UK HEATWAVE – Live English lesson stream – Hay fever Time – How many times will Misterduncan sneeze?

UK HEATWAVE – Live English lesson stream – Hay fever Time – How many times will Misterduncan sneeze?

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England
how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really really
hope so don’t worry there is nothing wrong with your calendar or your iPhone or your
smart mobile device don’t worry it is Saturday it’s not Sunday it is Saturday so first of
all I would like to clear up that confusion and here we go then oh my goodness now you
are probably thinking why are you here mr. Duncan why are you here today we we don’t
normally see you on Saturday well today I thought it would be nice to do a livestream
and there are several reasons why I want to do a livestream today one of them is because
it’s a beautiful day it’s so nice here today I can’t believe how super the weather is I’m
not sure what it’s like where you are but we are having the most amazing weather here
in England right now and of course I am back in England I have been away on holiday thank
you very much for watching me last Sunday when I was away on holiday but still I managed
to give you a super-duper live stream last Sunday from the place I was staying in a beautiful
country a beautiful place a wonderful time was had by not only me but also mr. Steve
as well you may have heard the news that mr. Steve actually won the holiday from his company
because he was working so hard last year they gave him a special prize so that’s the reason
why we were away last week on holiday it was actually a free holiday given to us by mr.
Steve’s company can you believe it it’s amazing so that’s how hard mr. Steve works a lot of
people say that mr. Steve is lazy I can tell you now he isn’t he works he works like a
horse or like a dog depending on which one you like the most so here we are it is Saturday
it feels very strange saying Saturday it’s hot it’s a hot one it is very hot here in
the UK yesterday if it was around about 28 degrees today is going to be the hottest day
of the year I think today it will be around 30 maybe 31 or perhaps even 32 degrees here
in England and have you heard about France in the center of Paris they are stripping
off they are taking all their clothes off because it is so hot there yesterday they
recorded a temperature of forty five point nine degrees think about that for a moment
forty five point nine degrees that is nearly 46 degrees that’s about that’s about the same
temperature as the center of the Sun that’s how hot it is at the moment in Paris so it’s
lovely here it feels like I’m on holiday again to be honest it feels like I’m back in the
place I was in last week thank you so much for your lovely messages I have been inundated
ooh I like that word inundated I have had lots and lots and lots of messages wishing
me well on my holiday and also saying we are so glad to hear that you are back safely I
must admit the journey to and from my destination was okay it wasn’t too bad actually so yes
I’m not a big fan of flying nowadays not because I’m afraid that the plane will crash nothing
to do with that the reason why I don’t like flying nowadays is because it is such such
a difficult thing to do especially when you get to the airport you have all of those security
checks these you have to go through and they they search you and sometimes you have to
take your shoes off and now and again they take a naked picture of I’m not sure I like
that you have to go into this big machine and put your hands in the air and then this
thing will take a picture of you and it will go under your clothing I’m not sure what they’re
looking for but whatever they are trying to find it must be very well hidden that’s all
I can say of course the live stream would not be complete without the live chat and
that’s you thank you very much for joining me today on this Saturday afternoon the 29th
of June we are here tomorrow by the way yes you have another live stream coming tomorrow
I’m being so nice to you this weekend I don’t know why I have been busy taking my medicine
this morning because for many people summer is a wonderful time of year for most people
summer means long bright days beautiful weather all the flowers come out into bloom the birds
and the bees are flying around having a wonderful time unless of course you suffer from hay
fever like me I get absolutely terrible hay fever I really do I get terrible hay fever
so this morning I had to take lots of medicine lots of pills and some of you might know that
I also suffered with asthma as well so I get very bad asthma during the hay fever season
so this morning I spent about 10 minutes taking lots of medicine to relieve my hay fever and
also to make sure that my asthma does not come anywhere near me today so yes if you
suffer from hay fever or if you are one of those people who gets asthma as well I really
do sympathise because I have the same problem I really do so let’s say hello to the live
