100 thoughts on “The Fascinating History of Diabetes Testing

  1. I was wondering,could you do a behind the scene video in which we see all the calculus you have to do to reach the result?Thanks for reading if you do so and thanks for all of your good videos 🙂

  2. There are far more things you can do with body fluids.
    You also can test blood for how much hemoglobine it contains, if you are infected by a certain pathogen, how much testosterone your blood has, etc

  3. So I'm doing the first two experiments as a chemistry lab, and I'm wondering if there's a way I can quantitatively compare my results if I'm using different levels of glucose for my tests. I was considering a spectrometer or a colourimeter, but help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. NileRed, we need a collab between you and Codyslab on how much potassium is in a banana. He roasts the sample and you isolate the compounds!

  5. Might just be my internet, but Nile hasn't uploaded this week, I miss you man; I need my weekly dose of chemistry knowledge

  6. Would adding nitrate salts directly to sulfuric acid create weak nitric acid without any distillation? Apparently hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid form nitric acid?

  7. Not only did i learn some history but also finished understanding one of my last biochem lab classes, we usually do the GOx method and use the spectrophotometer to measure absorbance/concentration. I just had trouble getting the reaction right, thanks!

  8. Thank you for the history lesson, combined with the chemistry lesson. Your content keeps getting better, and I'm loving it 🙂

  9. huh. I remember ChemPlayer (I think) talking about NMR spectroscopy, and that its usually in very high magnetic fields and using deuterated solvents. He mentioned something about bench-top NMR spectroscopy machines using strong permanent magnets.
    maybe a relatively simple non-invasive device could be (probably already is) made that way. It seems to me that the problem with low-field NMR spectroscopy (other than spectral resolution) was the really quite long relaxation times. hmmmm… something to think about.

  10. Do you homework on diabetes. There's one thing you miss…"Hybrid" diabetes of combine Type 1 and 2. Which mean hybrid diabetic people can take both insulin injection and type 2 diabetic drug.

  11. NileRed: Hey this might sound a bit weird but…can I have some of your pee?

    Friend: What the hell? Why do you want my pee?

    NileRed: FOR SCIENCE!!!

    Friend: Oh okay, here.

    I imagine that this is how it went. Feel free to correct me.

  12. Thanks for being honest with chickening out, you could've easily chugged a beaker of apple juice and said it was pee and we would've been none the wiser. A little confused, but not wiser.

  13. Every now and again mainly when some alcohols are mixed and i've even seen it sometimes when HCL(aq) is either diluted or mixed there are weird areas in the solution almost like slight amount of oil mixed with water, (but there never is oil) What are these ?

  14. Hi Nile, can you make a video about inhalable insulin Afrezza? I just saw it on TV, they said it's life changing. I'm very interested in knowing How and Why it's life changing – Thanks.

  15. I am type 1 diabetic, and a have a cgm (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) and it works really well. it connects with my insulin pump, and alarms me when i'm high or low. i think it's very accurate, and it makes my life 1000 times easier!

  16. Boy, would I have LOVED to be a fly on the wall when that conversation happened.

    "So uh… can I have some of your pee?"

    "Excuse me WHAT?"


  17. Hey NileRed there is a continuous glucose monitoring system available for diabetics, its the Freestyle Libre. You wear the sensor and check glucose with a little reader.

  18. My dad is type 2 and just got one of those devices that you attach a sensor to your upper arm… he LOVES it and feels like it’s pretty accurate as he’s checked his sugar periodically the “regular” way with his meter and they line up

  19. It's just incredible how so many elements of genius go in to solving one problem Great video, very interesting.

  20. I know what's up, Nile. This whole video was a ruse just so you had an excuse to taste a girl's pee. By being so adamant that you didn't taste it makes it sound like you are lying. You definitely did off camera. Don't feel bad, man. Everyone has their own kinks. I like to choke myself while jerking and staring at myself in the mirror. You like pee. Who cares?

  21. one thing i wish you had mentioned was the role of Richard Bernstein, and how he's in a large part responsible for the availability of glucometers to the average diabetic. (seriously though, if you have diabetes go with his diet. it'll save you an arm and a leg, literally.)

    edit: also, my father tested one of the continuous monitoring devices, they don't hardly work. they also cause infections and other maladies around the site if used for extended periods of time.

  22. It might be the adjuvants in all the vaccines kids are pumped up with these days. Adjuvants super charge the immune response even to the point of having the body attacking itself, which is called an auto-immune disorder. Since Type 1 diabetes is caused the body's own immune system, it might be caused by vaccines containing adjuvants.

  23. my mom has type 1 diabetes and has had one of those thingys that are on your hand and dont need constant poking since 2013 altough she uses the older poky then strippy thingy for example when she flies because its not allowed on a plane.

  24. "I think I may be sick. Also, I pee a lot.."
    "Come here, boy. Let's have a taste of that piss."
    "Don't argue with me, I'm a Doctor ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)"

  25. I use a continuous glucose monitor. I've heard of using an infrared glucose meter. They can look into the body with light to see the glucose levels.

  26. Simply by picking “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it), you`ll recover from diabetes and set you to a more favourable way of life. For a period of time of 1 ½ months, my husband has been a passionate follower of the program. He has been dependent to insulin for 5 years in his 6 year long struggle against type two diabetes. Given that reading through this plan as well as adhering to the program he`s eating better everyday & everyday…

  27. also isn't there such a thing as insulin hypersensitivity say if you haven't had sugar in a long time?
    is it also possible for such a situation to have a rebound effect?

  28. This one time, in college, some of my friends drank one of my other friend's entire brand new 2 liter of ginger ale. They then pissed in the 2 liter bottle many times until it was full over the course of the night without the friend knowing about any of this. Then they put the ginger ale bottle back in the fridge. The next day, my friend went to drink his ginger ale and drank two large chugs before he realized something was wrong. This was how we discovered that one of the pissers had diabetes. True story.

  29. Thank you! I'll be trying this out to help me decide if I should go get an official blood test for diabetes.

    Don't think I have it, but my diet is quite poor and sugar based. So it's better to check.

    Prevention is better than a cure.

  30. This is video made me realise that I'm probably diabetic. If i'm not, I'm getting there, gotta drink water and ingest less sugar.

  31. The friend that gave him the pee-
    Friend- oh my blood sugar is high better fix that… but I gotta pee
    Nile- hey can you pee in this waterbottle when your blood sugar is high and this other bottle when its normal pls?
    Friend- sure ummmmm i guess so, bc its for science
    -end of flashback-
    Friend- oh wait, i gotta pee in a waterbottle for nile…. what am i doing with my life.

  32. For the next in the series we'll isolate the glucose from diabetic urine, make it into pancake syrup via Maillard reactions, then try it on some pancakes! Stay tuned! Urine for a treat!

  33. I have a sensor called Frestyle Libre which can track the glucose level 8 hours back. It's pretty cool and really helps me keep track of my day.

  34. I was always told diabetes means "sugar in the urine" and was coined by the Egyptians… I was also told that the ancient test was to pee near an ant nest and they will go to the urine if your diabetic…Having tested the pee test on numerous occasions with different ants I can conclude that was a tall tale, LOL I just tried a Dexcom g6 CGM this year and it was so inaccurate I had to go back to finger sticks…

  35. I just discovered your channel and saw this video!! I'm type 1 diabetic, and seeing such accurate information made me so happy. There's a crazy amount of misinformation about what diabetes actually is and how it works, and this type of video is exactly what people need.

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