What is the Life Expectancy for Someone With Prostate Cancer?

What is the Life Expectancy for Someone With Prostate Cancer?

The good news about prostate cancer is that
if it is localized to your prostate, you have a greater than 95% chance of living over five
years. Thanks to the development of newer treatments, men with metastatic disease can
have an excellent long term survival as well. If your cancer is localized to the prostate
and you receive either radiation therapy or surgery, you have a greater than 92% chance
of living 10 years and not dieing from the prostate cancer. The life expectancy of men
with metastatic disease that is in the bones or lymph nodes is quite variable, but many
men can live over 5 or 10 years. In fact, 50% of men with hormone sensitive metastatic
disease will live greater than five years. Thanks to many advances for advanced prostate
cancer, men can have excellent quality of life and longevity with advanced prostate
cancer. In men whose prostate cancer is metastatic and has become hormone refractory, the average
life expectancy is about 18 to 20 months with newer treatments available as well as clinical
trials even this can be extended beyond two years. The bottom line is that there are many
treatment options and these should be discussed openly with your urologist.

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  1. What is the life expectancy of prostate cancer?

    In one of our most popular videos, Dr. Trutone discusses the life expectancy of prostate cancer, and some new treatment options.

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  2. Gleason score 8. psa down from 80 to 67 with hormonal treatment. no sugar coating necessary – what happens next with man 76 years old.

  3. I've had a indigo laser(did nothing) one turp 10 grams no cancer. 5 years later another turp 53 grams no cancer found in the removed tissue now my PSA is 215!!! I will never agree to a needle biosy as I had much pain bleeding and infection. Do  you believe in 3t scanner?

  4. what causes prostate cancer?

    My dad died this month from this. 🙁

    i am conducting a research.

    How can others be helped?

    where can i get adequate info?

  5. My father-in-law was diagnosed with PC in December 2012. Had an operation to remove it. Started feeling sick & losing weight in May 2013. Hospitalized by June. Shriveled to a 90lb nothing by October. Dead by Sept.

  6. My understanding is one can have a regular longevity of life if the prostate is removed with a pathology report of negative margins. Now due surveillance is necessary for five years from the date of surgery. If your PSA does not rise over a five-year period, one is considered Cancer Free.

  7. I'm 52 years of age and my prostate cancer was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. I had the surgery on June 20th 2017. Pathology report received and they got the cancer out. If you're afraid, I've been there. Semper Fi

  8. My father unfortunately was misdiagnosed twice early 2016 assuming it was just a bad back he had. Come Oct 2016 I had seen a rapid weight lost in dad I mention it that he may have cancer and he must go see his original doc. Story cut short came back with an aggressive form of stage 4 prostate cancer he had first chemo Nov 2nd he was dead Nov 24th. In hindsight chemo did him a huge favour as it was a very short illness and did he did not suffer long. Dad was 68.

  9. My father had prostate cancer. Surgery had done. But now he is taking radiotherapy. I don't know why the doctor can't do it properly?

  10. Thanks for posting this,…Im 64 and have not yet had my biopsy. I am scheduled to have it next week. PDA 8.3 and my Urologist seems to be concerned.

  11. So if I'm understanding the doctor here correctly, I am 64, have been diagnosed with "intermediate" prostate cancer. Have decided on Radiation treatment. So, even AFTER the SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the Radiation treatment…I CAN STILL ONLY EXPECT TO LIVE ONLY 5 YEARS? I'm confused?

  12. My step-father had prostate cancer at 59 and didn't tell my mother. He ended up deciding to remove his prostate. My mother was not happy about him not telling her anything.

  13. My dad is in the process of receiving radiation for his prostate cancer he has had I believe like 6 treatments. It's localized. Tomorrow will be the last one hoping it will be the last. I just am so scared of losing my dad . He is older and I didn't get to spend as much time with him as I want to . I am trying to now . I can't hold back the tears . I am praying God heals him so we can have more time with him. It's scary . I wonder if the radiation is even making him sicker 😥💧😭. I feel like my dad is the only one who has been there for me in the world . And makes me feel sad if anything were to ever happen to him . I would be so devastated…… I know I am a cry baby but I just worry and want him to be ok.

  14. I had a radical prostatectomy 5 years ago with no problems or side effects, I was cancer free for 3 years but then my PSA went back up to 27, I had radio therapy for 3 months solid and was pronounced cancer free again and I still had no side effects,I recommend you have a PSA test from 35 and up, I was only 45 at the time,, but I also during the first cancer developed a auto immune disease and it was attacking my liver, I'm now stage 3 liver cancer and with constant checks I could live for years, but the most surprising thing about my prostate cancer was apart from feeling tired and constantly hot too the point of sweating profusely all year round, I was lucky enough to have a full set of bloods done by the nurse in my doctor's office and she added the PSA check just to be sure ( as we thought at 45 I was on the young side for prostate cancer) that nurse saved my life,

  15. I'm 47 and my psa was 75 I was told I'm to Young to have prosteate cancer and it must be prostatitis ..they gave me antibiotics that I took for 3 weeks and I feel much better stronger so I'm hoping my next appt they tell me some great news

  16. I’m 55 with a Gleason score of 6. 1 of 12 biopsy’s was positive for cancer. Now waiting on genetic testing to determine if aggressive then decide on a treatment program. It’s scary to think about removal with incontinence and ED issues.

  17. My late father 68 passed over 2 years ago from a misdiagnoses twice after complaining about a bad back. I daughter pushed for that third appt 9 months later it came back with a aggresive form of prostate cancer he had his first chemo treatment and declined within a few days and was dead within a few weeks. Sometimes chemo isnt a good option but in hindsight for dad it was a blessing disguise it wasnt a horrible decline as he was already extremely weak.
    Moral of the story sometimes you have to get multiple diagnoses even if its from a different doctor.

  18. You doctors only talking the worst,not the best, and you know nothing about any type of cancer.you better stop talking .

  19. Doctors please stop about how long can stay alive someone have a cancer.you can't limit the age,it is only GOD KNOWS.I know some body who had told by doctor that can he live only for 6 months ,but he is still alive for the last 22 years now.so you know nothing at all.

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