chat because it would appear that I’m ignoring you I’m not honestly on would I do that of
course not so can I say hello to one or two people who joined right at the start of the
day’s livestream pretty rose hello pretty rose hi to you Alamgir Cathy cat Bella is
here also Julie and box Heydar hello box hey da I love your name by the way it’s very intriguing
I am intrigued by your name also – Hosny hello Hosny Barger SK limited hello to you as well
by the way I have nothing really planned today because I am here tomorrow with my normal
livestream so today this is something that is very impromptu oh I like that word impromptu
so if something is impromptu it means you haven’t planned it you have done it on the
spur of the moment you didn’t plan to do it so this is an impromptu it is a spontaneous
livestream to share this beautiful hot day with you and I’m live in the garden I’m not
away anymore I am back in England in my garden my little garden so yes I am here today don’t
worry Bella I will be here tomorrow is well yes you have me twice in one weekend I can’t
believe it I’m feeling very generous maybe it is the hay fever medicine it is starting
to affect my brain I think so Qasim hello Qasim hi there also – hasna hello has now
and also Abu Abu Bakar hello to you in Nigeria is it hot there is it hot in Nigeria at the
moment I have a feeling it might be so hello to everyone on the live chat also – mirela
hello mirela nice to see you here as well wow we have a very busy life sir already I’ve
only been on for about 15 minutes and already we have a very bad very live stream very lively
should I say it is very hot there mr. Duncan if it is I suggest you do the live stream
in your house it is not good to go outside because of the UV rays the ultraviolet light
coming from the Sun can I just tell you something I did a live stream last Sunday whilst I was
on holiday and even though it was cloudy above me there was no real sunshine it was quite
cloudy last Sunday and I still got sunburned on the back of my neck I don’t know if you
can see it but on the back of my neck I really did get burnt and I was very surprised because
there wasn’t much Sun around last Sunday in the place I was staying at so yes it’s quite
strange last Sunday I got sunburned even though there was no Sun so it just shows how how
dangerous sunlight can be it really can be quite dangerous apparently in India there
is a big storm raging there is a storm taking place now I know that in India you have had
some very high temperatures as well it’s been very hot in there apparently also in Spain
it is hot hot I think I’m going to be saying the word hot quite a lot today today it is
also hot in Spain we have between 48 and 50 degrees while we have the heat wave yes we
are all having a heat wave across Europe but I think the worst places the places that are
most affected by the heat wave are France and Spain I think they seem to be getting
the the hottest weather yesterday it was nearly 46 degrees in Paris can you believe it pretty
rose how old are you mr. Duncan oh that’s a very personal question you should never
ask a lady her age forty five point nine degrees is not as hot as the Sun yes I know that I
know I’m very aware of that don’t worry I’m very glad to hear that it it isn’t as hot
as the Sun here or else I would start to melt like a candle hello mr. Duncan how are you
are you okay dang ambo sakaar is here as well how old are you mr. Duncan are you married
some people are very very nosy they want to know all my personal details the next thing
you’ll be asking is where do I live you might want to come round for a cup of tea Cathy
cat says hay fever during summer yes we get hay fever during summer here apparently in
Japan people get hay fever during the springtime well some people can get hay fever at different
times of the year it just depends what they are sensitive to so my sensitivity is from
tree pollen and grass pollen and very particular things and during the summer months the trees
and the grass will pollinate and for those who have watched a lot of my streams you will
know that I live in a very rural area so there is a lot of grass around me maybe coming here
was a mistake maybe I shouldn’t have moved to the countryside it might be the worst place
in the world to live if you suffer with hay fever hello mr. Duncan I am here – hello semi
semi semi bob boze Kurt where are you watching at the moment I don’t know why you are so
interested in my age or whether I’m married maybe you are looking for a husband I’m sure
I’m English and I’m here in the heat wave I don’t need English lessons but I love this
channel and how well it shows our country great job mr. Duncan Thank You Bobby down
hello Bobby nice to see you here yes I’m live at the moment in my garden I’m so thirsty
so just to make sure that I don’t dehydrate and melt away I have a glass of water here
although earlier there were some flies in my water they were swimming around oh that’s
better talking of drink for those who may realize and know I was away last week I was
