Top 10 Weirdest Diseases

Top 10 Weirdest Diseases

Good morning, John. Good news for self-employed people with chronic pre-existing conditions, like myself. Soon, insurance companies will not be able to be biased against you for having even the bizzarest of pre-existing conditions. Today I wanted to bring you the top 10 weirdest diseases that I could find on the Internet! In no particular order, the first bizarre disease that I want to talk about today is complications due to lightning strike. Those who have been stuck often have problems with their memory, with their equilibrium, with motor control, and, oddly enough, are much, much, more likely to commit suicide than the average person. However, this is, by far, the most peculiar bit. One of the complications of being struck by lightning is that you are much more likely to be struck by lightning… AGAIN. So yeah, if, for example, the place that lightning does not strike twice is Roy Sullivan, that is inaccurate, because Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning 7 times. Bizarre disease number two is PICA. A disease common in children, but also, oddly enough, common in pregnant women, in which people want to eat things that are not food. You got nails, dirt, coal, sand, pounds and pounds of human hair stolen from beauty salons… Bizarre disease number three: Nintendonitis. Nintendonitis is exactly what it sounds like — it’s any repetitive stress injury caused by video gaming. Relatedly, jogger’s nipple — it’s a common disease in joggers, in which their tight shirts rub against their nipples and then they create “nipple fishers”. Aaghhh! Jogger’s nipple! Just one more reason why I love to sit. Bizarre disease number four: odd skin coloration. Some people are black, some people are white, some people are all the way in between, but some people are blue, or red! For example, if there’s a lot of silver in your diet, say that you live in a place where there’s tons of silver in the water, or you have silver-related pica, your skin will turn blue! Disease number five, toxoplasma is a parasite that lives in cat poop. The really strange thing is, here, that women with toxoplasmosis are statistically happier than women who do not have it, while men have more negative side effects to toxoplasmosis. And thus, it has been posited that toxoplasmosis is the reason why there are so many crazy, old cat ladies, and not so many crazy, old cat men. Next bizarre disease: insensitivity to pain might sound like a pretty good thing. You’re certainly not going to lose any fist fights. But people who suffer from “congenital analgesia” generally have very short life spans, because they don’t know when they’re being injured or when they’re uncomfortable. Children with this disease sometimes bite through their lips or tongue, and often cause severe damage to their eyes without even knowing it. Nutmeg psychosis is psychosis caused by nutmeg. Nutmeg, taken in significant enough quantities, can cause paranoia, hallucinations, feelings of impending doom! Now, we’ve all got body odor, there’s no need to deny it and tell me that your armpits smell like flowers, but you probably don’t have body odor like the people who suffer from trimethylaminuria. Some people don’t have the enzyme needed to break down trimethylamine. And so, trimethylamine builds up in their bodies and you can smell it in their breath and their sweat and their pee. Unfortunately for them, trimethylamine smells kind of like rotting fish, so that’s what they smell like. Which is pretty horrible. And finally, number ten, we have possibly the coolest name in all of medical disorder history, Ondine’s curse. Ondine’s curse, aside from being a really horrible curse, is fascinating! Becuase people who suffer from it literally die if they fall asleep! You’re either born with it, or it sets in after a serious trauma, and it’s more officially called “primary alveolar hypoventilation”. But the name of the disease comes from the myth of Ondine, who, in Greek mythology, is a man who cheated on a water nymph, which, let me tell you, is something you never want to do. The water nymph was so enraged that she cursed him to forget to breathe if he ever fell asleep. John, the theme for this week is top ten lists, that was mine. I wanna hear if you guys have any bizarre diseases in the comments. Tell me about the diseases that you have, and tell me how you’re feeling about the new healthcare legislation. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in the comments. John, I will see you on Wednesday. Don’t forget to be awesome.

