100 thoughts on “[Sub Esp/Indo/Eng/Thai] GFRIEND In “School Attack” 2019

  1. 👏❣️💖💖💗💖💖❣️ Muchas Gracias por la traducción…💎💎💎💎💎 No me cansaré de decir que ♥️♥️Sinb💘💞 es demasiado hermosa…

  2. Athlete Yuju…..:

    You have to finish what you started. Have you ever seen a runner, who fell down and gave up?

    Edit: We already know Yerin We already know. That Yuju is a Lost kid hahaha. GfriendatEurope😂😂


    sowon: were going to sing TFTMN!

  3. Gran video muy entretenido, lo gozé gracias por las traducciones GFRIEND las mejores, hermosísimas ♡♡♥♥♡♡

  4. Why i watch gfriend play another games when they in school attack but when i watch this i cant find the games that they play?? (Sorry for my broken english😁😁)

  5. 16:31 imagine gfriend coming to ur school and you went home early😂 sowon right bet she'll regret it
    19:08 sowon angry mode and sinB face is just too cute
    20:17 unbeatable sinB😂
    26:26 members were worried bc yuju bad at directions…..

    i love them somuch thnks for the eng sub UwU

  6. i've been looking for the full episode of this school attack since their performance videos were released days ago. thanks for this

  7. I love these girls, they’re one of top idol in korea with fans who are willing to spend so much money on them but they still do these kind of free event
    Loving my humble girls

  8. Hi Maria M, can you also put english sub on this video below for us please… we’ve been waiting for almost 2 weeks yet still no english sub. Thank you so much and will appreciate your effort very very much.. ❤️😚😊


  9. Honestly, yerin is the most important member in Gfriend. She is being able to do heart caring for Yuju, being fun for maknae Umji, co-leading for Sowon, cute or sweet moment with Eunha and tomboyish partner for SinB. What a girl

  10. if i was them , i would be embarassed. why came to horse park even cant ride it. instead give them play horse toy. i understand you umji.

  11. i bet the non buddy start to become one after seeing them performing in real life😂 imagine seeing gfriend but doesn’t stan them..doesn’t make sense to me

  12. 은하 등에 테이프 붙은거 같은데.. 37:30    38:49
    Tape on Eunha (galaxy)'s back.
    It seems to have been attached.  37:30    38:49

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