on my holiday and I went to Portugal for a few days thanks to mr. Steve’s company and
I did buy something whilst I was there can you see what I have there look I have some
delicious Porto wine so that particular drink is very popular it is made in Portugal it
is called Porto wine and there it is a lot of people asked me they asked mr. Duncan did
you drink the Porto wine whilst you were in Portugal yes I did there are many different
types of Porto wine so there you can see the bottle I’m not sure if that will show up on
the screen I hope it does but it might not I think the focus is not working very well
there so yes so that is Porto wine very popular there are many different types of Porto wine
this is pale Porto wine it’s it has a sort of brown color it’s very nice so this is called
tawny Porto wine tawny then of course you have white white wine very popular during
meal times so there you can see Porto wine and particular one is white you can see right
through the bottle so this bottle isn’t empty I haven’t drunk it don’t worry it is white
wine and finally my favorite this is my favorite Porto wine I must admit mr. Steve and myself
we did bring back a big bottle of this so this is once again Porto wine but this one
is Ruby so this type of Porto wine is ruby wine and as its name suggests it is red so
it has a reddish color in fact it looks like blackcurrant juice but if you drink a lot
of this you will get very drunk so yes we brought some of this back we couldn’t resist
because we did drink some of this whilst we were eating our meals in Portugal so Porto
wine is made in Portugal there are many different types of Porto wine thank you very much for
all the messages from those who asked mr. Duncan did you did you buy some Porto wine
and the answer to that question is yes I did so this is a little gift souvenir that mr.
Steeves company gave to us but also we we did bring back a big bottle of Porto wine
as well although to be honest with you neither of us are big drinkers we don’t drink very
much to be honest this will be a short livestream I will be back tomorrow don’t forget thank
you very much for your lovely messages there is someone on YouTube at the moment with the
name mr. Steve’s boss but I don’t think you are really mr. Steve’s boss hello to Franklin
hello to Ulysses hello Ulises nice to see you as well hello to Brazil a lot of people
watching today maybe I should do a livestream on Saturday as well maybe I should hi everyone
hello mr. Duncan how are you Thank You Connell hello to you as well yes I’m back in England
safe and sound I arrived back here two days ago and I feel okay although we did have a
very active holiday we went on a jeep ride so a jeep is a kind of vehicle that can ride
and drive off the road and I have to be honest with you it was a little bumpy so my back
is really hurting and not only that I also hit my head on one of the bars above my head
because we went over this big bump and I went up and I smashed my head on the top of the
bar I really hurt myself and it still hurts now I think I might have brain damage but
then would you notice would you notice that I don’t think so oh I see hay fever is terrible
I hope you can cope with it mr. Duncan I am trying my best but at the moment hay fever
season is here in the UK and and the level the level of pollen in the air is very high
and that’s the reason why yesterday I was sneezing my head off yesterday I wanted to
do some filming in the garden and I couldn’t because I was so unwell when I woke up this
morning I decided to take lots of medicine so I’ve taken my tablets and all my other
things as well to make sure the hay fever doesn’t affect me too much box Heydar says
I like red wine I do as well uh I don’t drink a lot of wine but I must admit I do like Porto
wine it’s rather nice actually it’s a hot day here in the UK it’s around about 29 degrees
at the moment and in certain parts of the UK it might get as high as 33 can you believe
it so here we are on the penultimate day of June by the way penultimate means next before
last so second from last is always penultimate so if you still have another day before the
end of the month today will be the penultimate day of the month I love you so much mr. Duncan
thank you very much for that hi mr. Steeves boss mr. Steve needs a raise if you give some
someone a raise it means you give them extra money normally you will increase their salary
you will give them more money so if you give a person a raise a person who works for you
you invite them into the office and say Oh mr. Steve hello there you’ve been working
very hard recently we have decided to give you a raise so if you give a person a raise
it means you give them more salary you increase their rate of pay hello mr. Duncan from Sally
hello Sally I don’t recognize your name is it your first time if it is your first time
here today please tell me and I will give you a special hello you are back now at home
how was your holiday thank you Anna I had a great time in Portugal I must admit I’ve
