TVJ Midday News: Back-2-School | PNP Bruising Presidential Contest – September 9 2019

TVJ Midday News: Back-2-School | PNP Bruising Presidential Contest – September 9 2019

it’s Monday September 9 good afternoon
I’m Herman green with your midday news if you’re watching online on one spot
mediacom a very special welcome to you thanks for joining us members of the
public safety and traffic enforcement branch p step were out in their numbers
this morning in an effort to facilitate a smooth flow of traffic with the
official reopening of all schools but as you’ll hear in this report back to
school is not the only thing that caused the traffic hiccups in the corporate
area TV days of Shane masters has the details monday marks the official start of a new
school year and with that comes a traffic nightmare this is one of the
Hagley Park main road in st. Andrew it looks like and Spanish town road a heavy
flow of traffic of bumper-to-bumper and slowly moving head of operation that the
public safety and traffic enforcement branch piece Deb superintendent Courtney
Cooper says that the roadway was damaged over the weekend we had the use of the
chapter to fill out some booze and some errors at what Adsit again that’s why it
is no jive able in an effort to alleviate the traffic congestion
just a few drivers we opened it temporarily so now traffic coming from
three miles to go into Spanish town road got measure it is a very short live one
right it is I tell the NW wasn’t even contacted it was an initiative too early
on the part of the police and doers Buddha’s are two very pleased
Joseph today Chaka Khan however motorist charming from Chester
fear the drive for the Spanish town road still have challenges doors using just a
feel from Spanish stone road that exits on to Marcus Garvey jail and then to use
the left of the bridge to travel under the underpass about a hundred and fifty
meters of that road surface is also damaged as well so we have damage to the
road surface here and damage to the road surface dear as a result of that you
have the slow movement of traffic Columbus
in the meantime superintendent coolbreeze as a team was deployed across
the corporate area to facilitate the traffic flow ssp she superintendent
including myself five deputy superintendent six inspectors and 183
others are deployed across the carpet Europe sheets a new traffic management
so we expect motorists to get you know more especially in here as we do damage
to the road network machine masters tbj teams the election monitoring committee
of the People’s National Party PNP is to meet today to work out strategies for
the reconciliation of factions within the party following the bruising
presidential contest the contest culminated in Saturday’s election in
which dr. Peter Phillips defeated Peter bunting to retain presidency of the PNP
delegates were almost split equally with dr. Philips receiving 1427 votes to mr.
buntings 1351 PNP general secretary Julianne Robinson yesterday evening told
our NewsCenter that the Secretariat will now have to work on restoring unity
within the party it was bitter from the start when Mr bunting announced he would
challenge for the presidency many party members argued that the challenge was
ill-timed and could cost the PNP in the next general election in addition the
the lead-up to Saturday’s election was characterized by allegations of vote
buying and bullying from both sides a party general secretary dr. Horace Chang
says he’s working to get the party election ready by November he says all
candidates are now being finalized and should be in place when the party holds
its annual conference in November dr. Chang says the preparation will ensure
the party is ready for whenever time Prime Minister Andrew Holness decides to
call a general election the job is to give the families of the
option to various thoughts in time per friend new year which means in terms I’m
sorry onwards normal political thinking for the fascist point of view you know
several to December which is the maximum length of time you go so we need to be
really doing that time I will be read about it that time we expect to be ready
in November and leave it to the prime minister to discussion the next general
election is constitutionally do in 2021 however there has been speculation the
Prime Minister could announce one way ahead of that deadline meanwhile a call
is being made to a president of the People’s National Party dr. peter
phillips to take concerns raised by supporters of his defeat challenger
peter bunting seriously following Saturday’s internal election sent and
northwest member of parliament dr dayton Campbell made the call while speaking on
the morning agenda on power 106 this morning the call comes in the wake of a
statement by dr. Philips dismissing claims of a split in the party
dr. Campbell who was the campaign manager for buntings rise United team
noted that dr. Phillips won by 76 votes and this is in this is an indication
that supporters are deeply divided he says the ability of a PNP to win the
next general election will depend heavily on how it treats with the
concerns expressed by delegates 76 Ward’s released 39 persons you know if
you take nine of them and put them towards would have won by two
the election was really determined by the 39 person I mean 39 politics you
know I think the PNP is better off for us having challenged these guys were
saying incorporate some of these things if it is always with the next couple of
days in two weeks that will determine whether or not the party will be viable
in the next election and at least two political commentators believe that the
challenge for the of the People’s National Party was a
good move however they believe that the timing was wrong
speaking on TV J’s smile Jamaica this morning political analysts Richard
Crawford and Kevin de Bruyne Chang say Peter buntings challenge was a good way
to re-energize the base of the party the results that we may have a surprise
about show something very clearly I know Kevin is right there the traditional CF
leadership crew that supported Peter there’s another group for the younger
more vibrant people who wanted wanting to be the leader so they’re they’re
least two important segments in the party know they have to be brought
together there’s no denying not for mr. Chang
he says the proverbial olive branch needs to be extended to mr. bunting
remember it all dr. Phillips asked us appointing to be champion manager May or
something bringing rocky something it has been is a defeated honor for mr.
