Viral Tik Tok Challenge #2 | Challenge Chalice

Viral Tik Tok Challenge #2 | Challenge Chalice

– ♪ You know that
you’re my superstar ♪ – (laughs)
– Damn. Okay, girl! Go off. – Hi there, YouTube. My name is Tom,
and welcome back to Challenge Chalice! Today with me, we have Labib,
Mikaela, Haley, and Brandon. And back by popular demand,
we are going to be recreating some Tik Toks, baby!
– Let’s go. My favorite thing to do.
My favorite thing to do. – So, we’re gonna be recreating
three viral Tik Tok trends. The teams are gonna be
Haley and Brandon versus Labib and Mikaela.
Have you guys ever made Tik Toks before?
(coughs) Labib. – Yeah.
– (all laugh) – Hey, hey.
I love making Tik Toks. It’s my favorite thing
to do other than eating, so… – I got the pro on my team.
I’m feeling good. – Yeah! How about
Haley and Brandon? What do you guys think?
– I’ve never touched the app. – Don’t even freakin’ lie.
– I literally have never had the app or looked at it.
– You gonna learn today. – I had seen,
but I’ve never used Tik Tok. – So, they’re gonna win.
– (all laugh) – I’ve watched Tik Tok,
but never created it. – Okay.
– I feel like Brandon’s gonna be pretty good at it, though.
– I think so too. I think Brandon’s about
to try and he’s gonna be like… – “Oh my god.
I was missing out.” – I’m gonna find
my new favorite hobby. – You guys are gonna be doing
the Bad Guy Plot Twist SpongeBob Challenge.
– (Labib) Wow. – Everyone’s already heard of it.
– You put those words together. You made that up.
That’s not real. – It’s a real challenge!
Here, I’m gonna show you. – ♪ …mad type ♪
♪ Might seduce your… ♪ – Stop.
– (laughs) No, it’s awesome. Just watch. Just watch.
– Oh, wait! – That’s how high I wear
my pants already. – ♪ Duh ♪
– (laughs) – Ohhhh!
– That’s so funny! – See? It’s perfect!
– I love this. I love this app.
– We’re not encouraging this. – ♪ …girlfriend mad type ♪
– Look at ’em all. We gotta look at ’em all.
– ♪ I’m the bad guy ♪ ♪ Duh ♪
– (laughs) – (all) Ohhhhh!
– What?! – It’s unreal!
– Yo, that’s lit! Oh my goodness.
– You guys big fans of SpongeBob? – Big fan. A huge fan.
– Oh, of course. – Yeah? You think
you can handle it? – I think we got this.
– Yeah. – Brandon’s got this in the bag.
– We’ll figure something out. – Mikaela and Labib,
you guys are gonna be doing the In the Phone Challenge.
– That’s my favorite challenge. – Really? You know it?
– No. I just made that up. – (laughs)
– I was like, “That’s BS. You don’t know that [bleep].”
All right. You guys wanna see it? – Yeah, let’s go ahead.
– Yeah. – Okay, we’ll watch it. ♪ (playful music) ♪
See how the person’s in the phone? – (all) Ohhh! (loud slap)
– Yo! – This is me and Labib
interacting in general. – That’s true.
– I just give him a little smackdown. – Whoa!
– WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! – Oh, that’s– I don’t know
if I could do all that. – (laughs) – I mean, it’s no SpongeBob.
– I feel like– I think I can incorporate
the whoa in this somehow. – The whoa. (chuckles)
– He’s a next level Tik Tokker. – Yeah, literally. ♪ (playful music) ♪
– Ooh, I like this guy’s hair. – Oh, okay.
He’s got spunk. (loud slap)
– Oh! – Oh my god!
I hate that! – Tickle, tickle!
– (laughs) – Yo, this is so good.
– So, you guys are going to be competing against each other.
The Tik Tok with lowest amount of likes is the loser.
And there’s a SpongeBob-themed punishment at the end.
– Ahhh. – But you’re not just going
against each other. You guys are gonna be going
against me as well. – Oh.
