holy spirit to move and Deliver you from the torment and the oppression of the [enemy] if you’re being tormented in your mind I’ll show you what to do in just a second those are spirits that are torturing you they’re putting thoughts in your mind if you are not catching those thoughts are getting past you and Fear spirits are dominating your emotions right in here Their fear spirits they attack you at night But the root of it is your son. How you thinking? If you have negative thoughts in your mind The spirits will take advantage of those thoughts and then they will attack your soul And make you feel Angry frustrated lustful afraid bitter rageful Lonely depressed the emotions follow the thoughts Tonight, you must renounce For example. Do you see this beautiful girl right here? There’s nothing wrong with her One thing wrong with her she [has] grown [up] in a difficult environment She has had negative thoughts in her mind She was little And now as the children get older they develop behavioral problems the Spirits start working on them when they’re young By the time you [start] the drunk They begin to take over they start cutting start fighting start cursing Start losing control their behavior. Who’s behind it devil his wife uses negative thoughts Take people’s minds He is in doubt unbelief Longings fear the future is a huge one Where am I going to be in the future? It’s going to happen? So that girl there is nothing wrong with her and you like a devil [dentistry] takes her to school And then he uses spiritually other kids to attack her we call it bullying And the spirit and the other kids are being used by the devil to hurt that develop low Self-esteem and security softest cussed Fears people Fear amande They start to live their lives with anxiety Once they start doing that when they’re young [when] they get older, they’re still doing are they? Still do it. I Still deal when they’re her age. He started when they were her age You don’t get rid of that you will be heard something There’s a gentleman here tonight was molested when he was young He was about eight when that happened another kid Fear Spirit entered his body that spirit letting other spirits One of them was a luster he developed Same-sex attractions The Demons told him he was gay He’s not gay You’re not sick Do I come from Elmira sleep Paralysis? [sure], they’re doing it. He is doing it And you have authority over what he’s to me Jesus [said] yeah authority to stop every to me man You know why it’s not stopped you didn’t injure Authority Me Tubers are all about to save him sound like heresy tisn’t Jesus Christ the Son of God Already did everything he’s going to do about demons. He’s not going to do anything else He told you to do Jesus Christ [is] [not] going to come to the [Arizona] level so tonight. Just one deal anybody You’re going to do it Behold I give you power to tread on scorpions and serpents and over all the power of the enemy and nothing Shall by any means hurt you Whatever you bind on this earth is bound in Heaven Whatever. You loose on this earth is loosed in Heaven If you do nothing tonight, you will go home with nothing And the lord seems to [thrive] tears in his eyes over your life again Because he despises he hates seeing you better behave it These signs shall follow those who believe in my name they not me They shall cast out demons they Shall Lay hands on the sick and They shall recover [Nageki] will you do? we Close your eyes now By YouTube’s you just follow me in real. Just follow my instructions now close your eyes and take a big breath close your eyes So it’s a big breaths. Thank you. Jesus close your eyes sweet, okay Take a big breath come on woman [of] God the air you breath Come on now. Take [you] [mean] breath relax close your eyes just relax [there] you go good. Thank you. Jesus. Take a big breath relax It relax your body. I’ve never seen anybody get healed is all tense and tight just relax let your body kind of go loose Let your hands. Go there there you go relax good there you go good girl. There you go Just relax sir beautiful there you go. Take a big breath Come on, not so nice tonight mind clears tonight Take a big breath [know] the smells got seen your spirits I’m going to take the big breath here this one’s got chronic negative thoughts This one here needs to forgive a blank one of his youth for him to be healed. He has to forgive that guy Yes, I forgive that guy before you [beatles]. Just take a big breath just pray along with me now, Lord Jesus I am so incredibly sorry for what I’ve done Listening to Demons listening to unbelief listening to doubt cutting myself listening to fear thoughts Not believing not believing in you’re not Serving you I’m so sorry for what I’ve done and [I’m] asking you to forgive me now, Lord I’m asking you to wash me in the precious blood of Jesus yet Wash me in the precious blood [of] God right now you have given me authority over the devil and his evil works you have given me authority over Satan and Tonight, I want to take this Fierce spirit by the throat I’m going to take my authority the father gave me through the precious blood of jesus shed, and I’m going to take Dominion over Wickedness Evil I Commend