TB Personal Stories – Kate

TB Personal Stories – Kate

>>I couldn’t shake what I
thought was this terrible cold. I was coughing all the time. I was having night sweats. I was just fatigued. I had no interest in
eating and I couldn’t, I could barely swallow
from the coughing. It really got in my throat. It was really bad. [music] When I went to the hospital, I
thought I’d be there overnight, maybe a few days at the longest
but I didn’t leave for 75 days. And we weren’t prepared
for that. My husband wasn’t
prepared for that. I never said good bye to my son. [music] The pregnancy made things very
difficult with my treatment. I had to take different
medications, not the first line
treatments for tuberculosis that we’d been taking forever. There was no way for anybody
to tell me what the effect of these medications was
going to be on my baby and that was really, really,
that was really difficult. [music] I was really worried when
I came out of the hospital like what is he going to think? Is he going to cry
when he sees me? Is he going to, I figured
he would recognize me but I was a little worried. And he came right up to me. He hugged me and he
was really amazing. [music] And I just heard my baby crying
and it was just the best feeling because I was like
listen to those lungs. Listen to that baby cry. That baby can cry. That baby can breathe. I want people to know that
pregnancy is really something that changes every
single part of your body and I want the health
community to be reminded that again tuberculosis
is airborne and anyone can catch it. [music] I had life and death growing
inside me at the same time. But life won.

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  1. I also suffered from TB when 18years. I got depression from the same and I almost died. I would pass out regularly. I would not wish TB on anyone glad it has a cure today unlike in the 1800s

  2. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis too this year.. I had to have surgery to drain the fluid out of my lungs because I would’ve died if it was left untreated. It left me gutted to know that I had caught this illness especially due to exam stress and my current situation.
    But I would never regret having tb as it has helped me to become stronger person. My advice to anyone going through it is to continue to persevere and remain strong and not let it define you but mould you.

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