Workplace Injury, Illness | Worker Falls 30 Feet In a Work Place Accident and Survives!

Workplace Injury, Illness | Worker Falls 30 Feet In a Work Place Accident and Survives!

Russ: I woke up that morning, said goodbye
to Laurel, opened up our son’s room, and checked in on our two-year-old. He was sound asleep. And I had a cup of coffee. I jumped in the truck and drove to Everett,
Washington. The weather was bad and I was the first one
there. We got our rigging all
set up and went to the supervisors. They went up and checked all our safety lines
and gave us the okay to start power washing. Towards the end of the day we got to a location
of 30 feet. So, it was my idea
and said hey let’s pick it up and set it on the inside of the handrail. I was tied
off at the time. I unhook my lanyard, hooked it back to myself,
and my coworker put his hands up and said �No.� I climbed up on the handrail, and
then something odd happened. Something’s not right. I was thrown back about ten feet and down
30 feet. The hard hat came off,
safety glasses came off, and I’m still almost in a panic. And at that point, I
was completely lost. I didn’t know which way was up and I landed
on the back of my head first. I tried to take a little breath and I couldn’t
breathe. And then the pain went away. It got warm, it was peaceful. I don’t know what you call that transition,
but I was okay with it, I was okay. Then while I was in that transition, I felt
somebody touch me, and a tiny, tiny breath finally came. It was my co-worker, who’d run down the three
flights of stairs, and then he went down and got help. Laurel: It was Friday night. It was about five o’clock, about time to go
home, and my supervisor came to me and she said �you have a phone call.� Nobody wants
to get that phone call. Nobody, nobody wants to make that phone call. All they could tell me was that my husband
had been in a serious accident and that I had to get to the hospital right away. So, between my tears and the rain on the windshield,
I don’t know really how I made it. I don’t know how long it took. I
just kept thinking what would I tell our son his daddy’s not coming home. It’s not worth it. You don’t understand how many people are affected
and how deeply they’re affected when you have an accident. Being unsafe is just selfish. It’s not worth it.

2 thoughts on “Workplace Injury, Illness | Worker Falls 30 Feet In a Work Place Accident and Survives!

  1. I hate to "like" this with a thumbs-up vote, but it's because I'm grateful that Russ and Laurel are able to tell their family's story. Thank you for producing a video that can be used in training to save lives.

  2. "Being unsafe is selfish" is so profound. Commend both of you on the strength to explain to your children the situation and the quality of life that is impacted by one decision. Thank you for sharing and will use in positive learning opportunities to prevent fall related incidents in construction.

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