TVJ Midday News: Criminal Records Department Office Reopen – October 5 2019

TVJ Midday News: Criminal Records Department Office Reopen – October 5 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Monday October 10 a special welcome if you’re watching
on one spot Mediacom after almost three weeks of closure due to air quality
issues the criminal records office was reopened this morning for business
scores of people turned up at the location on Orange Street in downtown
Kingston Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime fits Bailey gave an
update to TV J news the process albeit it will take a while to get back to full
operation but we are doing it on a face basis the next year service will not be
accommodated at this time we’ll be working on will be accommodated in five
days and 21 days service and overtime we will ensure that the process get back to
its normal chairman of the Police Federation Potrero says his members are
working but they are not fully comfortable our staff started operations
this morning but that was preceded by our entrance to interact with the staff
pretty early to ensure that the environment was conducive to operation
we are of the view that significant work was done we are not entirely pleased
because we believe there is a few more areas that needs to be addressed such as
the central air system but we believe that it is important to balance the
imperative between the service we provide to the public and the conditions
of work for our members the Education Ministry is in a rush to address a
shortage of a furniture in schools across the island more than a month
after the new academic year the Jamaica Teachers Association is bringing the
issue to national attention new academic year
same old story president of the Jamaica Teachers Association
Owen Speed says furniture is limited in almost 50 of the schools he visited I
think today there should be ordering a team to
go out into the system to do an audit of the furniture in schools and to ensure
that whatever the shortages are that they fill the gaps and ensure that the
children have adequate seating because one of the things that I remember in the
eighties was that many of the fights that took place in school at that time
they were about the seating and we can’t go back to that kind of situation and
it’s not only furniture that are in short supply textbooks issued by the
government as well I’ve run to a particular high school and for a month
textbooks for seasick they asked for 77 I think and they only have 17 their
disposal to use that is something that we cannot afford it’s grossly inadequate
mr. Nash and we have to look at how best the ministry is going to address the
situation in responding to the issues Minister with responsibility for
education cause amudha says the ministry has received a status report on
furniture and textbooks the furniture was either in the process of being
repaired all that was required and that books were being distributed and have
been distributed but not all books beyond the first term is distributed in
the first term so that towards the end of the first term and the second term
books will be distributed I mean I must tell you quite frankly that the ministry
is working very hard and I commend those who are responsible for it they are
working extremely hard to ensure that the children and to the last meeting
last week I emphasized not having a single child sure three across the best
in any school in Jamaica I have come into a ministry right that had
deficiencies I’m putting it together now and I have no doubt that if mr. speed
and his team are prepared to work along with us as I have indicated then I’m
sure that we will get this job done as quickly as possible the East Kingston
Police say miss information might have led to the recent flare-up of violence
in a section of Mountain View in st. Andrew
which left a man dead allegations that stolen building material from a
construction site reportedly triggered the feud between Jakes Road and
Goodridge lien superintendent Victor Hamilton says it has now been discovered
that the building supplies were not stolen the ply boards were not in fact
to land or because of the weather and the group of vegetation resting in an
area you know I mean so as reported to me on Massa i’ma say as approach it to
me that the prior boards were not in fact tooling what was complete on the
side and because of the rain as reported to me there was overgrowth until the
player boards were hidden the security forces were deployed to Jake’s Road and
good rigidly in Friday morning in response to the feud a meeting is to be
held regarding the resumption of work at the construction site who are dealing
with the construction to give them that kind of confidence that yes it could go
ahead we are the citizens are concerned you know it’s touchy it’s really kinda
touchy at this time what we hope we hope and I’m sure the citizens are anxious
for the project to continue whereby they could earn a living and you know I mean
they could go about your business of working without the fear of another
hardwick of ireland we’re trying very very hard on the trying circumstances to
bring peace to the situation in Morton few four persons were shot one fatally
in berry town st. James last night the deceased has been identified as 32 year
old Andre Hall otherwise called beanie a fisherman of a flanker in the parish the
incident reportedly took place sometime after 11 o clock
prime minister Andrew Holness has promised to allocate more funds to
infrastructure now that the government has more money to spend
Jamaica has more fiscal space since the completion of the program with the
International Monetary Fund IMF mr. horn s was speaking recently at Penn Wood
high in Saint Andrew having aged in a program of fiscal management
we will now complement that with a routine maintenance program to ensure
that we are not taken by surprise unprepared when infrastructure suddenly
fails the truth is that these water beings should have been replaced 20
years ago because 50 years or so would have been the useful life of the pipes
