YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Video Trends #newtrends

YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Video Trends #newtrends

NARRATOR: Gangnam style. Trampoline fails. Rebecca Black. Inventing, producing,
and spreading every single viral
video that has ever been popular on the web. It’s what we do here. Since 2005, YouTube has
been behind the scenes of all your favorite video
trends, meticulously crafting every single moment of
every viral video ever. And this year, we’re
doing it even bigger. We’re about to unveil
the exciting viral video memes we have planned for 2014. And for the first
time ever, we’re going outside
YouTube’s writing staff to let the public come up
with their own meme ideas. Stick around to find out how. So let’s get to it. Here are YouTube’s
video trends for 2014, the viral videos
you and your friends won’t be able to
stop talking about. First up, clocking. DYLAN SINGH: We’re really
excited about this one. Basically clocking is when
people go somewhere and film themselves holding up their arms
like they’re hands on a clock and slowly move them around
to correspond with the time. So people around
you are like, what? See, the longer you
stand there in place, the funnier and cooler it is. PER DE GRAAF: It’s going to
be even bigger than planking. NARRATOR: Big
changes, bold moves. This year there’s something
for everyone to love. Set up a ribbon
line for a stranger and cheer for them when
they break through it with finish lining. Butter Fails, our newest fail,
will showcase YouTube users hilariously ruining
their bread when attempting to spread
cold butter on it. And of course Baby
Shaming, where you publicly mock your baby for
its lack of motor skills and general abilities. MALE SPEAKER: This
dumb baby can’t read. I have to take care
of it all the time. NARRATOR: And how about
a wacky foreign music video with an iconic
dance attached to it? Oh yeah, we’ve got that. It’s called the Glub
Glub Water Dance. Move over, Gangnam Style. It’s time to get wet. KUNG PAO O’MALLEY: This dance
is so weird and fun to do, and the song is in
another language, so it’s going to be a hit. The writers and musicians
at YouTube– so talented. NARRATOR: But that’s not all. Get ready for Elaborate
Divorces, where people use intricate flash mobs to
divorce their spouses; Bun Nutting, where you feed peanuts
to strangers’ hair buns; and of course, Kissing Dad. SAMANTHA: Hi, I’m Samantha,
and I’m going to kiss my dad. Got you, Dad! MALE SPEAKER: YouTube,
watch me kiss my dad. MALE SPEAKER: I kissed my dad! [SHOUTING] NARRATOR: You won’t be able
to go anywhere this year without hearing young people
talk about kissing their dads. And later this year,
YouTube will roll out Gettysburg Addressing, Cake
Bumping, Nap Cams, Geology, Wolf Mask T-Ball, the
Harlem Shake again, and $1,000 Gifting. But we don’t want to let
our meme inventors have all the fun. For the first time
in YouTube history, we’re getting viral video
ideas from you, the users. If you have an idea for a
weird thing people would enjoy copying, tweet it at us
with the hashtag #NewTrends. If we like your idea, it could
become an official YouTube meme. Or click here, here,
and here to learn more about our favorite
upcoming trends, including how to
do them yourself. Have fun, and thanks
for watching YouTube.

98 thoughts on “YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Video Trends #newtrends

  1. Youtube must have had their clock set one day forward cus they missed this being on april 1st by one day and all of these never happened XD

  2. They were actually right with the glub glub water dance this year lol except it was obviously calling it something else.

  3. I think you should do someone like say if your reading a book and then I hate books erghhhhh! And throws it out the window something expensive and break it

  4. I like how the Glub Glub Water Dance was like a pre-written Ice Bucket Challenge. The April Fool's joke actually came into existence xD

  5. Hate to be "that guy" but, this one was kinda lazy. Could you work harder on your april fools pranks this year?

  6. It's quite sad that one of these trends actually became viral , kissing dads because that's all my girlfriend seems to talk about to her friends , kissing her daddy hahah

  7. Let's try to find alternatives to YouTube, which has damaged its brand permanently, with censorship, suppression of truth, and heavy-handed social engineering.

    Somebody publish the top 10,000 videos from YouTube, and stream it from another source.

    YouTube is dead.

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