Yeast Infection Prevention Tips

Yeast Infection Prevention Tips

– And I’m actually glad
we’re talking about this, because I think it’s really important if you have a yeast infection anywhere you can get a prescription to treat it. But, if you don’t address
the underlying cause, which is an imbalance. – Yeah, exactly.
– Or diabetes. – Bacteria, you could
have an immune problem. But, also it can be overgrowth due to your own. You guys have heard me
talk about microbiome so many times on the show this year, and you have to address that, otherwise they will continue to recur. – Yeah. – And then also, there could
be different strains of yeast. So, that’s another thing. Sometimes, you know, we have
a basic over the counter medication that works for the
vast majority of patients. But, in some instances,
maybe your yeast infection isn’t susceptible to that, and so you have to do something else. Or if you go in and you’re having four or more yeast infections per year, then sometimes your doctor
can put you on a medication, like an anti-fungal but also
something like boric acid to help prevent it. So, there are a lot of
things that you can do. You’re doing a great job with your diet, but also, you know,
keeping the area clean, keeping the area dry, white
cotton underwear is a big one. – Oh yeah, that’s another thing. Them thongs, boy. – They will do it. Won’t they do it? – Oooh, won’t they do it, yeah, won’t they do it. I’m like– – I’m curious the number
of yeast infections you’ve had since you’ve changed your diet and have you been adding in foods that are high in probiotics
and things like that? Have you noticed an improvement? – Yes, for sure, but honestly,
drinking a lot of water, just to flush out all
the toxins in my body. I’ve been, with the diet change and no, I can’t even eat a Starburst. I mean, like in real life, it just– – Well, cutting back
on sugar, increasing– – You need to get tested for diabetes. – Yeah, I was tested and
that was another thing. I thought I was a diabetic. I’m like, and then I got sleepy. Listen, I got a slew of problems. I got to come back, but. (audience laughter) – One thing I will say,
we’ll have you back. We do have to go, but Laura thank you so very much. – Oh my God, thank you for
having me, I hope I helped you. – We’ll be right back.

16 thoughts on “Yeast Infection Prevention Tips

  1. This is bullshit. My mother is in her mid 70s and never had an infection,,, I too am early 30s and also never had one. It's all down to genetics so some people are more prone to it. Thanks, mom

  2. The reason she have frequent yeast infections is because Ms. Govan refuses to give up raw NBA athletes dicks plain and simple. She made an ass out of herself to the entire planet. I know because I have a few Pro ball players as friends they shall remain nameless in Los Angeles.

  3. I have Hashimotos and pre diabetes and because the hospital refuse to operate me from appendicitis- was on a 16 days on antibiotics..NEVER in my life…now battling this oral thrush

  4. Her partner could be passing the infection back to her after she is cured. It's best for both partners to be treated at the same time.

  5. I used to have this recurrent yeast infection I stopped using tissue paper when wiping pee instead I use a clean piece of cloth and it disappeared

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