14 thoughts on “Suspect in girl’s abduction held without bail

  1. He stalked her,planned it,forcibly seized her and kidnapped her. The excuses are lame,really really lame. Mental? He might have issues don't most,but he KNEW ENOUGH TO WATCH HER ROUTINE and then execute his plan. Clearly,he knows right from wrong and drives a Car! And if you let him go,he will do it again and worse,then all the sorry's and 'if only's' won't cut it.

  2. I don't trust MA judges, he might get off on an insanity plea. Liberal judges view the suspect as a victim of mental illness. It's going to get real ugly now.

  3. Mental illness my foot OK!!!! Listen he knew what he was going to do with that little 👧 God bless her in Jesus name amen that she's home safe with her family and thank you for those out there that made it happen god bless you all 🙏

  4. Folks…a mental health evaluation to establish compentency is required by federal law if he even states he is suicidal in lock up or other mitigating factors. It also allows the court to obtain other pertinent information. Without going to my library I think this was established around 1956.

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