– The reigning champion. – The reigning champ.
– Yeah, the reigning champion! – ♪ Baby shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo ♪ – If my Tik Tok gets the lowest amount
of likes, which it won’t, then I’ll do the punishment, okay?
We’re going to post the Tik Toks on FBE.
Our Tik Tok’s link right here. You can go check it out.
You can go watch ’em all, like whoever you think
did the best. We’re gonna leave ’em up
for 24 hours, and then the one that gets
the most likes is going to get a Krabby Patty.
– Oh, boy. – The losers are going
to get turned into a Krabby Patty. – What?!
– I knew that was going there immediately.
– So, we’re gonna break up. You guys are each gonna have an hour.
I’m gonna be checking in on you. Who do you think’s gonna win?
– It has to be us. – Yeah.
– Undeniably. – SpongeBob.
– I’m not getting lettuce thrown at me.
– It doesn’t get cringier than me, so I’m winning.
– Yeah, he is down for the cringe. Always.
– All right, let’s get started. What’s happening over here?
– I’m telling Haley not to put Expo on her lips.
She doesn’t have to dedicate to the Tik Tok that hard.
– (Tom) I don’t know. – (Labib) Don’t go that hard.
– Go hard or go home. – (Labib) I went hard once too.
– (Tom laughs) – She’s really committing.
– Look, I wanna win. I’m gonna do it.
– Do you wanna see what the photo is
she’s trying to recreate? – (Tom) Yes. I’m like,
I have no idea what’s going on.
(laughs) Oh, it’s beautiful. – Should I be Mr. Krabs?
– (JC) Wait. – (Haley) Do you wanna do Mr. Krabs?
– (JC) What is this? – (Brandon) I can be Mr. Krabs.
– (Tom) Tik Tok. – (Brandon) We’re recreating Tik Toks.
– Oh, you guys are doing Tik Toks? – (Haley) Yeah.
– Oh, awesome. Yeah. I know Tik Tok.
– (all laugh) – (Haley) I go here.
– (JC) What do you need? – Okay, Haley. So,
I’m gonna sit at a white desk or a desk, whatever.
We’re gonna let the song run, and I’m gonna just sit down.
– Yeah. – I’m gonna turn my head,
and I’m gonna start shaking violently. Don’t be afraid.
– Okay. – That’s just part of the thing.
And then when it happens, you just start doing this.
– (Haley) Yeah. I’ve done that. – And then we’ll get
a shot just here. – Okay.
– Okay. – Cool.
– (Tom) And what are you doing? – Breaking stuff.
– (Tom) What meme is this? (laughs)
– Okay, you let me know. Oh yeah. The song will play, huh?
– (Haley) Yeah. – Okay, okay. Let it
play full speed too. – Okay. Oh, full speed?
– (Brandon) Yeah. – Okay. Cool.
Here we go. Go.
(camera shutter clicks) – ♪ …girlfriend mad type ♪
♪ Might seduce your dad type ♪ ♪ I’m the bad guy ♪
♪ Duh ♪ – (laughs)
– (Tom) You guys have recruited Ethan the producer
to help you film that. – He’s a producer.
– (Tom) Produce them. – I’m not doing
a very good job, though, ’cause I didn’t time it right
last time. Here we go.
In three, two, one. (camera shutter clicks)
– ♪ …girlfriend mad type ♪ ♪ Might seduce your dad type ♪ ♪ I’m the bad guy ♪
♪ Duh ♪ – (Tom) Jellyfishing,
jellyfishing, jellyfishing, jellyfishing.
– (Brandon) Make sure you have your pinky out with the marker.
– (Tom) Oh, she gonna be twinning. – All right, ready? All right.
– ♪ …girlfriend mad type ♪ ♪ Might seduce your dad type ♪
♪ I’m the bad guy ♪ ♪ Duh ♪
– Oh. Duh! – How was that?
– (Ethan) You wanna see it? – No.
– (Tom laughs) “No.” – I really don’t.
– (Tom) The cringe is real with this one.
