Top 10 Funniest Filipino Viral Videos of 2017

Top 10 Funniest Filipino Viral Videos of 2017

videos get viral for a lot of reasons
and being funny is definitely one of them and in a year where it had its fair
share of ups and downs it’s always best to look back at those viral videos that
made us laugh our hearts out my name is Inigo from adobo
and here are our picks for the top 10 funniest Filipino viral videos of 2017
for our picks we’ll be focusing on amateur videos those that weren’t edited
with the intent of making us laugh rusty Lupe’s we’ll look at those videos that no
one expected would be viral but became one nonetheless because of its sheer
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latest videos awesome number 10 reggae one day the day before New Year’s Eve
Robert Luna thought it’d be funny to post a video of him doing a singing
dance routine to matisyahu’s one day and we couldn’t be any happier in a span of
three weeks this video already has 2 million views if this guy is so familiar
to you you’ve probably seen him in his first viral video ever back in 2016
honestly the reason why we placed him on this list is because we still can’t get
over its original viral video Samyang challeng Lasinggero
edition eating chicken flavored noodles as hot as the Sun itself it’s a
challenge not for the faint of heart it costs waves and social media back in
2017 thousands of videos were posted online featuring the challenge
ordinary people vloggers and celebrities alike of all the videos about the
challenge the one posted by Justine Lamesa has got to be the funniest after
it seemed like an overnight drinking session this guy eats the noodles like
there’s no tomorrow he eventually conquered the challenge
but not without suffering afterward garnering millions of views shared and
reposted a number of times this viral video gave us a glimpse of what would
happen if we ate the spicy noodles after a drinking session number two we will
never do anything to hurt or upset our mother unless is for harmless laughs of
course this video shows a kid pranking his mother that he got inked and her
reaction was priceless what makes this video awesome is that it
shows how our own mothers might react if we get ourselves an outrageous tattoo
my mom would definitely get a heart attack so please don’t try this at home
number seven Madame la da Jie lemur we all have that one friend where they go
nuts whenever they see a cute guy and brendham age is no exception this is one
of the many videos the bogie hunters seen doing interviews with random
handsome guys though her videos may appear creepy to some her punch lisen
wit are undeniably entertaining but no thinking novel my goodness a keen
okay Mike and girlfriend good angle you might have seen her first on her other
viral video featuring a Cebu Pacific flight attendant but we feel like the
Gilmer video is the funniest yet man abbaschian part three number six aptly
named because of the tassel earrings she was wearing tassel girl cat Gollum rose
to fame after posting her video rappy to the cult hit stupid love she
was featured on almost every Facebook page and YouTube channel
inspiring numerous parodies and means her video was so viral that she was
featured in Wraith and K and news 5 like some of the videos on this list the
video itself might not be hilarious for some but the impact it has made is one
for the books number five ice I just checked all day
childhood pocketless eBay and that still visit the dome raider temple here in
Siem Reap Cambodia Cambodia much has been said about the national
scam Mercian Gaza after he pulled that creepy billboard stunt last July
since then everything about his private life is in private anymore and such is
the case for this video for the record Gaza made it possible to produce a video
so funny and so annoying at the same time but what made the video infinitely
funny is a storm of parodies and remixes that came after it Oh we hope for the best for him though as
this last video expose paints a picture of him in hot water
good luck Seon number four giggle kid
giggles kid Carlos Mendoza is a child star in the making his rise to fame came
when he was ranting over his lost sister princess which went viral on Facebook
underneath this harmless clip is an underlying message that violence against
children is never right nevertheless the giggle kid won the
hearts of millions of Filipinos after being guest of ggv and little big shots
because of his cuteness and obedience to his father Vice Ganda was so impressed
with the giggle kid that she publicly said that she will support his education
where to go vice program amido I rated SPG strict on Patna by at Gabbana Magoo
Lange uncle and ma are in Limassol and EMA lenguaje
Cara’s son sexual poorer or droga nahin Dion cope Samana bata number 3 Rika
Villa penny on policies of otaku Bona Bona billah bajo Bulut filipinos who
don’t understand a single bisaya word might not find this video funny but to
the rest of the besides folks though this one is pure gold
this woman was seen ranting over someone’s accusations about her and
their family this profanity-laced interview inspired a wave of remixes and
parodies that had us laughing for day before the year ended she were surfaced
once again and we’re glad to see her moving on he’s not number para uma bang DB co can say the
darndest things and until now we can’t get over what this child had said
released early 2017 this video captured the most Lodi Burpo and pet Malou answer
ever to a very simple magic question I see someone who is constantly trying
to be better asked what his favorite food was everyone was suppressed when he
answered vegetables but never in a million years would we guess the reason
why the pure brilliance of this child’s answer combined with his innocence made
this viral video one of the funniest videos of 2017 before we reveal our
number one here are our honorable mentions Kapaa hanami
vldb where are nothing hi from banana tree I’m fishbowl
number one no what we bought that by well we guess some of you may have seen
this from a mile away this sensational video broke the internet for a couple of
weeks and had everyone sharing and doing their own parodies including the
dubsmash Queen herself mein Mendoza few days later Jessica saw got an exclusive
with them and we were all surprised as they reveal the sad story behind it the
song is actually the tagalog version of dance with my father the older sister
beloved practiced the song so that she can upload herself singing to it hoping
it would reach his father who had left them tober the year before it all made
sense why Bella was so furious at the younger brother but not as seen in the
video nevertheless this was destined to be a timeless classic a viral video that
will never cease to amaze us all and that’s the reason why it’s number one do
you agree with our picks let us know what you think in the comments thanks for watching check out these
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