your Lord, Jesus Christ. Come on my body right now you right now [all] [humans] come on All the things when your mother said about tonight like you’re here [well] What you’re here? Go [there] surely don’t let your mom go tonight. Go now Let me quote schoolgirl right now the lord let them go go Darius Very insecure bind your party come out of my body right now right now Now right now come [on] ladies every man you ever slept with every time Come on guys Every woman, you [smoked] that had demons you commit an adulterer you fornicator. You got a pin of it right now masturbation I forgive my mother for the Lord Dear Jesus take this anger out of my soul Father please forgive me take this pain for my childhood out of [my] [soul] Take all these misfortunes and all these bad things that happen to me autumn I saw Help me forgive all these people who betrayed me [stabbed] me in the back Help me forgive them so I can be forgiven I released every ugly person ever stabbed in the back right now tonight no I’m telling you. I’m telling you. I’m telling you I buying witchcraft and sorcery nation every ugly state of obesity over eating Food disorders, anorexia Bulimia [I] buy you a canadian Every [dealer] you pick up for a one-night stand [I] bind that ugly spit out Every day when you picked up when you got drunk You fornicator when you were drunk [you] got drunk and slept the summation of everything to say hi to My body right now Save me [Lord] Jesus. I command these spirits to come out of my head by the blood of Jesus come out My boy I bind your power House right now very calm very calm very calm go I Think I forgave him, but there’s a lot of other people hurt me. I need forgive them okay Go wrench in their names. Go Hunter Hunter Thank you My dad. Yeah, okay, I am so sorry I’m I don’t right now With your body you [Tubers]. What’s right here to your body These place Shall follow them to believe in my name. They shall cast out demons They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover [put] your hand where your body hurts Put your hands over your body hurts And command that pain to come out now I’ll command you in the name of Jesus the son of the living God Come out of my legs to my knees on my back Come on. My back right now Come on. Come on. We’re dreams oh Goody-Goody in Hatred Hatred You know you know him? That’s your son. You just [make] a shot for some Hearing voices. Yes You’re right Ryan Scott’s Pearson’s, right? [and] you have worry in their heart What happens in one week, okay? Let’s switch. I Want you to praise the Lord [all] [the] bad things about [Brian] I Didn’t fight let it go. Thank you, Jesus Thank you for everything is back After me dear, Jesus, please forgive me for my sins Please save my soul Please wash me in your precious blood Please help me dear Lord I’m turning my [life] over to you my mind My heart my body I’m turning it over to you [and] me the holy spirit tonight in Jesus name [I] Take a big breath Breathe out big breath, holy spirit. I pray [then] again again go holy Spirit Forgive me Lord for hurt my mother We see over art and your soul rhema, Jesus Yeah, never being delivered come up here and never be healed here [being] like this rest of my life, go get out Here my future fear ever live with us even one more day go All right now fear my future go Here my future Dreamers you put your hand on your body right now put your hand here summer Which area you’re going to put your hand here shoulder grab your knee Once you put your hand on your body mark 16 kicks in Mark 16 will kick in put your hand on your knee [returning] [their] shoulder in the name of Jesus Christ the [son] of God I bind the spirit of infirmity in the spirit of pain I Bind his power right there second Heel heel, [no] Check it out Check out your shoulder Check out your shoulder put your hand right there That pain will [come] right out of there If you feel anything you are in the fairway what you feel? I feel better worse. No better Were you were you praise the lord for all those bad things? Okay Yeah, ready Now I’m gonna ask the holy ghost touch you now you ready I’m going to ask him to give you the gift of the giggles ready go Come on start laughing create are laughing. How you doing, okay? Probably yeah, I know You are very worried about her yeah Okay, and you’re having stress [weight], and you’re having pressure And the demons are taking off of you Okay, you’re making your daughter sugar No First Peter chapter 5 [so] here to cast all our care upon him for he cares for us [yeah] You are the husband the wife To government the everything’s you are everything in these people’s lives plus, you got your life You’re carrying all these words On you because you’re a strong person It’s a trick of [the] devil none of us going to get any better you Were in this condition seven years ago when I changed your house [and] Ten years we’ll do it again Only she’ll be in Jail by Man or pregnant and the milk We got to get this stuff out No, you’re not [okay]. [let’s] try it again. What we’re totally relaxed you Heavens Rejoice, we Can’t afford another [Ten] Years come on Let your fear about this man. Who I jokingly? Skater’s Godly Sorrow bus releases he just [wonder] Everything to the Lord tonight The Lord Collects forgave all the guilt he gave all the birds all the regrets all the pains all the hoods he gave them to The world right he gave it to him, and he lay back [accusin] house could be [chained] that curse He said let me take on the birds. Let me take your name. Let me take your [water] You could just [release] it to me [well], you can have that rid of the spirit you can rejoice in me if you’ll just let it go. Oh Joy, [Let’s] [see] Joyful noise heartbreaking metal users controllers Come on. Let it go Release me release Me I command every human for my daughter to come out of me right now every Demon from every Ex-husband every boyfriend You used my money used my time you used my life who wasted me come out now now Now you stole the joy of the lord for me. You stole my peace come out now. I said now Come out now Misery here heartache Trying to fix everything cheering everybody’s burdens being responsible for everything in the world come out in Jesus mighty name Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean to your own understanding. I repent [and] I come out now I Can’t fix this father. I can’t succeed. I can’t win. [I] don’t have the skills I Must trust now. I want my daughter out Every man out. I want all these heartbreaking disappointments, and all these people let me down out now [how] [now] Now I still have a destiny is not to be a doormat Not enjoying that [I’m] not a trash can I’m done with it I’m done with it [I] Have to do everything because I don’t believe and I [don’t] trust Well, I repent of it right this second I Cannot cure my daughter. I can’t do it. I can’t fix her. I can’t you [or] everything I try just shove back in my face. I’m letting it go now Sorry, Lord. Jesus let her. He’s trying to do your job the Devil tricks mothers with too much love He tricks them to use their love against them not any more No more no more Let me go Satan, let me go Satan let me go Let me go Satan you give me back my tears let go of my tears I Command you let go of my tears Evil spirits of Fear go Worry over my daughter go Is worry over my future go right now right now? fulfill my destiny in Christ, [I’m] going to become a Powerful warrior for the lower, I’m not taking beatings anymore. I’m going to start dishing them out [for] the devil My useless life ends in [three] seconds [one] [two] [three] go Don’t you lie to me ever again? You stinking Gators come on? Come out right now go streamers when you go to the website you hit the Button at the top. It says post deliverance you have to go through that 12-step program where’s that kid that was in the wheelchair at What happened to that kid in the wheelchair? Where’s that kid that was in the wheelchair? here Love you, buddy He liked the place. I love it love you, [oh] I Love [you] Where’s that kid with the wheelchair? Thank you very much Thank you for your mercy. Jesus hallelujah. Are you [no]? Thank you Jesus thank you, Jesus for your birth to God they come out yet. It’s come out. Where’s it given the spina Bifida that it? Okay I Streamers streamers and [lets] her play with me for a minute see this little girl right here. She got spina Bifida You got spina Bifida see this girl right here. She got spina Bifida Father God in the mighty name of Jesus. I wants to play with [me] anybody [yeah], come on Who wants to pray with me or this girl? She got finer Bifida? Who wants help me you do Here we go. You help us do All right [streamers] no spina Bifida is usually a spirit from the family tree comes down through the family tree and nails the kid in the womb for the first few months of childhood This demons from the family tree Grandpa Grandma great Grandma great Great Grandma Great Great-great, Grandpa somebody somebody had a spirit and shoulder somebody had a spirit They got this kid in the womb Lord in the name of Jesus we all agree for two or three are gathered together in the name of the Lord They’re the holy ghost resides there the holy ghost reside there we command you from the generations the generation of disability Death sickness and infirmity right now in Jesus holy name They go back if we have to Lord Jesus ten generations We find this spirit of spina Bifida. We bind your power. You filthy devil or be scared and then from it We curse you to failure in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus the [blood] taken Ashore Satan we curse you loose your whole looser hold on everybody here tonight Everybody Terra Firma you got that [you] thank you despise you why are [somebody]? Coming out again. Very cops come on. They’re gonna come out [ready] there you come on repeat Come on repeat Come on. It’ll be here he comes Spirit of infirmity you got back in now. You come back up you [got] back in you come back up Right now I said you got back in you come back out Hurry up. You got back in you come back out [right] now hurry up Come out of there come up Come out Quite a bit I curse you fail your guy For me right here now you come up You [got] back here now. You come back up there. He comes you got there you come back up Thank you. Don’t get it. Do you hate your guts? [I] hate your guts no, no, no more compromising I Will not