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  1. I have Excess Candida Yeast Disease, where my body produces so much yeast that my hair follicles petrude through my skin and give it a bumpy texture.(I am a guy)

  2. I had a chiari malformation…  I had a surgery like a month ago that kinda took care of it.  It's a congenital thing where the base of my skull was too small.  My brain was herniating into my spine.  When I found out about it, I was told I had around 2 weeks before comma, and had to be taken to a hospital for emergency brain surgery.

  3. Soamatization or somataphorm disorder. Were the stress you experience is transformed into physical symptoms. When I get stressed I get really nauseous and often light headed and have muscle pain,as well as other things. Coupled with anxiety its a constant battle to function well.

  4. How're you gonna make a list about strange diseases, and not put Morgellon's Disease on it? If it's not the odd, painful sores, which pop up in the weirdest places on people with the disease, it's the creepy red & blue fibers that're often found interwoven throughout the wounds. Fibers produced by the disease. So think about that. Not only does it make you sick, and sprout odd sores on your body, but it then sets about weaving a goddamned Spiderman costume inside you. Creepy. If all that wasn't bad enough, scientists don't even know where the shit came from.

  5. Gastroparesis: when the nerve signals to your stomach don't work right and food can sometimes sit for many hours, even days for severe cases, and all that sitting sets off the pain signals. POTS: postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, when the nervous system is in constant fight-flight mode and the heart rate jumps abnormally high for something as simple as standing–needless to say it's stressful. Mitochondrial disease: rare with about 6K affected in the US. A gene mutation affects the ATP process in the mitochondria where healthy people get 90% of their energy. Affected people not only lack enough ATP to operate organ systems properly but also have an overabundance of waste product from the ATP biochemical process. Depending on the organ systems affected, you can pretty much have any symptom under the sun.

  6. Not weird! But my pituitary gland doesn't produce enough growth hormone so I have to inject synthetic hgh every day of my life (since I was 2). Pretty common, I think. Its also hereditary: my great grandmother had it, grandfather, mother, aunt, cousin, sister. It inhibits growth and without injection I'd be very small with less muscle and probably some bone density issues.

  7. 3:03 I think that is the problem in one of the kids in my class ,he smells horrible! you dont want to be near him in a radius of a meter!

  8. Ciguatera – caused by eating large reef fish who have a high concentration of a toxin  from coral which becomes more concentrated as it moves along the food chain. Anecdotally I've heard that this disease makes water feel like electricity, so taking a shower is almost unbearable as is any contact with water. The proper term for this symptom is allodynia, mistaking heat for cold. 
    Also, Blashko lines, which are tiger stripes on people. More of a disorder than a disease but looks fracking cool!

  9. Pertuitary stalk interruption syndrome, where you are missing a small piece of skin in your brain connecting your pertuitary gland to the brain thus resulting in a lack of hormones, so you can't naturally grow or hit puberty. I have it. WOO HOO. I am special.

  10. I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. It's a fairly common form of epilepsy, affecting around 1% of the population if I remember right. It's not flashy — I've only had one grand mal seizure in my life. The seizures I get are called myoclonic jerks. These are basically the same as the jerks people often get when they are falling asleep, except I can get them when I'm awake.

    My jerks are also accompanied by mental disturbances — my mind basically goes haywire for the duration. That's somewhat unusual. But my trigger is the really unusual part. I only have them if I'm tired — which is common — and then, they are triggered by thinking. Specifically, making decisions or trying to figure something out, especially in a short timespan.

  11. If you die when you fall asleep how do you manage to not die after 10 days from lack of sleep (which is also lethal). The latter part is also a rare disease which causes people to be unable to sleep which kills them, called Fatal Familial Insomnia

  12. The funny thing is that we talked about 2 of these in biology this year (tangentially related to even more). It's not even a medical class or something… just general biology.

  13. TGERE IS A DISEASE THAT I LEARNED ABOUT IN SCHOOL A WHILE BACK. I'm not sure about the scientific name, or if there even is one, but my teacher calles it "Maple Syrup Disease." And it's where your pee smells strongly of maple syrup. Has anyone else heard of this or is it just my crazy science teacher?

