The Importance of Latent TB Infection Testing and Treatment

The Importance of Latent TB Infection Testing and Treatment

>>I think one of the
biggest misconceptions that I like people to know
about is, with latent TB, that if you have latent TB,
you need to get treated. And even though you’re
not showing symptoms and you’re not walking
around, you know, having all the bad
experiences that I experienced, and others have experienced,
you could. And at any point, something
could happen in your life and you could become full-blown
TB without getting — if you — if you’re not treated. And you need to go through
with the whole treatment, and not treat it like
it’s not important. [ Music ]>>I know that I am in a
unique situation and that as both a physician
who has treated TB — many TB patients in the past and
also, having TB, tuberculosis is such a terrible,
terrible disease, not only because when
one is sick with it, it just consumes everything,
but it is also something that can remain sleeping for
a long time, and can sneak up. So, we talk about latent
tuberculosis infection. I mean I have tuberculosis
sleeping somewhere in me.>>You know, I’ve had TB test
many times and, you know, I never could pass the
skin test but, you know, so nobody ever expressed
any concern about it. It wasn’t until I, you know, got
in the TB system with, you know, doctors, and nurses,
and stuff, that I found out something called latent TB. And I never heard that word
before when it comes to TB. I don’t — nobody ever
expressed any concern. They never — they never —
you know, I wasn’t infectious so they just kind of
put it to the side. That’s one message I’d like to
get across today is, you know, latent TB can be treated, and
it can be treated very easily without going into a hospital. [ Music ]>>The challenging part of the
job is you try to convince them to be on treatment and
they’re not going to listen, especially with the patient
with latent TB infection. Because latent TB
infection, they — remember, they don’t
have signs and symptom, and they don’t feel sick. But it’s so critically important
for them to be on treatment so that we can prevent
them from breaking out with TB disease later on. [ Music ]

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  1. I am 58 and I got tested for hiv, syphilis, hepatitis and tuberculosis for a foreign visa everything was negative except tuberculosis. skin test negative, they did not find anything in my lungs, blood test positive. I was diagnosed with latent tb and won't take any treatment. I prefer to play the russian roulette. excessive antibiotics are also dangerous.

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