100 thoughts on “Tati Exposes James Charles In Emotional Viral Video

  1. Oh common… She is just a drama queen and maybe jealous of James? I don't know both but everything makes no sense and it looks like two kids are crying over a toy.

  2. Tati: it’s your moment, this is it, as big as you’re gonna get so enjoy it

    Also Tati: had to give you a career to destroy it

  3. I feel kind of bad for James… no one deserves such backlash so quickly. His life is probably such a mess right now and he is probably losing everything.

  4. The only reason James Charles is famous is because he’s gay. He has no other interesting parts about him except he shows off he wears make-up. If he didn’t wear make-up he wouldn’t have gotten fame. I think he deserves to lose SOME fame.

  5. How tf is it not about money when your deadass on the fucking internet killing his name if it wasn’t about the drama and shit why couldn’t y’all hash it out behind closed doors and keep a distance dumb bitch bruh

  6. People need to stop going at James James is and will always be a goddess and if Tati wants to make it such a big deal she can he made a choice to do something he wanted so what she didn’t like it just because it went against her company. I’m sorry but a friendship shouldn’t end just cuz of a business problem sorry Tati James forever and always

  7. These pathetic creatures and their unnecessary, disgusting, vile, and RETARDED "feelings"

    What I'm saying here is…why they gotta make this shit public. Deal with this shit PRIVATELY.

  8. And we give a fuck why? This is the problem with today. When this type of news happen and millions watch.

  9. You don’t get to the success that he had without knowing how to work someone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of James but isn’t she too at that level of success so that means….

  10. I never liked or watched him because #jeffrestar #jefreestarfanforlife HE SAID KARMA WOULD GET YOU ! IT DID BITCH 👏like he hella warned us about this snake already
    When has he ever been wrong ?!

  11. Is there a way to disable stories or topics across the board on every app device ect this was the only thing I could find on every news headline . This is actually the dumbest thing I’ve ever encountered in my life and seriously asking if there is anyway to never see this story again.

  12. Good. That's what she gets for being a fkn idiot. That woman is one of the biggest loser I've seen

  13. things are slowly die down …unsubscribing for james came to stall and he is gonna stay around 13.5 millions subs

  14. I really don't give a shit about any of this I am just looking a random videos while my game downloads

  15. Everyone has made a fucking mistake once right so why can’t he you all would not want other people saying shit about your mistake so don’t do his and fuck Tati people change she did to from not popular to popular he just changed his sexuality

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  17. I just wanna know 1 thing…who the fuck are all these people and what value could i get from knowing who they are?

  18. I look forward to your response video to the James Charles "No More Lies" video; Hollywood Life. I'm sure about showing both sides of the story, right? I'll be waiting. 😉

  19. James just needs to own up to his mistakes so he can move forward in his career but if he dosent he is cancelled Laughs out loud he already is cancelled

  20. Now it’s JAMES Exposing TATI and Jeffree with actual receipts and proofs. 🙌🏻 good job James

  21. James Charles is. My idol and when I read this mean comments I start to cry so please stop and Tati you so I just don’t like you ok I love you James

  22. For a 40 years old female

    Tati didn’t address the issue professionally; She should confront james privately and talk to him one on one instead of making a video and ruining his reputation just to make herself feel good and make herself feel better

  23. Could tati just live in a black hole james charles is a good guy so i don't know what tati is talking about because she knows she is the bad guy

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