compromise my face not one more day. I hate your guts. You hear me come out and keep [your] funny Go down Right now right now video video right now is Jesus a turtle finger first finger from the Mother’s home right now the person’s mother right now amen and amen My Anger is here mother mother Okay, let’s stand her up. [see] you come off. I’ll shoot. [I] don’t know enough, sweetheart Santa Start walking start walking Take another step come on. Let’s go start walking Come on. He’ll walk in a girl walk. Take another step come on Girl take another one legs you straighten right now straighten right out, and she’s just whole inning take another step honey Here we go Take your step through darn. That’s my grave. Take a step take another step here. I’ll get that for [you] We got it. You gotta take a step here. Take that back. I guess that you all Take a step let’s go, sweetheart Yeah, come get it attagirl. Take a step Come on. Walk walking take another attagirl very well keep walking There we go keep walking. Thank you, Jesus Thank you, Jesus Say can we find your power lose your whole face and bite your power Lucia. Hold jump up and down honey Jump up and down hon Yeah, girl. Kick your feet get your feet on That’s how you do it the holy ghost heals no one else heals take your feet Mary there she goes [now] that she’s a nurse or a foot straighten it out What’s going better there it is. Thank you Jesus You just walk [sweetheart] you walk right now, sweetheart You keep walking sweetheart. Let’s go Just walk let’s do it. Just walk keep walking attagirl He’s walking streamers Thursday night seven o’clock Healing and deliverance Friday night uh see you next Friday the secrets of prayer next Friday 7:00 p.m.. Arizona delivery [Center] Thursday night on Livestream Friday night on YouTube Please send us some more sick people running out of them See you next time Like spread that gift. [it’s] like you just put it all into perspective. I just give me that Thank you, Lord for healing. Thank you. Lord for healing Thank you heart. There’s no one I can speak like you speak Lord There’s no voice that is more pure and more precious and more true than your voice No, voice truer than your voice Lord Help us lord help us [to] open up our ears to let more of you in God More of your voice help us to hear your voice more help us to be quiet and still for you. God Help us to [be] quiet and still like Elijah Lord Help us with our restlessness help us with our striving Lord help us not strive any longer Lord But help us father to just remain silent Help us to just see question you got Help us to rest in you Lord. We’re so busy with our lives father trying to figure things out trying to look for Explanations trying to figure it all out, Lord. We’re striving. God and it’s been growing us. It’s been wearing us out father It’s been wearing us out and we’ve grown weary we’ve been fatigued Where we don’t want to fight in or we’ve been giving up at times We’ve been allowing the devil permission to rule and reign [in] our lives because we’ve been so tired of fighting asking why? We keep asking ourselves. Why God why and instead we [should] just be asking how lord can we gain [more] strength to? overcome the enemy how lord Can we have more of you and less of the devil? How could we have more of you to reign in our lives? How can we have more of you god and less of the devil Lord help us [brother] with more understanding? [help] us to have rivers of living water be flowing through [our] bellies Lord [when] we read that word of God help us to see things with spiritual understanding with spiritual eyes God, not with natural physical [either] Don’t mean anything But let those words jump off let those words be living in us let those words be speaking life into our bodies into our mind Help them to be living inside help us to speak life over ourselves Help us did not curse one another help us do not curse another help us do not speak curses over our life Help us did not speak purses over life, but to break them in Jesus name because we have been given the authority and power We have been given Authority and power by the precious dripping Crimson Red Blood of Jesus Christ his red Blood his red Blood Shed [for] you to shed for me to shed for every person who was here tonight Streamers are speaking to you kid for you Come on Now get up rise up out of those beds right up out of that death bed rise up out of that pity and self-worth Unworthiness that rejection rise up out of it grow up out of it rise up out of it and allow the work of the holy ghost Believe in him those who have been bedridden with pain those who have been critically bedridden [Spears’s] Findability Spirits of [Ms] Spirits have destroyed that nervous system. Speak life into that body right now. Speak truth into that life right now There’s no reason for you to be bedridden Jesus and arise take up your bed and walk Take up my bed and walk. We’re speaking to those people right now Who are laying all right take up that bed and walk in Jesus name? All right, take up that bed and lock in Jesus name be healed [you] be [will] be healed be healed of cancer right [now] We speak to cancer right now curse and die at its roots