VLOG | Ep: 01 Arriving in Kenya to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis

VLOG | Ep: 01 Arriving in Kenya to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis

Hi, my name is Mark Sherlock.
I’m a doctor from Ireland… and I work here on my first mission
with MSF in Nairobi, Kenya, where I am a multidrug-resistant
TB (tuberculosis) doctor. Today’s my first ever
attempt at vlogging… but I thought this would be
a good opportunity to… explain a bit more about being on
a first mission with MSF. But, for me, more importantly about… trying to build up some awareness
for multidrug-resistant TB. TB is a huge killer worldwide. It now kills more people than
HIV and malaria… and there’s been huge developments
in HIV and malaria treatment but… TB has really been left behind. We have had two new drugs come onto
the market in the last two years… but that’s the first time in over 50
years that new drugs have been designed. But it still kills huge numbers. So over the coming weeks, months,
I want to give an insight… into TB and the destruction
that it causes. And in particular I will probably end up
focusing on multidrug-resistant TB… which is the type of TB that doesn’t
get treated with normal TB treatment… so it’s resistant to normal
TB treatment. Patients now, when they have
this disease, have to… have a much longer, much more
complicated, treatment regime. It can be horrific for the patient. Mostly they can’t work… there’s huge stigma in society… and there’s huge amounts of
side effects of the drugs… so it’s a really painful journey. I want to be able to describe
some of this for you… so I hope these vlogs can be… somewhat entertaining,
maybe not… but hopefully
informative at least; and I’m really looking forward to
going on this journey with you. Please comment… If there’s questions people
want to find out… Just please comment
and I can try answer them… or try and make a video
to explain them. So this is all very new to me but… I hope it’s a journey that
we can enjoy together. So, let’s go! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

8 thoughts on “VLOG | Ep: 01 Arriving in Kenya to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis

  1. How do you manage to overcome communication barriers to explain treatments to patients, and do you need to convince them to stick around for the long treatment period? Thanks! 🙂

  2. I almost died from pneumonia couple of years ago…and that's in Australia. I can't even imagine the suffering.

  3. hie mark iam in Kenya I would really like to meet you ,coz I was treated from tb n lately been been feeling so uncomfortable in my lungs indeed help its 7th month after treatment

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