– Yeah, the cringe is… The smile and–
how do I smi– – (Tom laughs)
– ♪ …girlfriend mad type ♪ ♪ Might seduce your dad type ♪
♪ I’m the bad guy ♪ ♪ Duh ♪
♪ (playful music) ♪ – Oh! Ooh!
Ow! [Bleep]. Ah. Ah. Ah. – (Mikaela) One,
two, three. Shake. Then go into the doorway. And then the floor. Look back at me.
– (Labib) No! [Bleep]. All right, that’s enough.
– (laughs) – (Tom) How are you guys doing?
– We’re almost there. – Almost there, almost there.
The timing… we just gotta get that locked down,
and then the actual– this might go viral. Three, two, one, shake.
Yeah. – (Tom) Okay, Labib, show me.
– Bam, bam. – (Tom) Oh! Mikaela, why?!
Why are you beating him up? He’s just a boy!
– (Mikaela, phone) Go into the doorway.
And then floor! – (Tom) Oh!
Why, Mikaela?! Please stop! No!
Labib! – (Mikaela laughs)
– (Tom) Why?! Labib, what was the inspiration
behind this video? – I was watching…
Ali versus Sonny Liston. – (Tom) Oh, okay.
– And just had to recreate that scene, you know? – ♪ You’re a mean, mean man ♪
♪ You’re just jealous of me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you, you just
can’t do what I do ♪ ♪ So instead
of just admitting it ♪ ♪ You walk around and say
all kinds of really mean things about me ♪
♪ ‘Cause you’re a meanie ♪ ♪ A meanie ♪
– You guys were really good! You guys were really good!
But you have a third challenge. We’re gonna be doing
the Jump Up Super Star Challenge. – We?
– Oh, we’re all doing it, baby! – No!
– Tik Tok fame, here we come! – Oh, god.
– Let’s watch it. Everyone take it in.
I’m only gonna show you this once, and then we’re gonna do it.
Labib’s already got it. – Oh my.
– (laughs) I’m so excited for
you guys to do this! – Tom, I hate you. Have I mentioned that?
– You guys are gonna be so cute! – Very ’90s.
– We’re all gonna be superstars. All right. Let’s make
some Tik Toks, baby! – Woo!
– (chuckles) – (Mikaela) Tori, you’re gonna
coach us through this, right? – So, Lauren originally was
gonna be the Tik Tok coach, but she’s in a shoot,
so I found a YouTube tutorial and I’m gonna take
the kids through it. – (Tom) Go, Tori.
You’re my only hope. – Maybe Tom should coach us.
– No! I’m going to direct. This is my coach.
I hired her specifically for this job. – One, two, tree.
– I’m gonna stay back. – Okay. Up.
– One. – I can’t see, Labib!
– Sorry. – There you go.
Okay. – Remember to keep on
shaking your hips too. Out.
– I feel like I’m in Sailor Moon right now.
– Finger guns. – (Tom) A bunch of amateurs.
– She’s way better. – (Labib) Amateurs. (chuckles) – Okay.
– Jump. – (Labib) I’m not quirky enough. – (Tori) You guys wanna
try it fast after this? – No.
– No. – I need it slower.
– Oh, it’s this. – See, I can’t remember this part.
– ♪ You know you’re my superstar ♪ – (laughs)
– Damn. Okay, girl! Go off. Go off!
– You guys ready? Three, two, one. ♪ (music playing in slow-mo) ♪ – (Brandon giggling) – (all giggling)
– All right. – ♪ …in the sky ♪ – Ay, ay, ay!
Bust ’em out. – (Tom laughs)
– We have to do it at full speed, ’cause that was so off.
– (all laugh) – That was so off!
– Let me watch. Let me watch. Yo, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see.
– I’m scared. – I feel like we have to do it over. – You got it!
– (laughs) – Yo, this is good.
This is good. Yo, this is so good. – Fine. This is fine!
– Yo, solid! Solid! This is solid!
– Okay, now that we made all of our Tik Toks,
we’re gonna upload ’em to FBE. Our Tik Tok’s right here.