  14. I'm sure everyone either already knows or doesn't care, but the man's name from the myth of Ondine is actually Hans, Hans Von Wittenstein zu Wittenstein.
    Really I just wanted to write out Hans Von Wittenstein zu Wittenstein, a name so beautiful it comes with it's own echo

  15. there is a part of your body which can decipher between liquids solids and gases which is called a sphincter and I know somebody that doesn't have a working sphincter from an unfortunate accident

  16. I just have boring old epilepsy. Though it's not the kind you usually see on TV with the falling and muscle contractions. Instead I used to get short absence seizures were I was briefly frozen and unaware of what was going on around me.

  17. I know a guy who got struck by lightning! His name is Rod… as in "lightning rod"… I'm totally not kidding, his name is really Rod!

  18. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome so its a syndrome not a disease but its weird, collagen is too loose; joints dislocate super easy and yeah my body pretty much falls apart

  19. Periodic Limb Movement Disorder: dancing and moving in your sleep, having creative dreams that you can remember on waking, thatinclude colour, sound and, sometimes direction. Yup, I am awesome in my sleep, and exhausted when awake. Halp!

  20. I have Raynaud's disease which pretty much just means I have terrible circulation. In cold weather my hands and feet turn stark white and then the tissue starts turning black and dying if it stays like that for awhile. Pretty lame disease if you ask me lol.

  21. fatal familial insomnia is basically the opposite of ondine's curse. the patient dies after months of not being able to achieve deep sleep.

  22. My favorite one is Anton's Syndrome or cortical blindness, where the patient is totally blind and keeps bumping into stuff but refuses to believe it

  23. I just found out I might have Keratoconus, which sounds cool but really isn't: a disease where the cornea (in your eye) sort of starts to sag and lose its shape.

  24. Celiac disease is where gluten found in wheat, rye, and barley destroys your small intestine. It can leave you bed ridden for days, and you can't absorb any nutrients for a couple days after you eat gluten. Even just the smallest amount in cross contamination can trigger you. It sucks.

  25. I have pica on and off. It's always ice that I crave, so it isn't as deadly as other things, but it is horrible for your teeth. I just spent $4000 fixing my teeth. There's nothing quite like a dentist bill to get you to stop eating that thing you shouldn't be eating. I do, however, enjoy a good snow cone.

    I also have exploding head syndrome, sleep paralysis, and such extensive scar tissue criss-crossing my abdomen that a doctor once described it to me like hundreds of spiders had made webs encasing every organ in thick bands of adhesions. They cut about a tenth of them to remove my uterus, but they just grew back more numerous. And now I'm in pain all day every day, and there's nothing anyone can do to help me.

  26. I'm allergic to metals, so if I wear metal jewelry for 1hour-2 days (depends on body part) I'll get a rash with water filled pimples developing, and it's super itchy.

  27. I was born with lots of extra copper in my system, so it ended up being concentrated in my eyes. I have bluish, greenish, grayish eyes, but then suddenly there is a startilingly copper colored bright ring around my pupil. Also on the edge of my eye where the skin touches my eyeball.

  28. My friend was born with three kidneys. She still has them. And my other friend was born without an ear. She just had surgery to implant a new one and now she can hear out of it!

  29. I have hydrocephalus. basically it means that if I get a headache that doesn't go away with painkillers, i have to call an ambulance and get brain surgery.

  30. Exploding head syndrome, Maple syrup urine disease and Alien hand syndrome are some of the best named conditions. Not fun to have but cool names.

  31. I have Exploding Head Syndrome and Ice Pick Headaches. It is really hard to sleep alone and not think that there is some horrid event going on outside. I also have a hard time falling asleep due to explosions or earthquakes. So I sleep with my dog. If she doesn't freak out, I must be ok.

  32. Vasovagal syncope- I pass out and go into a seizure like state when I experience extreme pain or have large amounts of blood drawn.

