Top 10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened

Top 10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened

Welcome back everyone. In todays video were gonna be taking a peek
at some locked doors around the world that people have been forbidden from opening. Sometimes its to protect whats inside from
you, sometimes its to protect you from whats inside – and sometimes we have no idea what
lies beyond that door. I don’t have the answers – but I can tell
you almost everything else about them. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top
10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened … Starting off at number 10 we have Vault B[a]. Padman abh aswamy Temple is one of the most
sacred and popular temples in India. It is visited by many pilgrims and tourists
throughout the year. However, for all the visitors to the temple
– there is one room that nobody can enter. They say it is a locked room filled with hidden
treasures and shrouded in a deadly legend. This rumour seemed to actually be true when
in 2011, the Indian supreme court set out to explore the temple and document its belongings. They discovered six secret vaults with that
had no latches to open them. Inside they found 22 billion dollars worth
of jewels, statues and coins. Well, they know that 5 of the vaults contain
that. Vault B has remained sealed ever since its
discovery. They simply cannot open it up. Nobody knows what lies beyond its gates. Because of the secrecy around Vault B, urban
legends have begun to spread. People say that any attempts to open Vault
B will unleash calamity on the locals. They point to the fact that one of the committee
members lost their mother while trying to investigate what was inside Vault B. Others
insist that Vault B has some sort of hidden trick of some sort, that there is a hidden
tunnel beneath the vault. Of course, if this is true, that only produces
even more questions … Next up at number 9 we have Chernobyls Basement. Those of you who have been watching my videos
for more than a year will know that I never seem to go long without talking about the
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant that exploded in Ukraine in 1986, spreading a toxic cloud
over Europe and creating a dead zone around the town of Pripyat for decades to come. Although visitors are now permitted to go
on special tours up to the actual building, there is one places that people still cannot
enter. Inside reactor 4 is a room that contains the
Elephants Foot – a dense mass of sand, glass, concrete and nuclear fuel that weighs 100
tons. It is the remains of the nuclear core that
melted through its containment vessel. At the time of the explosion was so radioactive
immediately following the catastrophe that being exposed to it for 300 seconds was enough
to kill you within two days. Event today, the situation hasnt improved
by much. These days you wont be killed after spending
a few minutes in there, it will take an hour – but thats still crazy if you think about
it. Because of all this, the Elephants Foot room
remains sealed to the public – although I don’t think it even needs to be sealed, I
think people are smarter than that. Moving on to number 8 now we have Black Dolphin
Prison[b]. This prison is where the worst of Russian
criminals are locked away. Almost 700 criminals are contained there including
child molestors, murderers, terrorists, cannibals, serial killers and what the authorities refer
to simply as -maniacs- … All prisoners are serving life sentences for their crimes. The inmates are kept in isolated cells with
3 steel doors. Theyre allowed 90 minutes of exercise a day
and are kept under 24 hour supervision. Every 15 minutes, a guard will check on an
inmates. They are fed soup four times a day and are
allowed no contact with the outside world. Prison guards even place blindfolds on new
arrivals so that they cannot map out the prison to plan an escape. Its a seriously dark place – Russia does not
want a single prisoner there to escape. For Russia, the locks on the prison cells
and the final lock on the prison doors are some of the most important in the whole country
… Next up at number 7 we have The First Emperors
Tomb. Deep under a hill in central china lies The
First Emperor of Chinas tomb. He died in 210 BC, over 2000 years ago. He has remain undisturbed ever since. For centuries, this was due to its location
being a closely guarded secret and also out of respect. In recent years though, why has nobody been
there? Well, the respect is still there but some
archaeologists say that this is because nobody has the technology to go in there and excavate
it. Theres also the fact that the moat is surrounded
by an actual moat of Mercury. Next up at number 6 we have North Brother
Island[c]. This island is located in the east river off
the coast of the South Bronx in New York. It is home to Riverside Hospital. It was built in 1855 in order to house patients
with extremely infectious diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, yellow fever and smallpox. During WW2, it was used to house military
veterans. Then, the government put heroin addicts in
there for treatment before finally closing it for good. People could understand why they closed the
hospital – but the authorities actually closed the entire island – forever. New York now forbids anyone from visiting. Of course, this has sparked many theories
about what is inside Riverside Hospital. Some say it is haunted by the people who suffered
