Someone Else’s Heart (Original Song about Mental Illness)

Someone Else’s Heart (Original Song about Mental Illness)

Hi, everyone! Today I would like to quickly discuss a topic that is very important to me and that is the topic of MENTAL ILLNESS! I’ve had problems with depression and anxiety pretty much my entire life and I was recently diagnosed with BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER It’s amazing how many people have never even heard of that… and what’s even more amazing is how many people, even today refuse to recognize that mental illnesses are REAL MEDICAL CONDITIONS! Even among those that know that it’s real, ignorance, miseducation, and confusion, still abound. For example, sometimes when I’m depressed, people will suggest “Why don’t you just TRY harder to be happy?” And sometimes when I’m anxious, people will suggest “Well, why don’t you just try harder to be calm?” If you or someone that you know has struggles with depression and anxiety, maybe you’ve heard that suggestion. and you know it’s not as easy as that. And it’s also a little bit hurtful because it’s insinuating that I’m NOT already trying my HARDEST. This song is kind of a reply to that suggestion and a part of my ongoing mission to promote the open discussion of and education about MENTAL ILLNESS! So, without further ado, my newest song. Sometimes when my smile is gone My happiness remains. And sometimes when my smile is there, inside is where it rains. You can’t know what’s in someone else’s heart. What’s easy for you For them, might be very hard. And though to you, it seems I’ve barely crossed the start, I know… I’ve come so far. So you may think I have no ambition, but I’m not what I seem. The life in which you are content is the life of which I dream. You can’t know what’s in someone else’s heart. What’s easy for you, for them, might be very hard. And though to you, it seems I’ve barely crossed the start, I know… I’ve come so far. So I would never ask for pity, but I might ask for help. And if you think your life is shitty, then you should ask as well!! And if you’re someone who has it easy, you might not understand the need for a friend who is willing to lend a helping ear or hand. Cuz the fact of the matter is… Sometimes, it’s hard to be a person! Sometimes, it’s hard to be alive!! So if your friend got out of bed, then give your friend a HIGH FIVE!! Cuz you can’t know what’s in someone else’s heart. What’s easy for you, For them, might be very hard. And though to you, it seems I’ve barely crossed the start, I know… I’ve come so far… So if I don’t make a million dollars, if I’m not a household name, I’ll be proud of myself in my hand-me-downs and love me, just the same. cuz I watched the sun roll across the sky and give the moon its light and if all I could do was survive the day, then I guess I’ve done alright. Thank you SO MUCH for listening, everybody! And I just want to add that if you have any questions for me about my personal struggles with mental illness or if you would like to just vent about your own, or if you have any questions and you want to be more educated about the subject, just leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. And, until next time!! I have… two ferrets…

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  1. Holy smokes Eden.  I had no idea.  You have said and sung my life and my words too.  Hang in there kiddo — yes, getting up in the morning and surviving the day IS success — one day at a time, one hour at a time, one moment at a time.  Been there, done that.  Gosh I'm impressed. 

  2. I can't thank you enough… your song is not only beautiful but the words are just amazing… it's like you reached inside so many people n sang what so many people feel… ur song brought out every emotion I have n that's pretty incredible… again thank you so much n good luck with ur struggle….. I will b listening to ur song everyday…. XOXOXOXO

  3. You bet…. I shared it as soon as I was done watching it… ur message is so powerful the hole world should be able to hear it… Thank you again… much love xoxoxoxo

  4. hi I like that song you played I basically have had mentall illness all my life and i can relate to that song and thank you for that song

  5. Thank you , I am bipolar . U help me a lot with this song, I am going to college next year. I will bring this song with me through me journey in my life. Thank you, I mean it.

  6. This is literally the best song to describe the journey of recovery and how I feel about mental illness! Thanks so much, if it's ok can I use it for my media studies A Level Course work which is about mental illness? Much love Stay Strong x

  7. Lovely song 🙂 thank you for this. And oh so many yeses….I call those people "positivity pedlers"…."you need to cheer up"…I literally never thought of that:D Im cured! lol. Look forward to more lovely

  8. May I please use this song for my Film Class video? It's going to be submitted for exams. I thought this was a beautiful song that fits perfectly with my short film. I will definitely give you credit/copyright for your amazing song. 🙂

  9. Thank you! Im a 27yr devorced father of two young daughts , dignosed with around 7 mental disordes , I can say ur song has saved me THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM MY ENTIRE HEART!

  10. This actually brought me to tears… Your voice is beautiful and your message is inspiring. Thank you for speaking/singing out for those who may have a harder time!!! Being someone who also has struggled with depression and anxiety and a person who connects with music very closely, hearing your song is just.. so touching. You stay strong and keep on singing!

  11. I love your song it's such a great inspiration. I have had RSD/CRPS since 2009 and it causes a lot of those same feelings as well as extreme pain. Thank you for putting yourself out there I know it's not easy, praying for you and many others.

  12. Could I get a copy for offline use? so I could play it for others and honestly just listen (other than at home) without worrying about a data cap? It is beautifully sung.

  13. This is an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL song oh my god!!! I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 4 years ago and though I'm on medication, sometimes there are weeks where every single day is a struggle. Your song and story resonated with me so much. I love the line "sometimes it's hard to be a person" I love your voice and your sound, I would LOVE to see you on Spotify, because I checked and your name didn't come up 🙁 So anyway, keep making beautiful music and keep waking up each day.

    Side note: I'm also from Washington state and am 21, though I realize you're probably 22 now :p

  14. I would have given anything to find you sooner. My oldest son has ADHD, Bipolar & IED. He has suffered all his life. He has always been ashamed & embarrassed of his diagnosis. He says the meds are worse than the diagnosis. He has always self medicated until recently & has been in & out of jail. He tried to go clean & straight & had a full psychotic break & now he will be serving 15 years for that one night. My sadness for him is over whelming. Dalton is only 24 years old. In his normal state he would step in front of a bullet for you. Thank you for what you are doing. May God bless you on your journey & in life. If you would consider writing him please email me at [email protected]

  15. this song is amazing I have borderline personality disorder ptsd and severe anxiety after losing a daughter, I'm trying very hard to work full time and support my family by myself for the first time in years (my husband just got out of the corps) and many days I feel like they don't understand the struggle I go through just to get up and go to work and pretend I care

  16. I've never known how to put it into words but thanks to u I'm going to start telling my family that sometimes it's hard to be a person and I've come so far maybe that will make more sense than I'm trying and it's hard

  17. OMG, I just listened to this again – I wish it would go viral!!!!!  It's SOOOOOOOO perfect in the articulation of a tough but very real topic.  May I share this on my facebook page?

  18. Hi hope its ok to share this within my mental health group on Facebook, Twitter and our website your more than welcome to check us out at or our website Geoff Head Admin

  19. Are you on any medicines? If so, do you ever find it hard to actually take them? IDK how long I've been backtracking now from just not doing that simple thing, and I'm afraid to bother trying now for fear of the shame of having to deal with trying to solve relevant medical issues/appointments (idk when it was missed, but I'm certain it was probably months ago) and concern that I'll get a little better for a short time only to get screwed over by what the federal government is pulling (or wants to pull) (in the US).

  20. I, too, have lived most of my life with anxiety and depression, and your words ring so true. Last summer, after I had hit an all-time low, a friend said something that was beautifully accurate — "I can sympathize, but I can't empathize." How refreshing and so very wise.

    At my worst, it is easy to feel alone in this. Your song is a reminder that I am not.

  21. This is still my favorite song and helped my daughter understand her own issues and several of my coworkers understand their children better, we need more from you

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