never been to Portugal before in fact if I was honest I’ve never really thought about
going to Portugal before but I have to say I was very impressed beautiful people lovely
friendly characters the hotel we stayed in was very nice and if you saw last Sunday’s
livestream you will know that there were very famous people near the hotel in fact they
were just across the road from the hotel within the grounds of the place I was staying famous
footballers so if you are a fan of football I was almost almost face to face with with
one of the most famous footballers in the world it’s true I’m not joking I wish I was
it is the first time to be here Sally Sally welcome there is a beautiful song that was
sung many years ago by a woman called Gracie fields Sally Sally down by the selling her
flowers to you so there a special song for you Sally hello mr. Duncan from Spain I’m
glad to see you again that rhymes you are like a poet very good thank you accent for
your message today congratula n– congratulations my brain medicine is starting to work congratulations
to mr. Steve I’m sure he deserves it Thank You Ana for that mr. Steve’s boss said I presented
the trip in Portugal for mr. Steve and mr. Duncan because I think it’s enough oh I say
so it sounds to me as if mr. Steve is not going to get his raise I think so you are
welcome Sally no problem I hope you enjoyed my song maybe now it will start to rain because
sometimes if a person sings and they do it badly sometimes we say I think it will rain
now because your singing is so bad hello mr. Duncan I am ready Juan from Algeria hello
Algeria I do have quite a few people watching in Algeria I must be honest with you yes I
do have a lot of people watching in Algeria so a big hello to you as well as M has M says
you are a good teacher thank you very much I try my best if there is one thing I do in
life its I try my best I always try sometimes I fail sometimes I succeed but I never give
up thank you very much for that a lot of people watching across Europe are you watching in
the UK at the moment if you are watching in England I am very fascinated to find out what
the weather weather is like where you are so if you are watching in England or Scotland
or Wales apparently yesterday in the UK the hottest place in the UK was Scotland which
is strange because normally quite often Scotland gets all of the bad weather so again Abdo
says long time has passed without seeing you because the net the internet keeps cutting
off in Sudan Thank You Abu Abdo I’m very glad to see you here today hello sir I am Abdullah
from Pakistan and I hope you would be over the moon to hear me I’m very pleased to hear
that you are fine and yes I am over the moon how do you call that saying you sang very
well it won’t be raining well if you sing badly so this is a joke that many people make
especially in the UK so if a person sings a song and they don’t do it very well we often
say oh your singing is terrible I think it will start to rain now don’t sing it will
start to rain your live chat is awesome Thank You JC Jordi I am now live in England yes
I’m back from my holidays in Portugal thank you very much for your messages I had a super
time I must admit Portugal is the most amazing place I did a lot of filming in fact I think
I I did too much filming I came back with so much video footage so yes I did record
a lot of things what kind of tree are you standing next to mr. Duncan well just behind
me oh I think it’s over there there it is the the tree you can see there that is actually
an apple tree it is a very old apple tree but it doesn’t produce many apples anymore
because it’s getting old just like me how many degrees do you have now in much Wenlock
asks anna at the moment it’s about 27 or 28 degrees here at the moment but later apparently
it’s supposed to get hotter so as the Sun comes over and the air gets warmer I think
it might be about 30 maybe 31 degrees at the moment will you show us some videos from Portugal
well not today because I’m not in the studio but maybe tomorrow if I can find some time
to edit because I have hundreds of video clips not just one or two hundreds hundreds and
hundreds hello from Turkey Thank You Mavi and hello to Turkey there is another place
yes I have been to Turkey twice in the past in fact I made a video lesson in Turkey and
it is available on my youtube channel apparently according to Bobby here in the West Midlands
it is 28 degrees earlier I was in the car with the air conditioning on full and the
windows were down it was 33 degrees in Bobby’s car that is hot can I just say something we
came back from Portugal with a very well-known airline called Ryan Air now the thing to remember
about Ryan Air is they are they are what they call a no-frills airline so it means everything
about the service is very basic Ryanair its based in Ireland and I must be honest with
you I didn’t mind the flight but the only problem is it had no air conditioning can
you believe it I was on a plane for nearly two hours and 20 minutes and there was no
air conditioning on the plane it was absolutely boiling a bit like Bobby in the car it was