bunting in positions him know as the clear heir apparent yeah and if dr.
Phillips Journal election and loses the Peter Banach as a look and the man
people are going to say well Peters not be around much longer maybe this is his
last hurrah but for the People’s National Party for people to focus on
them and believe in him I think them have substance and we now take a break here on the
midday news but stay with us more news after these messages welcome back continuing the news efforts
to clamp down on car theft across the island by the Jamaica Constabulary force
are bearing fruit TVJ News understands that last Thursday swift action by the
st. Mary police led to the recovery of three motor cars which were reported
stolen this includes a toyota mark x and axial and inocent eda the mark X was
abandoned along a cascade main road the teeter abandon the Waterland attraction
here in st. Mary the axial was being driven and was signal to stop the Jaguar
signal to stop there were four persons on board
vo ever disobeyed the instructions of the police and sped away
superintendent Marvin says the axia was eventually abandoned in Gale she told
TVJ news that the close proximity of the two stolen vehicles suggests that the
perpetrators were working together Tita what returned to its owner
however the mark X and the axial are still in the possession of the police
they Axio in particular it is still not known if it is if it was stolen or still
not sure what the circumstances are on this vehicle because it was the license
plate on it is actually registered to motor truck so the police were carrying
out investigations and we hope that you know these because will be returned to
their owners however she noted that they had started to scrap the mark X and the
Nissan Tiida motor cars this content is increasing within the membership of the
Jamaica air traffic controllers Association jhatka over unsettled wage
claim with the government Jaka president kurt solomon warned that if a resolution
is not found soon industrial action is inevitable the group met late last month
with finance minister dr. Nigel Clark however mr. Solomon says that meeting
did not advance the discussions and things are no uncertain coming out of the meeting with the
minister we are even more unhappy we accepted the explanation from him about
the government’s position but we cannot accept that the past 2 plus years of
negotiations was really a list so we are expecting at this moment because we have
put on a table we have treated with the situation as if it was a negotiation we
must know that ministry come to us with a better offer to do so will obviously
result in action mr. Solomon says the outcome of the meeting has left the
members even more agitated they were disappointed they were as you can
imagine I mean negotiation is an activity that involves and for our group
in particular that is trying to build the service after it was almost damaged
beyond repair I mean and it takes all of us I mean you
can just imagine waiting for so long to hear but even just the developmental
issues would be treated with with some urgency they were really discarded I
mean it’s really a very disappointing situation but if we have to take action
we have to take action open up the door we have to do we go down to news and
sports at the Jamaica athletics administrative Association gets ready to
name the conscious team to the IWF World Championships in Doha there may be a few
selection dilemmas in their way this is TV Jay’s prime time sports wrote
to Doha 2019 TV J sports understands that the j-3 A’s will meet this coming
week to decide on the final set of athletes will represent the country at
the 17th iwf World Championships in Doha Qatar starting later this month but as
they do so there may be a few selection dilemmas they might be met with 2015
world champion Daniel Williams did them a favor by earning the wild-card for the
100-meter hurdles after a fiasco the national trials resulted in the race
being aborted with Williams’s win the Association must now decide the other
three athletes who will join her in the event in Doha based solely on a current
form the men’s 400 metres is also another tricky proposition as only
national champion demesia K from the top three has a World Champs qualifying
standard Rasheed McDonald who was fourth at the National trials has also run
faster than the forty 5.30 entry standard this season but the likes of a
key in Bloomfield who is now the country’s fastest athlete over the
distance didn’t compete in the one lap event at June’s trials there’s also the
question of who will replace Brianna Williams who finished third in the
women’s 100 but has since returned a positive test for a banned substance
Junius Smith finished 4th and could join Olympic champions shelleyan Fraser price
and Elaine Thompson as individual entrants in the event while Natalia
white Natasha Morrison and Simone facie could make up the relay pool and with
the addition of the mixed 4×4 relay which will be contested for the first
time at the track and field showpiece the association will also have to
consider which athletes it will select to make up that pool but whatever team
the Association selects head coach Maurice Wilson says it’s up to the
coaching staff to help them get the best possible results for the country but
that’s a responsibility of coaches you know when things look dim and when
everybody would have turned away from these athletes we have to be dear for
them because we know that over time it is our responsibility to get the
performances to where there used to be – even better performances and so we are
steadfast in our confidence in these athletes live an exclusive coverage of
the 2019 World Championships will be on TV JT Vijay Sports Network and one spot
Mediacom with extensive radio coverage on hits 92 FM from September 27 to
October 6 that was TV Jays five times for its road to Doha 2019 and that’s the
midday news join us at seven for the prime time news package fund out of the
new sports and production teams I’m Herman green grass

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  1. I don't understand, what do we expect? They are not doing road works in Montego Bay and It took me 20 minutes from El Greco to Pier 1…

  2. a house divided in itself must fall , the timing of the challenge was perfect , but peter phillips is a stubborn man , now it is going to cost them the next election .no well thinking jamaican including myself , would vote for a peter phillips .time to step down mr. phillips .

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