Train Fever | How To Set Up A Train Line [TURN ON SUBTITLES]

Train Fever | How To Set Up A Train Line [TURN ON SUBTITLES]

Hi guys! Finntastic99 here and today I am going to show you how to set up a train line in the brilliant game of Train Fever First, you need to choose two towns that are close to each other. (I am using No Costs mod) For those who are not using any mods, the recommendation is that they are close to each other, and that they are on the same ground level (near a river or lake) Open the Railway tab Then stations Place the station down at the end of a road or freestanding. (If that, make sure you use the roads tab to connect it up to the villages!!) Repeat to the other village Next, open the tracks tab and connect your two towns up with the rails TIP: Tunnels are more expensive, If not using no costs mod, don’t do tunnels until you have a lot of money TIP: You can place tracks over roads but not roads over tracks and sometimes it says ‘not enough space’ so you’ll just have to find a way sometimes to get it right. Next, create a branch line off your track a wee bitty Then, open the depot tab and place the train depot at the end of that branch line Now, it’s time to create a line for the trains to follow Open the line manager and click new line and connect the two stations like this Click on the stations in an order Now you can name the line if you want to Okay, you now need to click on the train depot and buy a locomotive and some passenger cars Click on ‘set line (all) and choose the line you just created Notice that the train starts moving Thx for watching and please subscribe to Finntastic99, TheGamingDragons, Dj Finest Official & Clips Hit the like, subscribe and share buttons for more tutorials and videos!! Also click the notification bell to get notified when I or my sister Molly (Ender) upload a new video

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  1. I had to delete this world because it lagged and kept on crashing. Sorry 🙁
    On the bright side though, sub and enjoy!!

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