curse, and I edit through we break off We cancel the assignment the enemy of death We break off every generational curse of infirmity and death right now every generational curse of cancer diabetes heart attacks heart disease heart attacks right now right now pancreatic cancer Kidney Disease Kidney cancers thyroid cancer thyroid issues We’re speaking to those [mounds] of infirmity right now that they be removed and Cassada [Desti]. We put a curse of failure on it We come [out] of agreement with you Satan come out of agreement with your illnesses come out of agreement Stop saying. I have this I am that I Have this you don’t have it you’re infected with spirits. You don’t have those things Stop speaking death into your life and start speaking life. I am fearfully and wonderfully made [I] have a child of the most high Jesus speaks a word and he he loved all of our diseases The broken bodies [I] am healed [just] [got] broken body of Christ be laid upon yours and just believe Lillian be Yahweh, she said in one of her books People just don’t believe in Jesus is healing They just don’t believe if you could just look and turn your eyes upward And just look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. Look under him look under him Look under that brazen serpent to be healed Yeah Yeah, yeah, he weeps says he wept He had sorrow for us Jesus Did you’re healed you’re healed look upon [that] brazen serpent, Jesus [praising] serpent For healing all you have to do is believe All you have to do is believe and not doubt just believe I know it seems hopeless [I] know that you’ve been to doctors. I know that you have spent so much money I know that you’ve done everything in the natural I know that you’ve taken medicine I know you’ve done surgeries to cut things out to heal you but jesus is the healer He’s the divine physician the divine healer Jehovah Rapha call upon the Nature of Jehovah call upon the names of God call upon him and believe Just believe for that healing tonight. Come on you Can’t spend another day [on] your deathbed you can’t spend another day agreed to cancer You can’t spend [another] day agreeing with fibromyalgia chronic fatigue Diabetes you can’t be agreeing with migraines come on Start taking it to the cross tonight Take every pain take every regret Take all your emotions and leave them leave them. Thank you for the body of Chris endure Thank you for thank you, Jesus [I] made a lot of these friends on YouTube that are going through the same thing as me and in other struggles I just love you to death you know we all do I feel it those were the words that they said it’s like they’re they feel what I feel about you and There’s so much [sometime] in this world. It feels like There’s not enough of it, but when you find true fellowship and true body of Christ I realized how real it is for us you realize how important you are to us and It just means so much You know we all have [our] we all have the struggles we I can tell you know how the body of Christ, [we’re] all unique We all love you, and we’re all coming together We don’t want to come come together through indifference or different views we all just want to have Fellowship and we want to Honor you We don’t want to go and sit in church and just sit there and not I want to leave church and still inspired and closer to you a lot of these churches you know that I think that’s just some of these churches in the Modern age but You know true fellowship true heart. That’s what you are about your heart is huge [shilling] Just how you touch my life in a personal way, I will never forget it ever I don’t ever wanna I just don’t want the devil taking that from me. I don’t want that threatened [I] Just know [he] [did] because he don’t feel that. He doesn’t know what that’s like you know it just so these feel truly blessed and and uh That there is something better for you and a better path not struggle We can have a nice life and honor you it’s not feel stalked and upset I Have no idea when I read the bible what these people went [through] I mean Just moses trying to take these slaves through to get to Israel and you [party] to see it and just and they had to wander to the wilderness my God. What would that be like? I don’t know It’s wild [I] read this Bible in Okay, yeah, the the words are very old, but I get it When I hang out [with] other people the body of Christ II saw it just clicks it clicks together Because when they talk about the stories they come to life again it kept [so] [long] go [I] Just thank you for my my desire to know more about you. I Thank you for my I drive to just dig into the gospel or the scripture and um Now you’ve given that to me giving me this wonder this childlike wonder does intrigue Toward it [I] Have not felt that in a long time about anything the best part about you is you just You give us these? Little intrigue to give us these things to get closer to you. It’s like a journey it is a walk It’s a walk with pride [-] the journey Fascinating in my in my opinion, just I love that it’s just Sound like anything. You’re unlike anything anyone’s ever known well, I Just hope you know God Thank you, Lord

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