We’re gonna leave ’em up for 24 hours, and we’re gonna
come back tomorrow. All right, we’re here 24 hours later
for the reveal about which team got the most likes
and is safe from the punishment and which got the lowest
amount of likes. I’m gonna tell you guys straight up.
Mine got 13,000 likes. I absolutely murdered you.
You guys all worked together, and I don’t have to do
the punishment, sol I’m really thankful for that.
I’m a director, and I directed you guys
to Tik Tok fame. You’re welcome.
– All right, Tarantino. – All right. Now, for our
first team, Haley and Brandon… – I’m so nervous.
– Your video got 3,100 likes. – Wow.
– That’s really solid! That’s really good!
How do you guys feel about it? – It’s not 13,000, though.
– It feels low. – Feels low?
– Yeah. Yeah. It feels a little low.
– Well, I’m not gonna lie… – Jesus.
– It was… slightly lower than Labib
and Mikaela’s, that got 39– – Oh my god!
– No! – 3,900.
– Yes! Yes! – So, you guys should be
doing the punishment. BUT–
– no, no! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!
– Shut up! – But–
– Stop, stop, stop. – They posted five videos.
– That’s not fair! – (Labib) That’s more than us.
– The only way we could justify it is if we took the average
of all five videos. – You guys had…
– I don’t believe in this. – …3,900 likes.
– And your total between all five has an average…
♪ (drum roll) ♪ – …4,200 likes!
So, you guys are safe! You’re our winners!
(ding) All right, winners, cheers.
Tik Tok fame. Man, it’s good
being Tik Tok famous. – You know what?
– All right, just wait. Just wait.
– It’s fine. It’s fine. – (Labib) Just wait till
we start making– – You guys didn’t try hard.
– It’s fine. – Maybe post a second one.
– We’re gonna be Tik Tok famous on our own.
It’s fine. – Yeah, don’t worry.
– We’ll see. – Got some good stuff cooking.
– So, let’s take a step back from our winner snacks,
’cause we’re all famous and Tik Tok famous.
– We are the snacks. – We’re gonna turn into meals.
– We’re gonna make you into snacks. – Great.
– Great. Thank you. – (chuckles) Thank you, sir.
Thank you. All right. Let’s do this. I want the shredded lettuce.
– Yeah. Thank you. Throw some lettuce at me.
Yo. Haley, put that [bleep] down. – Ready for your burger?
– Let’s go, baby boy. – I’m gonna smell
like onions and mustard. – Yeah, doggy!
– (groans) – Stop.
– (Tom) You’re an angel. You’re an angel, Mikaela.
– Labib, you’re an angel too. – Oh, [bleep] off.
– All right. All right! Time to
make some burgers, people. Three, two, one,
burgers! – (Mikaela screams)
Oh my god. I love that you just go
right for the hair. – (Tom) Angel!
– (Labib groans) – I smell like
a Costco food cart! – I’m getting jumped!
I’m getting jumped! – (Haley) I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Ew! Tomatoes
are so gross and slimy. I feel the sludge on me.
I will have you know, I eat my burger plain!
– (Labib) Oh my god! – (Mikaela) Oh my god!
Oh my god! – Confetti lettuce!
– Yay, you did it! – Yay!
– Food down. Labib, you look like
you got the brunt of it. Mikaela…
– Just all up in here. – That was solid.
All right, well, thank you guys for coming and becoming
Krabby Patties. Thank you guys for becoming
Tik Tok famous with me. Thank you guys for watching.
Let’s shout out some of our newest SuperFam
that just joined. Shoutout to Melissa Poteat.
– Shoutout to Alex Smith. – Shoutout John Rodriguez.
– Shoutout Sandra Olden. – And shoutout to David Faught.
– Guys, if you wanna join the SuperFam, go click
that blue Join button right below this.
you get a ton of cool perks, like exclusive streams.
You get to talk to us one-on-one. There’s just a ton
of really cool perks. So, go click that,
and we’ll see you next time. – (all) Bye! – (all laughing)
– Woo!

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