Trauma Related Illness: Is Abuse Making You Sick?

Trauma Related Illness: Is Abuse Making You Sick?

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  1. Sounds like you had tonsillitis throughout your childhood. The throat is probably subconsciously significant because it's where your voice comes from and if you
    have never been allowed a voice then illness is likely to manifest there.

    My tonsils have always reacted to stress. It was tonsillitis that triggered my sinisitis, 
    which has been continuous for 21 years despite three rounds of antibiotics.

    My depression started from about age seven (both my parents were narcissists).

  2. I remember being on a really potent SsRI and after a few months all my aches and pains dissapeared. I felt like I had flu most of the time and I needed a lot of sleep just to barely function. Its real. I feel bad for hypochondriacs because unhappiness does make you ill and maybe you need validation, love and attention to heal from that.

  3. Here is my story that will back this up. I am a survivor of Narc abuse of 49 years! I had chronic ear infections as a child. (Narcs hurt my ears with their insanity). I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (chronic bladder ulcers/inflammation) at age 26, (I was pissed off!) chronic fatigue syndrome (tired of abuse) fibromyalgia (feeling beat up all the time). And the latest as of 1 1/2 years ago, PARASITES!!!! (Didn't listen to my gut instincts). How many times do you hear Narcs referred to as PARASITES???!!! (Narcs were sucking the LIFE out of me!!!!) They are in my muscles (Narcs got "under my skin") I can feel them in my head! (Narcs eat at your mind!) In a strange way my body/mind got together to PROTECT me this way since I had zero boundaries of my own! My painful bladder prevented me from having sex (which kept me from more sexual abuse). No Narc wants to be with a sick person. I cut off the last Narc a few months ago. I have never been loved, appreciated or protected or "allowed" to thrive or be happy, Just used and abused. It is a known fact that people who wind up with actual parasites/worms (Narcs "worm their way into your life) were more than likely abused. So if you tell me it's all in my head, I would have to agree, because I can feel them in there! For anyone else who has it as bad as me let me save you the trouble. A product called Freedom, Cleanse, Restore by Dr. Amin out of Arizona has the stuff that will clear this out over the course of time. Study and enforce boundaries! When we take in a Narc we are turning against our owns selves! Autoimmunity is the SAME! Your body will agree with YOU!!! It's been quite a life! I had bladder cancer in 2007, Polyps in 2010, a 10 cm mass of my ovary with endometriosis somewhere in there too. I was told to find my own fucking ride the day of my cancer surgery.. It was VERY BAD and unfortunately my life time "normal" to be treated like this. Please get away from your Abuser before it destroys your health!!! Thank you for this video and allowing our comments. I hope this post helps someone not get sick like me!!

  4. Wow, i had many people disappear when i left my husband of 28 years, due to abuse, including family. Blessings to you for good health!

  5. When you're going through a bad time watch out for opportunists. They're there when you've got no one.

  6. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. I can definitely relate. I'm just now learning that this is a real thing and I definitely have it. Always wondered why I was such a sick kid and carried it over into adulthood. My obesity is my security blanket and it keeps people away. Time for me to work through some pain before it kills me. Thanks for sharing your story… You never know whose life you might save.🌈

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