TAOBAO HAUL ~ test pralki do mycia beauty blenderów!

TAOBAO HAUL ~ test pralki do mycia beauty blenderów!

❁Hi everyone, today I have prepared a video for you in which I’ll show you my Taobao shopping haul!❁ China is also my beloved country and I often live here. And I love to buy on this largest shopping website. Because there I can find everything I like at a reasonable price. I will leave links in the description, so you can easily find these things that I’ll show today. If I can find something similar on Aliexpress, I will also include links in the description. I bought a few gadgets, including a popular washing-machine toy for washing makeup sponges, which later I will test in this video, so please watch until the end! Two pairs of shoes, one dress and two rompers. Let’s start…!♡ I bought beautiful beige shoes from ‘Teenmix’. I’m very happy that I found such pretty shoes that matches most of my outfits. Shoes are made of leather! My shoes usually reach up over 7cm, so this time I wanted to buy something more comfortable with a lower heel. They are very comfortable. I will definitely wear them often during autumn and spring! I also found beautiful white sandals.❃ The price was very cheap. I paid 80¥, around 50zl, 12USD. They are very beautiful, just look at these flowers! ❁ Perfect for summer ‘himekaji’ coordinations ❤ In the end of this week I’m going to Korea and I found out that there will be very hot during my stay. So I decided to buy some some new clothes for this trip! I asked you a question on Instagram, which clothes I should buy, I planned to buy one, but finally I bought two…XD I couldn’t resist this dress… Those delicate flowers and charming lace stole my heart! ❤❤❤ I bought rompers, too. There were also two other colors, green and white, But I chose blue because I thought it would match my eye color, and at this moment, I don’t have a lot of blue clothes. I fell in love with these cute bows! What do you think about these rompers? ❀ On chinese second hand market, ‘Xianyu’, I found another rompers (Yes, this time I bought two). Until now I owned only one, and I liked it. This one was very cheap! I paid 40¥ so around 25zl, 6USD. The previous owner cared a lot about this piece because there are no dirt and is in ideal condition. Such a cute design, look!♡ I received a white lace bolero, decorated with pearls. This bolero looks nice with jsk. Do you like it? ✽ I like this ribbon! Ok, now it’s gadgets time! I found this cute LizLisa x My Melody shopping bag! I collect stuff from this collaboration! Two favourite companies together-Liz Lisa & Sanrio!♥ This shopping bag will be very useful during shopping in the groceries! I’m a fan of magnetic eyelashes. And to be honest I already almost don’t have any patience for eyelashes glue anymore… Magnetic one are a nice option! And they are very comfortable and I use them daily. ❃ This is my set of two pairs! I cut the bottom strap into three parts, so i can apply them more easier. I found similar eyelashes on AliExpress. Links are down below! So… now let’s try this famous toy! Battery operated washing-machine toy… it supposed to wash the beauty blenders and makeup brushes… Let’s find out how it works! ♥ Ok, so I put the batteries in, I poured water…I’m curious if it works! I will put the beauty blender upside down. ok… I will add some delicate japanese dishsoap… Let’t turn it on! Ok, maybe it’s enough! I am going to pour out the water and pour a new one Ok, I have to wipe the table because it spilled out… I poured water through the tube, there is clear water here, and we will rinse it. Ooch… water is leaking from this toy… Why?? ;( I’ll turn it off… Why water is dripping… Now I squeezed the sponge over the sink, and to be honest, this toy washes the sponge… in some places it is still dirty, but now, the sponge looks way better than before. enough… There is still a lot of foundation. But overall…. I think is okay.❀ By the way we will wash my makeup brushes. I’ll hold them. The toy washed my brushes very nice. I’m not happy that the water is leaking. Beauty blenders break easily. I think that this toy is a way more delicate for them than hand-washing. Of course this toy not always can wash sponges perfectly, but after washing it’s best to squeeze out the sponge and gently clean by hand. And it’s the best way to keep your sponges not break. ✿ You can get this washing-machine on AliExpress, around 20zl(5USD). Thank everyone of you for watching my video. I hope you liked it! Let me know in the comments down below, what you liked the most!✿ I will be very,very happy if you’ll subscribe my channel. I add videos every Thursday, and soon I’ll publish some vlogs. Don’t forget to check my Instagram! ♫ @nayenneee See you soon, I hope! Take care, bye-bye!❁

8 thoughts on “TAOBAO HAUL ~ test pralki do mycia beauty blenderów!

  1. Wszystko jest cudne! 😍 Szczególnie te kombinezony! 😻 PS: Zrobisz może tutorial jak kupować na Taobao? Na co zwracać uwagę itp? 😶

  2. Nie sadzilam, ze jeszcze kiedykolwiek na Ciebie trafie. Disiaj trafilam na Twoj filmik o tym dlaczego Cie nie bylo i bylam w szoku. W sumie Nadal jestem w szoku. Ale naprawde milo znowu Cie zobaczyc. Pamoetam jeszcze jak prowadzilas bloga, moze z 6 lat temu? Stracilam rachube 😂

  3. Ah ta cudna praleczka, nigdy mi sie nie podobała i jak widać słusznie 😀 Po taobao nie umiem się poruszać (ah ten chiński), dlatego jak zobaczyłam białą sukienkę, aż mało co jej nie kupiłam :') A miałam oszczędzać na sukienkę z LizLisy :'D Chyba dzięki temu nie wydałam pieniążków. I może następnym razem spróbuj tak bardzo nie akcentować swojej wypowiedzi, strasznie sztucznie to brzmi. Nie chcę byś zrozumiała mnie źle, nie piszę, że scenariusz jest zły, szczególnie przy dziecku( i tak jestem pod wrażeniem regularności twych filmików 😉 ), ale mniejszy nacisk na zdania i będzie miód malina (mam nadzieję, że wiesz o co mi chodzi ^^' ). Ah no i bransoletka ze spinką skradły me serce, nie mogłam się na nie napatrzeć 😀

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