really really hot so yes we used Ryan air to come back home I’ve never used them before
I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Ryan air also a lot of good things but to be honest
with you I didn’t think it was too bad and we had to pay for the meal on the plane but
that was okay it wasn’t too expensive but the the really bad part was the actual temperature
inside the plane it was boiling hot it was so hot I couldn’t open the windows on the
plane because they won’t let you I don’t know why but they said if I if I open the windows
I will be sucked I will be sucked out I don’t like the sound of that or do I Catherine here
in France we have 32 degrees 32 it’s so hot it was hotter these days than the last days
and the night is always warm yes well I do believe that in Paris at the moment and across
France they are having some of the highest temperatures ever in the world ever in their
history by the way I love your shirt I just remember you were wearing it last time and
the time we could see the beautiful blue sky from your garden oh really yes I do wear this
a lot I like this shirt because it’s blue it looks very very summery like the sky have
you brought any other souvenirs we bought a t-shirt we also bought some gifts for our
friend and relatives Steve bought something for his mother something very nice I might
show you that tomorrow and also we bought something for ourselves to put up in the house
so we will always remember our trip to Portugal you always bring something back from your
holiday a little thing to remind you of your time away we call it a souvenir souvenir it’s
a very difficult word to spell souvenir it’s a French word hello to all from Russia With
Love oh thank you very much for that I will be going in a few moments the reason is because
I am going into town to have my lunch mr. Steve he’s just getting ready over there so
he is getting ready and so after the livestream finishes we are actually going to walk into
town and we will have some lunch today we are having cottage pie oh wow have you ever
had cottage pie it’s absolutely gorgeous lots of lovely potato and then underneath you have
gravy and meat and sometimes vegetables sometimes cottage pie can be quite spicy sometimes people
like to put spice in the cottage pie so cottage pie is made using beef cottage pie beef and
then there is another type which is shepherd’s pie shepherd’s pie has lamb inside hello – my
favorite teacher hello peach at potage hello Pete – I love your name it’s so long that’s
very very long mister Steve’s boss I have the aircon on to blow in my face as I also
suffer from hay fever me too I had terrible hay fever yesterday I couldn’t breathe yesterday
I felt so ill so it this time of year I get hay fever and also I get asthma as well so
I have to take lots of different medicine to keep me alive isn’t that nice how is the
Portuguese food very good we did eat a lot of Portuguese food we had risotto we had lots
of mixed food so food that had lots of things with it some meat of course a lot of meat
people like meat and of course fish we went to a beautiful fish restaurant where all the
fish inside the restaurant that was being sold was fresh it was port on the same day
they also had a big fish tank with lobsters floating around inside and if you wanted to
you could eat one of them you could pick the lobster that you liked and they would take
it out and cook it for you hello mr. Duncan a message to all the people here today now
that you have all joined the mr. Duncan channel you should never give up learning English
congratulations and thank you Thank You Jones QD for your message yes never give up never
give up on anything whatever it is and do what you love in your life because you only
get one chance to do it enjoy your lunch oh yes I have had it yes I’m starting to feel
peckish Thank You Kathy mr. Duncan you wore this shirt last summer when you did the livestream
in the chair for the first time yes I wear this shirt quite a lot in fact I was wearing
it last week in Portugal cottage pie yes cottage pie and shepherd’s pie so cottage pie has
it has beef and shepherd’s pie has lamb as the name suggests thank you very much I am
going in a round about three minutes so if you want to say hello now is your chance and
then I will go because we are off into town to enjoy the sunshine and also to have some
lunch as well Jonathan hello Jonathan hello mr. Duncan and hi to everyone don’t forget
I’m back tomorrow not just today but tomorrow as well I will be here from 2 p.m. UK time
tomorrow that is Sunday the 30th of June the final day of June tomorrow can you believe
it yes only 30 days in June Cathy says leave no stone unturned oh I like that one so if
you are doing something try to pursue every part of it so don’t leave anything out leave
no stone unturned I like that one that’s a great expression it means do everything you
can don’t leave something don’t ignore something leave no stone unturned I like it cat cottage
