Talking Tom and Friends – The Voice Switch (Season 1 Episode 45)

Talking Tom and Friends – The Voice Switch (Season 1 Episode 45)

Bongo… Eeh-ooh! Don’t limit yourself to bananas. Ooh ooh ee- What, no! No! Ahem, I’m sure you’re all wondering
why we’re all gathered here today! – No, I’m not.
– No, me either. I didn’t even know we were gathered. Well, rather than shout across the room,
I’ll come closer and tell you about my most revolutionary invention yet… …the first ever teleportation device! Whoa… How’d you do that? Who are you and what have you done
with the Ben that was right over there? Hold your questions. I seem to have forgotten
an object at my previous location. Forgotten object, retrieved. Ben, do you realize what this means? Yeah, Ben will never have
to walk across this room again! Can I try it? But of course you can. I’m a pioneer of science! Yeah, we’re pioneers of… No! Aaaah! Ben, they’re not coming
back. Are they coming back? They’re supposed to come back. I don’t know. I’ve never tried it with two people. Ooh, that could be them! Tom, that was stupid and dangerous! Yeah, what were you thinking- Why do I sound like this? Ah! Why do I sound like Tom,
this is very strange. Hello, hello, my name is Angela… Hey, Angela sounds just like Tom… What is happening? Which means… Huh? Come on, Tom. Say something. Say something! Hi. I’m freaking out right now. Ben, what’s going on? Why do I sound like this? Your voice instructions must
have somehow gotten crossed. You two got voice swapped! Uh, uh… nope, nope, nope. What do we do? What
do we do? What do we do? I want my voice back! I got it. We can we just go
back through the teleporter the opposite way we came. Yes! Let’s try that! Interesting, according to my
calculations that might leave you even more mixed up. Is this permanent?! Definitely not. After a few days your
cells will regenerate and your voices should return to
normal annoying voices. A few days? Can’t you find a way to fix this sooner? Strictly impossible. Unless I… Let me try something. Wow, you really do have a lovely voice. Do you want me to sing to you? La la la la la la la. Are you gonna say something? I would, but every time I open
my mouth I hear your voice. Wow, Tom sounds really mad at Tom. Oh A-a-a-a-oh! That’s Angela’s phone. Uh-oh, it’s her mom. Rocket Bike. We put a Rocket on a Bike! Rocket Bike! Whoa… Are bossy grown-ups always
telling you what to do? Yeah. Be the boss of your own life now! Tom? Tom? Hey Tom, it’s me, Angela. You’re so smart and funny. And handsome. I really wish you were my boyfriend. *Mwuah* I really wish you were my boyfriend. *Mwuah* Yeah, that’s a keeper. Tom? You in there? Just a minute! Um, Angela left her phone here. What do you want me to do with it? It’s your mother. I mean, it’s her mother. Yeah, and? If a kid doesn’t answer when their
mom calls, the mom will worry. Yeah, you’re right. I better take this. Hi, mom. It’s me, Angela. Your daughter… Rocket Bike. Order your rocket bike today. Must have permission from
a grown up to order a Rocket Bike. Rocket Bike. Rocket Bike. I’m calling to order a Rocket Bike. Ooh…Unfortunately you must be at
least eighteen to order your Rocket Bike. You don’t know how old I am! I can tell by your voice
you’re just a little kid. Little kid. Little kid. Come on Ben, think! Oh…. Think, think, think, I know I’m
thinking, obviously I am thinking but think smart! If I can refocus the plasma
injector – well, no, that would disrupt the cell
reassembly nodes. Hehe. Uh-huh… Uh…Wow, that was sure a
long and detailed story. Hey, Mom. Quick question. Have I ever talked to you
about a guy named Tom? You know, the really cool,
handsome, charming guy? Lance? Who’s Lance? Hey, mister! You watch where you’re going! Oh, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t wake your baby. One Chance Lance? Yeah, we’ll see about that. Hey, Angela! Lance. Ooh, baby, you sound upset. You’re mad cause I still
haven’t invited you here. I know, I know, I promised. But until now I wasn’t sure you had
enough experience to work in my club. But if you’re this confident of your
talent, I’ll put you on stage tonight. Oh. You’re a music promoter… Yes! I heard a yes. Tonight? And remember… they don’t call me
One Chance Lance for nothing! But seriously, you’ve got
one shot at this. Don’t mess it up. Uh…wait, Lance. Aaaah! Great news. Lance thinks you’re ready
to work at his club. Tonight! I can’t sing with this stupid voice! Then I’ll cancel. No! If you cancel on Lance, he
never lets you work for him again. That’s why they call him
One Chan-Chance Lance. I get it. What do you want me to do? You’re gonna sing my songs. Gah! Where are the teleportation disks? Hello, Mailman. Do you have a Rocket Bike for me? No? That’s okay, I’ll just borrow your grownup voice and I’ll get my own. Uh-huh. Right on time, as usual. Rocket Bike! What’s wrong? No mail for this address today. Sorry, kid. What, but… My grass is bright green
I’ve got nothing to fear I’m full of soap and screams! Uh, uh, uh, uh! It’s “hopes and dreams” not
“soap and screams.” Come on. Maybe we should just cancel. No. We can’t! I’m not going to mess up my
one and only opportunity to perform at this club just because you – Just sing together! You can’t tell whose
voice is whose when you’re singing at the same time. Aaah… Ginger? Ginger! Haha! Hahahahaha! Haha, alright. Hahaha! Sorry, not sorry! Now, let’s hear it for Tom and Angela! Okay, now stick to what we practiced. And remember everything we
say has to be at the exact… Same time. I know, let’s go! Hey everybody, we’re Angela and Tom. The heart’s so shiny… Oh, this will be perfect! Oh, ah! Ooh. I got me a craving
for cucumbers soaked in brine. It is pickle time! Ah… The heart’s so shiny, the heart’s so shiny. The spleen is not that shiny. And neither is your foot. The foot’s not even an organ. But it can’t walk without the heart! Shiny heart! Thank you, we love you! Ah! Oops. No, I can explain. My voice was just switched
with my singing partner’s. Ah! No, don’t worry, guys, it’s just temporary! Hey, guys! How’d it go? Pretty, bad, what – hey! Hank? Yes! How’d you get Ginger’s voice? Why don’t you ask Ginger? Hello, Ginger Grownupington here. Please send me your
fastest Rocket Bike right away!

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  4. Who Would You Like To Swap Voices With?
    (I made it because the talking tom and friends' comment is over 500 replies)
    Edit: I want Hank's voice

  5. when you realize that in order to teleport to where you want to go, you have to put a teleportation pad there.

  6. This is so confusing… how could angela and tom change their lovely voice. Angela has a lovely voice and why angela could change her voice

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  8. that would be a bit rude if someone ran away after hearing that angela had a man's voice… what if she was transgender? alright, i'll stop complaining

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  10. i feel bad for Ginger because he always never gets his own way a bit like me๐Ÿ˜‚but i still loved this episode just like i love all off the talking tom episodes obviously!

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