  33. There's maple syrup urine disease, which is a genetic disorder with a number of terrible effects but obviously the most notable one is the fact that it makes your urine smell like maple syrup.

  34. Pica. Oh god I ate so much paper and grass when I was a small child. Is that pica? I was never diagnosed, but it seems like that's the correct diagnosis…

  35. I ate sand as a kid and grew out of it when I moved from my preschool that had copious amounts of sand in the playground.

  36. I have POTS or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Basically, my body is not too good at the whole standing up thing. My blood pressure drops a little and my heart rate goes from about 70 sitting bpm to >120 bpm standing. It doesn't always happen immediately, but prolonged standing usually does.

    This makes me dizzy, has caused me to faint once though I can usually sit down before it's bad. It also comes with headaches mild to severe, digestive problems and difficulty swallowing. I'm lucky because it has not disabled me like some people with more severe forms.

  37. I have aquagenic urticaria. Every time I sweat or shower I get very itchy hives all over my body but mostly on the top half lasting about an hour. It's funny when I shower at a friends and forget to tell them about it. Basically looks like I've been beaten up by a midget, makes it very very hard to want to exercise. Lucky mine is mild, not painful, just uncomfortable and not too aesthetically pleasing…

  38. i know i'm years late but i have this weird combination of anxiety and tourette's syndrome where if i see any set of numbers (such as the time on a clock, a price tag, etc) i have to add them up or i can't focus on anything else until i do. like, 3:24 can't just be 3:24, it has to be 9.
    i have plenty of random illnesses (such as ibd, like you) but that's the one that i think is the weirdest

  39. I have "Too many frickin conditions how did I survive childhood disorder". But 4 real I have insomnia, ADHD, Anxiety, Excutive Skill Disfunction or whatever, hypotonmia and CNFD (or Chronic Nerdfighter Disorder)

  40. This isn't really a disease but I just want to talk about it, porphyria is a mental illness that has a weird and strange side affect of turning your feces purple.

  41. Props to anyone who knows what Diamond Blackfan Anemia is without googling it. No, it is not ok to google it on Bing.

  42. I have osgood-schlatter disease. Half of the times i can't go to basketball practice. And don't even think of doing sport twice a day.

  43. I go to film school and this year one of the senior thesis shorts was about pica… spoiler alert, the lady eats dirt at the end

  44. I have Celiac, which isn't the most uncommon or weirdest disease, but it isn't well understood. For those of you who don't know what celiac does, basically if I eat wheat, rye, barley, or stuff that's been processed with those three grains (btw I specifically can't have the protein gluten which is in those grains), my immune system (bc it's an autoimmune disease) gets confused, freaks out, and attacks my intestines, which can eventually lead to intestinal holes and failure, other autoimmune diseases, and weird other things like infertility and way more canker sores. Plus, when I eat gluten, I basically barf for three days, get so shaky I can't walk, and then have really bad gas for like, a month. Celiac happens to be hereditary, too, and there is no treatment other than never eating or touching gluten again. So, I guess it's pretty weird.

  45. I once worked with a young boy who was red and purple; he had Sturge-Weber syndrome, a malformation of the blood vessels.

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  47. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Basically, my DNA has some sort of mutation that causes it to form collagen incorrectly. As a result, I can have multiple dislocations and subluxations of my joints, with no causative trauma. It’s a fun time -_-

  48. I'm a survivor of a very rare disease called Stevens Johnson Syndrome which is an allergic or autoimmune reaction which causes a variety of hives and rashes on the skin and mucus membranes. In recovery it causes the skin to shed much like a burn. I was really lucky and didn't have any significant scaring, but I did spend a week on steroids and antihistamines with hives in my eyes

  49. Watching this in 2019 is bizarre. I literally cannot imagine the current government making any sort of positive legislation to deal with insurance that actually helps people.

  50. So… that means Drax was a jogger before he joined the Guardians? That explains why he has sensitive nipples and doesn’t wear shirts.

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