pie has beef and shepherd’s pie has lamb I didn’t know that well now you do and that
is the beauty of tuning in to my live English lessons it’s amazing we are all here to learn
together the pressure inside the aircraft is maintained higher than outside in order
to avoid altitude sickness more that is why you can be sucked if you open the aircraft
door so if I open the aircraft door or the window I will get sucked apparently sucked
out I don’t like the sound of that I think the next time I go in an airplane the next
time I’m in an aircraft I think I will wear a parachute I think so Bobby says I suggest
a nice ploughman’s lunch it’s been many years since I’ve had a ploughman’s lunch ploughman’s
lunch is a is a particular type of sandwich and it has everything inside normally it is
two big pieces of bread and inside it has lettuce tomato meat cheese well everything
basically so a ploughman’s lunch is just a sandwich that is full of everything if you
can think of it there is a good chance that it is inside a ploughman’s lunch hello hi
sorry the bird is just saying hello to me oh by the way can I tell you something we
rescued a little animal after returning back from our holiday we found a little animal
that was sick in the garage it was not very well but what was the animal and what happened
next find out tomorrow I will tell you on tomorrow’s live stream thank you very much
I love learning about other people’s cultures you are welcome I am doing very well I am
about to go it is coming up to 115 I am only here for 45 minutes and then I am going into
town to get something to eat I must admit I’m feeling very very hungry normally when
it’s hot normally I don’t feel hungry but today I must admit I feel very hungry Alessandro
good afternoon mr. Duncan you and mr. Steve are in my heart great teachers and also lessons
as well hello to everyone on the chat Thank You Alessandro Jamelia is here mr. Steve is
now getting ready so he is getting ready you might be able to hear the sound of mr. Steve
getting ready yes we saved an animal that was ill in the garage I will tell you more
about that tomorrow because we are now out of time unfortunately isn’t that a shame couscous
yes we had chriskiss whilst in Portugal we had that I have always wondered what the difference
between cottage pie and shepherd’s pie is and now I do that’s good that’s why I’m here
to help you with your English and sometimes we help each other with our general knowledge
thanks a lot I’m going now it is time to say goodbye coming up to 1:15 in the afternoon
here in the UK I hope you’ve enjoyed today it’s been great being here with you on the
hottest day of 2019 so far stay cool for the rest of the day I really hope you will thank
you very much – Anna thank you very much – mr. Steve’s boss I don’t think you are mr. Steve’s
boss to be honest thank you very much – Jamelia I’m sorry you are you are a bit late because
I’m about to leave now but I will be back tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time okay okay I will
be here tomorrow but I probably won’t be outside because the weather forecast for tomorrow
isn’t very good apparently tomorrow it is supposed to be raining all day so we might
not be outside tomorrow but I will be back tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time thank you very
much – Bobby thank you very much Bobby for your kind words as well thank you very much
Jamelia see you later this is mr. duncan in the birthplace of English of course that is
England in the back garden on a very hot day saying thanks for watching see you tomorrow
2:00 p.m. UK time and of course you know what’s coming next yes you do… ta ta for now.

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  1. Hey mate! Love your work.

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  2. get well soon for ur illness ,we live in very High degree centy grade ,and lots of humidity ,i drink lots of lots of water .mr .duncan u r very sensitive person ??

  3. Good evening sir, one of the best English spoken teacher I like really appreciate for online teaching thanks so much

  4. Hello Mr. Duncan! I've heard about 12 victims and 20 infected by rare bug in Essex. What about it? It's hot here in Italy, it's muggy and the temperature is too high!

  5. Oh, teacher! Many many thanks for today´s live stream! It was really a nice surprise! I hope your head doesn´t hurt any more and that your hay feaver and asma don´t bother you. I love you so much!

  6. Here in Buenos Aires is wet and miserable, which is unusual in general terms. We can't complain about the weather here: just a few days of extreme cold in winter and just a few days of extreme hot in summer; and autumn & springtime are quite pleasent and mild. (A quite interesting weather report you have here. I'm being sarcastic in this last statement, as you may have noticed…)

  7. Hi mister Duncan! I always watch your videos… I love them! I am Portuguese! I live in Porto the city from the Porto wine! Very happy that you like Porto wine! 🙂

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