that are already underground 3-carbon islands have been hit by a 4.1 magnitude
earthquake st. Lucia Dominica and Martinique were impacted about 6:23 this
morning the Trinidad based seismic Research Center of the st. Augustine
campus of the University of the West Indies says there are no reports of
injuries or damage despite numerous calls for heads to roll in the case
involving former Education Minister well read the Director of Public Prosecutions
says there is insufficient evidence to charge him TV jeiza Shane masters
reports following the sacking of rural read from a substantive role as
Education Minister in March this year there have been numerous calls for him
to be charged for alleged dealings with in his portfolio chief among them the
Caribbean maritime University CMU which has been under the microscope of the
Opposition and several parliamentary committees just a few days ago the
former opposition spokesman on education Ronald weights had questioned why mr.
Reid was not charged or news team caught up with the DPP Paula Llewellyn recently
to get an update on the matter why wasn’t a directive week event from the
DPP’s office to charge mr. Reid following the review of documents which
were provided by the Financial Investigation Division fi d those
documents miss Lillian said in July revealed a possible administrative
breaches and conduct which may have contributed to many statutes
additionally she said there may be administrative breaches that may have
contravened possibly to common law offenses but in relation to
charge now against mr. Reid at my office we have objective protocols and ethical
protocols that we have to deal with unlike other professions and I’m not
going to say in journalism we cannot run with it you can only recommend the
charging that is a deprivation of the liberty of the subject if when you will
look at the material that has been presented by the investigators you see
where the material covers ingredients of a chargeable offense
she says the decision of charging mr. Reid has to go above who he is adding
that there has to be substantial evidence we in Jamaica we are not a
Banana Republic it’s only if you are in a banana
republic that because you don’t like a particular person then you are you can
just say Oh throw them into jail or behead them we are a country that is
governed by rule of law Oshin masters TB gen-yers one medical practitioner is
concerned that the prevalence of breast cancer in Jamaica may be worse than
initially thought dr. Lindberg Simpson addressed the matter at Sunday’s
symposium hosted by the Breast Cancer Society of Jamaica he is calling for an
aggressive public education and screening program similar to what exists
for cervical cancer dr. Simpson said cases of cervical cancer have reduced in regional news premiere of monster at
Donaldson Romeo has announced that fresh general elections in that country will
be held on November 18 premier Romeo said he has met with acting governor
mrs. Linda Simpson to inform her of his decision and to officially dissolve
Parliament he is expected to lead his ruling Peoples Democratic Movement into
the election where it will face a challenge from the montserrat United
Labour Party the movement for change and prosperity montserrat National Congress
as well as a number of independent candidates the Legislative Assembly has
11 members nine of which are elected the other two seats are taken by the
Attorney General and financial secretary the British overseas territory is a
single nine member constituency with voters able to vote for up to nine
candidates and in sports Jamaica’s Commonwealth gold medallist
Ayesha Paul air has been named to the I double AF athletes Commission the
athlete who ran in the women’s 1500 meters got 438 votes at the elections
enough to be a part of the six elected for the Commission the athletes
Commission acts as a liaison between athletes and the world governing body
ensuring that they participate in the decision-making process on the reforms
approved in December 2016 brought layer joins the likes of Donald quarry Grace
Jackson and Michael Frater as Jamaicans who have served on the
Commission and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm do remember to join
us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and
products good afternoon you you

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  1. Unu need to get those high powered weapons from mountain view, this government is a clown when it comes to corruption and crime.

  2. Justice system is a big joke, one law for the rich and another for the poor. A bunch of hypocrites. Rual Reid fi a wear short pants.

  3. In a land of wood and water surely there are carpenters who can make desks and chairs. Come on jamaica do better

  4. What a country , look how much skills person in Jamaica and schools don't have good branches,PNP and JLP doesn't make one

  5. Jamaica need to give the kids saft seat to sit on in school and not them hard ass board the kids will learn more come on Jamaica

  6. Crime fighting should start in the home with primary socialization, where parent's should be able to educate their child/ward of the norms & value of society, give an account for their child/children where abouts, the school systems also need improvement where every secondary student get equal opportunities for tertiary education to limit the disparity in society .

  7. DPP head is a disgrace to law. It is unethical to charge the rich and powerful in Jamaica. You need a vacation in the UK!

  8. The National Anthem words are justice truth be all but justice is not for all because poor man go to prison left their family to struggle but rich man can't go to prison.Why why.

  9. We short change our kid how can furniture and text book be in short supply when one evil man robbing 30 million dollar

  10. Paula you have always been on the wrong side of justice is this what woman power is a better Doug Christie be the DPP you are incompetent

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