there including its most famous ghost known as -Typhoid Mary- … others say that people
are still being contained there for secret government projects. As long as the building remains under lock
and key, we may never know the answers … Moving on to number 5 we have The Sphinxs
Hall of Records[d]. Rumour has it that a secret lies under The
Great Sphinx in Egypt – the Hall of Records – an ancient library full of hidden information. Its said to contains piles of documents, scrolls
and lost information – even the whereabouts of the lost continent of Atlantis if youre
into that sort of thing. Those who push this theory believe that investigation
into the existence of the Hall of Records has been blocked by the Egyptian government,
further fanning the flames of a coverup. They point to seismic surveys that apparently
suggest a large rectangular chamber 25ft beneath the monuments front paws. Critics have called these theories pseudoarchaeology
but the belief in a secret locked room below the Sphinx is still being pushed by many! Moving on to number 4 we have The Lascaux
Cave[e]. On September 12, 18 year old Marcel Ravidat
discovered a mysterious cave near the village of Montignac in France. He brought his friends back and they discovered
paintings on the walls of animals. It wasnt until experts were called in that
they realised what they had found. The cave contained almost 600 paintings that
dated back to 17,000 years ago. They were made by neolithic people and have
become one of the most breathtaking examples of early human artwork ever discovered. The people who made this immortalized their
life and the animals they depended on in ways which we had previously thought was beyond
them. Their color schemes and 3d illusions have
made historians rethink just how primitive our ancestors were back then. The cave was opened up to the public in 1948
however, in 1955, the heat, humidity and contaminants produced by the visitors had seriously damaged
the paintings and mould began to grow. The cave was closed to the public in 1963. The cave now remains locked behind a door
– its ancient paintings of a long gone world are now shrouded in darkness … Moving onto number 3 we have Svalbards Global
Seed Vault. You may not have heard of this place but it
may just be our best defence against a the apocalypse. This vault is buried inside a Norwegian mountain,
just 810 miles south of the north pole. It is protected by ocean, hundreds of miles
and frozen wasteland, and even a few polar bears. Even if you get there, the vault itself is
deep inside the mountain. Its said to be able to withstand a nuclear
holocaust or an Earthquake. So what is so important that it needs this
kind of protection? Well, seeds. Yeah. Seeds. Over a million seed samples. They represent over 13,000 years of agricultural
history. If there is a disaster, some species of plants
or perhaps even all of them might be under threat. If the plants in a species all die and we
don’t have any seeds left, its going to be very hard or even impossible to bring them
back. Thats where the seed vault comes in. It could be a light in the darkness if the
world as we know it ever comes to an end. Without plants, we wouldnt be able to survive
very long. The authorities who run the vault keep strict
control of who can go through their locked doors, the survival of the world may one day
depend on it … Moving on to number 2 we have Area 51. No list of this nature would be complete without
mentioning the famous Area 51. Thats the nickname of Edwards Air Force Base,
owned by the United States Air Force. The facility in Nevada is renowned for its
ultra secrecy. Anyone who tried to get close is turned around
by the vigilant and 24 hour military security there. This, of course, has led many people to theorise
about what exactly they are so secretive about. Many will tell you that its a testing facility
for advanced aircraft and weaponry. Others believe its actually a containment
facility for a crashed alien spacecraft and its alien owners. Specifically, these conspiracists say it houses
the remains of an alien crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. For this reason, many people fear what lies
behind the many locked doors of area 51 … And finally at number 1 we have Ise Grand
Shrine.[f] This is Shinto Shrine in Japan that is held in high regard by many believers. It is so sacred that only members of the Imperial
Family can enter. Nobody else is allowed to see the inside of
the shrine. As such, not very much is known about the
inside of it or what goes on there. What we do know is that it represents an important
part of the Shinto belief of death and the renewal of nature. Because of this, the entire shrine is burned
to the ground every 20 years. The current shrine was rebuilt from the ashes
in 2013 which means you may be able to witness a new one in 2033 – if youre willing to wait
that long. If you go before that though, youll be left
staring at the mysterious locked door and wondering what secrets lie behind it … Alright guys, that was everything I could
tell you about some of the most secretive locked doors in the world. Do you have any theories about what lies behind
them? Do you know of any doors that will never be
opened again? Im interested to hear … thanks for watching
as always guys, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video!

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